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Happy Saturday

and here's a bump. :P
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Haven't picked up anything from the Weekend Promo yet, although Volgarr the Viking is tempting. I did pick up Sacred 2 Gold though. I can finally stop worrying about activations/de-activations for my game discs.
Probably going to grab Volgarr the Viking despite being terrible at that type of game.
Buy Völgarr and an Amon Amarth album and ENJOY!!
Sunday Bump :P
I would pick these :

Sacred 2 Gold ( discount offer expired )
Giana Sisters: Rise of the Owlverlord
Dust: An Elysian Tail

Unfortunately GOG doesn't accept Maestro cards .
Last day BUMP
I won't be getting anything from this weekend's promo (I typically dislike platformers), but I have to heartily second IAmSinistar's recommendation of "Escape Goat".

I love the graphics.

I love the fact that although some levels seem very hard there is normally a not-so-obvious way of completing them which actually makes it fairly easy. There is very little split-second-timing required, most levels are solved more with your brain than your finger (disregarding the "All Intensive Purposes" bonus levels unlocked at the end.)

And especially I love that each level is a single screen (no side-scrolling).

"Escape Goat 2" didn't quite do it for me the way the first game did though. I didn't like the new graphics nearly as much as the first, and I found there were more "split-second-timing" levels (which I do not enjoy at all). I don't have a controller/gamepad/joystick, I play it with the keyboard, maybe it would be more enjoyable if I had one.
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If Sacred 2 Gold counts, then that's what I got for this weekend. Otherwise, nothing for me.
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My definite final haul:

-Hocus Pocus (+1 gift)
-Screamer 4x4 (Monday gem promo)
The only games I remember getting at weekend promos were the RCT trilogy, in their anniversary.
Here's my haul:
-Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe
-Mutant Blobs Attack
-Duke Nukem Manhattan project
-Escape Goat

Seems I like platformers as a genre... :-)
Promo has ended...

NOW are we going to get Activision or Square Enix? :P
I got Giana Sisters: Rise of the Owlverlord and I got Escape Goat from the great IAmSinistar before I could trade or buy it.
Eh, in retrospect I probably should have grabbed at least Volgarr and maybe one or two others. Ah well. Next time!