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LinuxFire: request a feature; Please
thank you :-)
There's no way I could do that
LinuxFire: request a feature; Please
thank you :-)
Yepoleb: There's no way I could do that
Yeah, sales stats are totally private to GOG. They track user agents of downloads and purchases, but it's not public.
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Thank you for your response, so it’s up to GOG to do it ?
A comment already confirms, if the wish realizes, everything will change for Linux! (thank you ssokolow)
Explanation, I stumbled on GOGDB and used it to see game updates and fixes.
I never imagined that this titanic work, could be the work of a passionate.
Bravo, Gog won purchases thanks to you!
Yepoleb: ...
Not sure if you're interested in the "not for sale" gubbins but here is a bunch for Grim Dawn
"id":1457457389,"title":"Grim Dawn - Pre-Kickstarter Normal DLC"
"id":1457447645,"title":"Grim Dawn - Pre-Kickstarter Legendary DLC"
"id":1457459169,"title":"Grim Dawn - Kickstarter Swashbuckler "
"id":1457459032,"title":"Grim Dawn - Kickstarter Standard"
"id":1457458803,"title":"Grim Dawn - Kickstarter Early Access"
"id":1457458548,"title":"Grim Dawn - Kickstarter Drunken Master "
"id":1457458450,"title":"Grim Dawn - Kickstarter Deluxe"
"id":1457457914,"title":"Grim Dawn - Kickstarter Collectors"
"id":1457447454,"title":"Grim Dawn - Pre-Kickstarter Epic DLC"
"id":1457447334,"title":"Grim Dawn - Pioneer Package"
"id":1457447089,"title":"Grim Dawn - Patron Package"
"id":1457446957,"title":"Grim Dawn - Loyalist Package"

I'll add that I'm not sure what would be done without your site so many mysteries of the bizarre world of GOG would go unanswered without it. So thanks for continuing to provide it.