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agentcarr16: Boo!
Disappointingly, we weren't particularly looking to kill the SK! We just wanted a kill that might help in a mislynch the next day.
Lifthrasil: and dedo managed to thwart the NK N2.
ZFR: It wasn't just dedo. trent helped too. ;)
Oh. Right. I meant trent. :-)
With you aiming for scum, we're glad SPF was your only casualty, agent! At the very least, nice kill! You effectively watched us being handicapped for the rest of the game. Evil.
agentcarr16: You've got four people killed on N1. It's been bugging me all game, lol.
SirPrimalform: This forum doesn't do monospacing, so pretty much all ASCII art is going to come out wonky. I didn't know the American flag was named Old Glory though!
Ah, I see. :D

Yeah, "Old Glory is a nickname for the flag of the United States. The original "Old Glory" was a flag owned by the 19th-century American sea captain William Driver (March 17, 1803 – March 3, 1886), who flew the flag during his career at sea"