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I would like to enter, please.
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high rated
A man's gotta go, doesn't he?
Joking apart, doesn't he?
And though I'd be the first one to say that I was quite a bore,
I'm finding it hard to really insist on even more.

I'm reviewing the situation.
Can a fellow be a rhymester all his life?
All the trial and tribulation;
Better settle down and play a game --- not Strife.

And the game would bring much joy to me,
And launch for me, and run for me,
And crash for me, so much for me.
My fingers, it will break for me;
My time, it will take from me;
A misery, it'll make from me;
I think I'd better think it out again!

A game you can keep, anyway;
I'd rather sleep, anyway.
Left without a song in the film; and I'm leaving for now.
So, this will be my last "not in" post. Farewell, with a bow!
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Not in. +1 Doc
I'm in!

Thanks for the giveaway, Doc!

Good luck to everyone!
I'm not in, Doc. I wish the best of luck to all the participants.
Thank you once again for the giveaway.

I'm in for this one.
HELLO Doc! Thank you for your awesome giveaways! You are very respeceted man in my eyes. I am in.
Thank you Doc for the retro-FPS giveaway! I'm in.
Not in +1.
Sure, I'm in for this one, I always love playing classic shooters!
Thank you, I'm in as well
The condition to participate on the giveaway is to be interested on the games, and Oiwerskave Exhumed is a must for me. Rhanks for this giveaway and all the previous ones!!!!
Still not in.

But still: thank you for the whole incredibly generous series of giveaways :)
This is the first time I want the things, but the rules say I'm not in. Good luck to those who are!
I will enter for Powerslave: Exhumed. That one has been on my wishlist for a while. Thank you!