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<span class="bold">My updated trade list</span>. I couldn't fit all my Desura games into 1 post so just ask for a complete list.
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Thank you for a very nice trade! It's a movie time!
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One more to go!


Looking for this bundle:

Bump -

Google Play codes in $10usd increments($0.01 shy of the GOG $9.99 games).
USA users only. GP codes cannot be used OUTSIDE of USA.
If you want an equal trade($10gp for a $9.99 game), this is fine. But sometimes you will get more if the game is on sale or less than $10(game=$6 for my $10gp code). So you will probably get the better end of our trade
Any trades will be one at a time. This is so I do not get scammed. If you want more GP cash and our trades go well, let me know. =)



-SPAZ / Space Pirates and Zombies (main interest game at time of typing this)
-Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1
-Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2
-Star Wars: Republic Commando
-Supreme Ruler 2020


-Ink (ink, "i" not L)

Small edit-
In case there is any confusion to my trading offer: 1 GOG game for 1 $10 Google Play code. 1 GP code for 1 GOG game gift code.

How to redeem?
Using your android device with a Google Play store installed, you go to the options on the front of the store and choose "redeem" enter the code and $10 is deposited into your google account to use to purchase items on the Play store =D
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It's been a while since I bumped my lists.

All is there, what I have, what I want and what I want the most.
If you see a match could be made, give me a nudge. :)
Please take a look at my haves and wants here.
From currently running bundles, I'm interested in bit Dungeon II and The Nightmare Cooperative from Bundlestar's Apocalypse Bundle. Also interested in Super Time Force Ultra and Schein, on sale here at GOG.

Edit: thanks very much to shadowrgog! :D
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Bumping my trade list. Lately made some nice trades, maybe there is something you'd like. Feel free to make an offer.
Interested by the Fully Loaded Bundle @Bundlestars and Super Time Force Ultra. My trade list is here
I can trade several keys.
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Have on gog:
Aliens Versus Predator Classic 2000
Little Big Adventure (Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure)
Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, The

Want on gog:
if you're somehow interested in any of the above titles then hit me on PM with an offer, I'm open to negociations ;)

Thanks for your time and attention.
Another bump before the bundle ends.
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Badseeder: Edit: thanks very much to shadowrgog! :D
You're welcome, enjoy the game when you can! :)
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- FEZ.

- These games.

Thanks! ^^