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zeffyr: No money trading here. OP, can we specify that in the first post?
Zurvan7: Is there an actual gog rule or gog staff answer on this matter? Would be nice if someone could vitrify this since it's not a gog title. Otherwise I'll ask a staff....
Don't sell keys here, please.

I hope this helps :)


No key selling. Thanks.
tinyE: I just know that given the circumstances I'm going to get reemed for this, but I need to do something. :P

Oh come on now, really?!
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Lin545: snip
Please restrict your trade offers to games, not accounts to any service. Please do not trade any accounts.
Post edited August 25, 2017 by JudasIscariot
Lin545: Look, I found no posts stating that "trading steam account" is prohibited here and I am doing it only because I leave steam, so I am not into "trading accounts" either. If blues ask me to do it, I will remove the post - its just exactly that I expect people here to be much more trustable trade partners, than a random buyer on some 3rd party site that does this daily, so better suited for this one-time migration.
The only legal recourse that I know of despite not being a lawyer myself would be to ask Steam to terminate your account.