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I'd say Wizardry 7. If you imagine that this game was able to "simulate" a whole world, including factions and the like, also many was random-based... I love this game, but it's almost unplayable nowadays with it's weird ui, small resolution and lots of abbr...
I've mentioned them on a similar thread before (link). BLOOD, Duke Nukem 3D, and Nightmare Creatures. Love to see BLOOD again.
Considering games that were quite successful at making their genre evolve, it's surprising that some never were granted a remake :

a) Indiana Jones and the last Crusade
b) Midwinter
c) Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe
d) Wizardry series
e) Might and Magic series
f) Sword of the Samuraï

Pirates, railroad tycoon, Civilization, Areena series, Heroes of Might and Magic or Monkey Island, did by comparison much better.

It's also sad games such as Dark Force, X-Wing or Tie Fighter were not remade up to modern standards. It's not as if that franchise was out of steam...
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Secret of Mana, as it were to have been for the SNES CD.
Phc7006: Considering games that were quite successful at making their genre evolve, it's surprising that some never were granted a remake :
d) Wizardry series
Actually, in Japan there have been many remakes of the old Wizardry games. Wizardry 4 is *so* much easier with an automap.

Now if only we could see PC remakes of the Wizardry Gaiden/Empire games released here...
Commander Keen!
Phc7006: Considering games that were quite successful at making their genre evolve, it's surprising that some never were granted a remake :

a) Indiana Jones and the last Crusade
Which one do you mean? The Action Game or the Adventure Game?

I'm guessing you mean the adventure game, but I struggle to see how it made the genre evolve. Don't get me wrong, it was a good game, but the only real innovation it brought was also its greatest flaw, which was the inclusion of pointless fight scenes.
I'd love to to play a visually updated version of Brave Fencer Musashi. Not a complete remake but just a touched up version with maybe the controls improved a bit. I'd love the same thing for the first three Spyro the Dragon games too but I know that's never gonna happen.
Final Fantasy 2 needs a remake that redoes the mechanics and completely rebalances the game. Adopting a growth system more like that of later SaGa titles would be a good start. (Also, technique sparking would be nice!)

The original SaGa needs a remake that does not introduce gameplay bugs. There should also be an option to play the game without the battle system bugs, and the RNG should be fixed so that it actually feels, you know (or don't you?), random. While we're at it, let's add robots as playable characters; they would get stats the way they do in SaGa 2. Furthermore, I think the game needs a second quest since it's so short. (You would be able to choose which quest when starting a new game.)

(The fact that I explicitly need to mention the Random Number Generator (RNG) in a topic like this should tell you how bad it was; if the RNG were at least decent, you wouldn't notice the flaws in a casual playthrough.)
Hm...off the top of my head:
* Star Flight
* Journeyman Project
* Bioforge
* Subwar 2050
* Sword of the Samurai
* Die By The Sword
Centauri Alliance
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - I love the Mass Effect games, but whenever I play Mass Effect 1 I'm a bit sad, because this game feels so much like the KotOR 3 we never got :( Especially the first few hours on Citadel! Can you imagine a KotOR in "Mass Effect Quality"? With Mass Effect's presentation and pausable real time battles? This would be a really great game!
Phc7006: e) Might and Magic series
No way. I've played Might and Magic I - III during the last two years (I and II for the first time) and it is amazing how well these games aged. Except for the graphics and the integration of spells into the game there's not much that needs improvement.

And another reason that they don't need a remake is the fact that they hardly have any story (at least the first ones). Basically you could consider every Might and Magic game as a remake of the first one.
Poy Poy 2 (1998) - A up to 4 players deathmatch arena game, where you throw things at each other.
Absolutely loved this game.
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Well, generally speaking, remakes never live up to expectation. It may seem like a good idea, but often the reason for games being good is because they were at the right time. Sure, you could redraw graphics, build a new engine, but essentially gaming has moved on. Take blood, great game and I even like the sequel, but could you deal with the basic level of it, home of those features in "modern" gaming, or would you add those in and change the game?