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seattleandrew: I'm interested!
Here you go :!AkusSFHlKO4Lni6Sg3YRlRzvNOCY?e=gR8uxN

Edit the variables at the beginning of the script to tailor the downloads to your needs and to set paths.

Let me know if you have any issues, comments or suggestions.
Kalanyr: How many people are still using Python 2 and wouldn't be able to change to Python 3 for some reason ?
teceem: I'd like a Windows GUI and not have to use any form of command line interface at all. But that's just me.
I guess it is better any GUIs are made as separate frontends. I think the point of the base is to be cross-platform, ie. it works on most devices and OSes that can run python scripts.

I am personally using gogrepo in Windows, Linux Mint and Raspbian (Raspberry Pi 4). More and more only on Raspbian (e.g. right now I took a ssh connection from this Windows 7 PC to my Raspberry Pi, and started "python3 update -lang en -os windows").
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is it possible to set custom paths for gogrepo's cookie file (or whatever it uses to keep authorized into your account) and database?

Coz I remember it being a thing for games themself, but thats about it