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Yepoleb: I'm pretty sure this was a reaction to WinterSnowfall scanning the ID ranges for unreleased games. I doubt they'd make an exception just for me.
As much as I'd welcome the infamy that seems unlikely, but most likely the addition of the "is_secret" flag to the products API and the hiding of yet unreleased product entries was a reaction to my scans among other things. That happened a while ago though, and I think it was inevitable regardless of what certain people did or didn't do with the publicly available info that was inadvertently leaked this way.

As to the current problem, the API is not returning any data for already released games which are part of a pack... it would make no sense whatsoever to hide them from my scans since they're already released. And anyway, my scans these days mostly serve the purpose of providing product updates for non-MaGog tracked games... I haven't done a full range scan in months.
Post edited October 10, 2017 by WinterSnowfall