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This week: Indietastic! (A selection of Indie titles)
Ooh, I forgot to mention:'s Birthday Promo is still going on, and today there's a new selection of games, so feel free to post hauls from that sale as well. :D
Rayman Origins + Urban Chaos. I hope my wallet is safe now...
....And BUMP!
Promo ended

Other than a gift code I got nothing.
This week: Pew Pew! (a.k.a. shooter compilation)
Another bump
Slave ZERO Never even knew this was on gog and I looked at that catalog like 5 times... Well thanks to that sale I found a new game that I AM LOVING! :D
May as well bump this just in case anyone wants to post their haul from the latest promo. ("Pew Pew!" Shooter related games)

As for me: Nothing.
Like the last few promos i bought:


This weekend on! Fall Favorites starring Atari and Kalypso!
Hello, anybody there? Mr. Bump here!
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Cultures 1-4 and I went ahead and redeemed my discount Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut and now I have two. :P
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