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Hi, everyone. Welcome to GOG Mafia game #75.

This is a game of Forum Mafia. Please don't post here unless you've been directed here from the sign up thread or PM, or were otherwise told by the mod that you should post here. Exception: anyone, including dead players and non-players, may make a bump post if a player asks for it here or in the admin thread. You may also use an alt-user to make a bump post. The bump post should contain no game-relevant information.

Direct any queries you may have to the General Discussion and Administration Pages or to me via PM.


0. ZFR is the moderator for this game. If you have any issues, contact him via PM.

1. Cryptoclaiming is forbidden.
(In short, cryptoclaiming is having everyone fullclaim in some sort of, preferably nearly unbreakable, code, which gives the Town team an unfair advantage.)

2. Betting among players is strictly forbidden.

3. Real Life issues and situations should and will always take priority over what happens in the game. If a player presents a real life issue as a reason on why they need a bit more time or are temporarily unavailable to partake normally in the game that reason should be accepted and respected by everyone else (including the mod). Everyone should always treat real life problems/situations in a gentlemanly manner and never try to make accusations or gain leverage in the game based on that. If these issues become too overwhelming the incapacitated player should inform their mod and ask for a replacement as soon as possible or if they are unable to do so the mod should take steps in finding a replacement for them. Everyone should be playing the game for fun and treat each other with the necessary respect. Therefore we shall always assume that every real life reason for inefficient participation in the game is 100% real and has to be taken as such. We shall also count on everyone playing the game to show proper respect and sportsmanship to their fellow players and the mod by never abusing this "free pass". If someone is caught taking advantage of everyone's good will they will be immediately allowed to find another place to play forum mafia.

4. This is a game of lying. Players are expected to lie. No statement or promise a player makes within the game has any force outside the game. As an example, a bet offered in a game is not something you can collect if you win (see also Rule 2). An exception to this is Real Life issues, as per Rule 3.
With that in mind, you might want to avoid sensitive topics, ones which would benefit from having all the participants telling the truth, till after the game is finished.

5. While shouting at each other is expected in a game of Mafia, please remain civil to your fellow players. Sometimes we say things in the heat of the moment that we might not fully mean. Sometimes we are misunderstood. Sometimes we can think someone will take something one way, and they receive it differently. If somebody appears upset by something you have written, take an actively caring approach. Being deliberately nasty should never be a game tactic, and if anybody playing this game thinks that it is a good idea, please stop. If you are unsure if another player is genuinely upset or just in-game upset, please err on the side of caution.

6. Please bold any questions you have for me, so it's easier for me to see them. You may use bold for other reasons (like stressing a point) but please avoid doing so excessively.

7. It goes without saying that discussing this game outside this thread is prohibited.

8. Do not edit your posts for any reason. Remember there is a forum feature that automatically merges posts made within 10 minutes. There is also a forum bug which prevents your post from appearing sometimes when it should appear on a new page. Making a second post in this case after less than 10 minutes can cause your post to be merged and appear edited.

9. If you die, stop posting in this thread. A single "bah" post is allowed, but discouraged. Your "bah" post should not contain any game-relevant information.

10. You are expected to make a post at least once every 48 hours. If you need to be away for longer, please let me know in advance.

11. Please do not directly quote your role PM or any other communication with me. You may post your Name (Harry Potter) and Role, but anything else has to be paraphrased. Note that simply changing "you" to "I" is not considered paraphrasing. When in doubt, ask me first.

12. You may discuss the (paraphrased) flavour of your role PMs, or any technical details that are related to gameplay, but you may not discuss technical minutae that are not gameplay related. For example asking someone if their PM mentions them allowing to target themselves is OK since it's gameplay related. However asking for the exact spelling of their role, or the timestamp at which PM was received is not.

13. If you do something intentionally in a way that goes against the spirit of the game, you will be penalised. When in doubt, ask me first.

14. You have to read all the rules before playing. The first player to make a post consisting of the word dildog and nothing else will get a tiny bonus.

15. Breaking rules, depending on the severity of the infraction, can get you modkilled at my discretion. Getting modkilled can be hazardous to your health and usually means you lose regardless of whether your team wins or loses. It's also bad in general. Please don't get modkilled.
If there are extenuating circumstances, a modkill may not result in a loss, and a modkilled player may still win if their faction wins. Please note that not reading or forgetting the rules is not considered an extenuating circumstance.

16. Playing Age of Wonders 2 instead of Mafia is allowed, but only on days ending with "y".

Notes on the game:

The game is a closed setup. It doesn't contain any recruitment/cult elements. More broadly, nobody's winning condition will change throughout the game. It also doesn't have any bastard elements, like hidden Tragic Lovers, or Jesters.

To vote, make sure your vote is bolded like so:
Vote adaliabooks
I won't be anal about it being in a separate line, but please make sure it's obvious that you intend to vote. Votes hidden in quotes for example, will not be counted.
For historical reasons, you may use votus instead of vote. Like so:
Votus gogtrial

You may also Unvote or Unvotus. Though it's not necessary to unvote before voting someone else.

You may also vote for a no-lynch as follows: Vote No Lynch or Vote No Elimination.

Once a majority votes for a player, that player gets lynched. No amount of unvoting is going to help them.

If no majority vote is achieved before Day ends, then no lynch takes place.

This game will have no roles that give false results to investigative roles, for example Godfather, Miller or Ninja. This also includes roles that give false investigative results made on someone else, for example Lawyer, Framer, and modifiers that cause false results, for example Naive.
It may have roles or modifiers that completely block investigative roles, for example Roleblocker, Commuter, Ascetic, but in this case the Investigator will receive "Player1 is NO RESULT" and it may have roles that change the target, for example Bus Drivers and Redirectors, but in this case the Investigator will be told what their new target is "Player2 is X".
The above doesn't apply to non-investigative roles, like Doctors. These may still be overridden (e.g. by Strongman), or be blocked or redirected without informing them.

Anything in flavour in this thread is just fluff. Any flavour PMs you receive from me is just fluff. Depending on my time and inclination I may or may not send you flavour at Night. Despite what these say, they should never be taken as indication that an action was or wasn't performed on you or that your action failed or succeeded. For example, if you're investigated or protected or blocked or jailed, you will never be told so, unless the mechanics of the role call for it, like through some kind of Loud modifier, and even then it will be explicitly stated and not hinted at through flavour. If your flavour says that you attempted to kill someone, but you saw that another player cast a shield in front of them, and next Day you see that the target is still being alive, do not assume that he was protected by a Doctor. He could have been bulletproof. Or you could have been roleblocked. Or either could have been jailed. Or bus driven, or commuted. Or any other of myriads of ways that can prevent a kill.
If you are not sure if something is fluff, feel free to ask me. I will simply answer "Yes, fluff" or "No, not fluff" without discussing any other implications.

Sample role PMs

Welcome, Vitek. You are Harry Potter, Vanilla Townie.
You vote and you try to figure out who the Mafia are. You win when all threats to Town have been eliminated and at least one Town player is left alive.

Welcome, flubbucket. You are Harry Potter, Townie Roler.
You have the following ability:
At Night you perform Role on selected target.
You also vote and you try to figure out who the Mafia are. You win when all threats to Town have been eliminated and at least one Town player is left alive.

Useful link:
Check the above for Mafia information

And finally: I enjoy reading any PMs you send me about your thoughts on the game, but please keep in mind that unless they're direct questions I probably will simply respond with "oho" so as not to accidentally give you any unnecessary information. So if you feel like it, please send me your thoughts and don't take my lack of response as an indication that I'm not interested in what you say.
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This post will contain list of players, with their roles as they get revealed and links to relevant posts.
If you're reading this in the future and would prefer to maintain the surprise, skip to Post 3.
List of Players:
1. Lifthrasil. Lynched on D4. Mafia Jack of all Trades.
2. dedoporno. Killed on N2. Townie Jack of all Trades.
3. ettac orrazib si eman ym. Lynched on D5. Mafia Goon.
4. Dessimu
5. JoeSapphire
6. GamezRanker. Replaced by Cadaver on D1. Killed on N4. Vanilla Townie.
7. maxleod. Killed on N1. Vanilla Townie.
8. bucktoothgamer
9. Microfish. Lynched on D3. Vanilla Townie.
10. Bookwyrm627
11. Carradice. Lynched on D1. Townie Watcher.
12. HypersomniacLive. Modremoved on D3. Vanilla Townie.
13. yogsloth
1 zillion. PookaMustard. Lynched on D2. Vanilla Townie.
eleventy zillion. viperfdl. Replaced by gogtrial on D1.
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It was a nice day in Pokemon world, Sicily. The sun was shinging, the Pikachus were playing, the Jigglypuffs were jigglying and the other pokemons were having fun with their trainers. Everyone was happy.

"Hello," said Harry Potter.
"Hi," said Harry Potter.
"It's a fine day, isn't it?" Harry Potter asked.
"Indeed it is," Harry Potter agreed.
"But I am bored," Harry Potter complained. "I wish we could play something."
"Let's play Mafia then," suggested Harry Potter.
"Mafia?" inquired Harry Potter.
"It's a fun game," explained Harry Potter. "We divide ourselves into a Townie team and a Mafia team, and each team's goal is to kill the other one. You can read the full rules on the Mafia thread."
"Cool!" exclaimed Harry Potter.
"Ah, Mafia..." said Harry Potter. "So this is why this Pokemon world is located in Sicily! So that it fits with the theme."
"Yes, and this is why it has days and night of various lengths. All so we can play the game."
"But why is it full of Harry Potters?" wondered Harry Potter. "Harry Potters don't fit with Mafia, do they?"
"Beats me," said Harry Potter.
"OK, let's get this started. Some of us will dress up as Brokols. Those will be the Mafia. Then they will put on Harry Potter masks, so we won't be able to recognise them."
"Let's all go into that building over their and start playing!" Harry Potter suggested.
"You mean 'there'," Harry Potter corrected.
"Yeah... but wait a minute! We're all talking here. How did you know I said 'their' and not 'there'?"
"Look, don't argue. Just blame it on a moth."
"Anyway, we've selected the
players who have to dress
up as Brokols, so we can start now."
"Your h..."
"Don't! That joke is old."
"Please, let's just start..." Harry Potter sighed.
"OK. Brokols, you got your masks on?" asked Harry Potter.
"And remember. Don't tell anyone you're Brokols" reminded Harry Potter.
"OK," said Crabbe from Slytherin.
"Let's go in then!" shouted Harry Potter as he lead the way inside.

Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter and Harry Potter followed him. The last Harry Potter to enter was carrying a large bas-relief.

"Dude, I don't think that's allowed," Harry Potter said.
"Just ignore it."
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The game has started. You may post now.

If there are still any issues, please let me know now.

It is Day 1.

Since next weekend is western Easter, I'm going to extend D1 a bit. It will end on Wednesday the 20th. Around US evening/night, European afternoon. I'll give the exact details later. This should be enough time for Town to achieve No Lynch, as usual.
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"Dildog." says Dessimu as soon as everyone sits down.

Everyone looks at him questioningly.

"Did you know that Dilbert's dog was initially called Dildog in the first sketch that Scott Adam made? But he later changed it to Dogbert to make it more newspaper friendly and to avoid embarrassing typos that could happen if a letter is accidentally dropped."

Everyone is impressed by this interesting piece of trivia. Dessimu made lots of friends.

Dessimu has gained the Loved modifier. This will subtract 1 from the total number of votes he receives, essentially making him require an extra vote to be lynched.

The modifier will expire at the end of D1.
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I want something!
Since everyone was so impressed, I will name my next pokemon Dildog. Then we can all play with my Dildog.
Vote Count

Lifthrasil 0 -
dedoporno 0 -
ettac 0 -
JoeSapphire 0 -
GamezRanker 0 -
maxleod 0 -
bucktoothgamer 0 -
Microfish 0 -
Bookwyrm 0 -
Carradice 0 -
HypersomniacLive 0 -
yogsloth 0 -
PookaMustard 0 -
viperfdl 0 -
Dessimu -1 - LOVED

Not voting - Lift, dedo, ettac, Joe, GR, maxleod, bucktooth, Micro, Bookwyrm, Carradice, HSL, yogs, Pooka, viper, Dessimu

15 players in game. Takes 8 to lynch.

Lift, dedo, ettac, Joe, GR, maxleod, bucktooth, Micro, Bookwyrm, Carradice, HSL, yogs, Pooka, viper are closest at L-8

When you see a vote count, please make sure your name is shown as voting for the correct person. Let me know if it isn't.
Alright let's get down to business.

-Way too late for dildog. I wonder if Dilrat and Dilcat were in the works at the time.

-Gotta ask if bah posts are indeed discouraged for this game, though. I noticed that change!

-What about Age of Wonders 1? I'm in a few of those.

So, who to vote?
No newbies on D1 (without cause), so Viper, Buck, and Max are out.
GR may be missing, so don't bother.
Good grief the odds of successfully lynching Dessimu.
Not me, of course.

Man, there's a lot of people in this game.

Old favorite time!
Vote Joe Sapphire.

He's gonna lurk. He probably can't help himself.
Hi there! So the crew has become even largerore than required. Nice!

Happy to be back. Also very nice to see that yogs could join in the end! For a lucky 13 no less!!!

Let the games begin!

The first, obvious question. Does a loved character feel more like townie or like mafia? It should not be a mark of either, right?
Bookwyrm627: So, who to vote?
No newbies on D1 (without cause), so Viper, Buck, and Max are out.
As much as I'd love the immunity, I have played a handful of games on the forum now so please feel free to scrutinize me as equally as you would anyone else.

Carradice: The first, obvious question. Does a loved character feel more like townie or like mafia? It should not be a mark of either, right?
I feel the loved modifier is more tied to them being the first post in the game VS being tied to an actual player/role.
Carradice: It should not be a mark of either, right?
Totally not! Now, lets collectively rip some faces off!