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Just as a headsup there is a slight issue with Monsterboy Cursed Kingdom at the moment. The 64 bit and 32 bit bin-1 files for Windows are identical, which causes a rename clash, as GOG doesn't identify 32-but/64-bit in a machine friendly way I'm not sure how to handle this generically (I can obviously patch this specific instance using the file name format but it probably won't match future instances), I'll give it some though but be aware of the issue for now.

The files *are* identical at the moment though, so if you're missing one or the other just rename it appropriately and it will work.
Maybe you should add an option to pick win64 as default or win32 if someone chooses.
blotunga: Maybe you should add an option to pick win64 as default or win32 if someone chooses.
If there was a programmatic way to determine it I would but GOG doesn't have a machine readable indicator for that. It is indicated in the file names usually but I don't think it's 100% consistent.

I'll have a poke through my manifest and see if there's anything I can come up with that IDs everything correctly.
So I have both Witcher 3s hidden in my shelf and gogrepo is still getting them and downloading them. Since they're a mess of tens of gigabytes of unlabeled various language packs, I don't have room for that.

I could swear previously that HIDING a game from library made gogrepo not get it, but it is. (I cleared manifest entirely and did a fresh update and I have both witcher3s there.)

Suggestions? I really like to run a script to UPDATE EVERYTHING AT ONCE, but The Witcher 3 keeps killing things because it's a mess.

NEVERMIND, -skiphidden. I always forget that the .md file in the repo is years out of date and never updated with help like the actual program is.
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