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The thirty-fourth of a series of small giveaways I will be running (see ).

It is for 4 copies of REKKR: Sunken Land + PowerSlave Exhumed.

Regarding multi-game giveaways - if the winner owns one or some of the games on a key already they are to redeem the keys that they need and then pass the code onto Lone_Scout so that he can add the remaining games to the GOGmmunity Monthly Giveaway.

Anyone may enter but please note that if you win, you will not be eligible to enter my next two mini-giveaways. This is to ensure people only enter for games they really want.

Winners of Mini-giveaway number 31 are now eligible to enter again.
I'm in!!!

Awesome giveaway as always, Doc!
im in for REKKR if thats possible, I already own Powerslave Exhumed.
I would like to be in for this one too, please.

Cheers Doc, that's one wicked choice of games!
Is the announcement still currently, because I really like Powerslave Exhumed?:)
I'd like to be in. :)
I'd like to be in please, Doc. I love GZDoom Engine games.
I'd like to be in for "PowerSlave Exhumed", please.
I'd like to be in for either game, please.
I'm in, interested in Powerslave Exhumed
Count me in, please.
count me in doc
yes, please! :)
Nice! Old school FPS fun!
I'm in!

Thank you Doc!
Damn, If only number 34 and 33 had been in in the other order. That bug RPG looked interesting. I'm not in but thanks for your generosity.