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Yepoleb: I'll see how it works out.
That would be great - thank you in advance.
badon: I noticed your page mentions Freenode's ##gogdb. I just went there, and it's almost completely empty. Why not come over to ##gaming instead, at least until activity in your project starts to take off? Joining the larger group is a great way to make people aware of your project.
Thanks for the invite, I just joined the channel. I'm also in #gog on QuakeNet.

Yepoleb: Not at the moment, do you need it?
s1nka: Yes. I write some scrips for magog db and check new release from console. But magog db currently work in legasy mode and don't have new games, i would like use GOG DB.
You can use for now and filter on "Added to catalog". I've thought about adding JSON versions of every page and this seems like a good reason to do it.