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I just realized we have two of these threads going on at once. :P

Man, I'm confused enough as is! XD
PC games

 ▪  <span class="bold">The Operative: No One Lives Forever</span>   ( Gameplay )
 ▪  <span class="bold">Drakan: Order of the Flame</span>   ( Gameplay )

Commodore 64 / Amiga games

 ▪  <span class="bold">Neuromancer</span>   ( Gameplay )
 ▪  <span class="bold">Killed Until Dead</span>   ( Gameplay )
 ▪  <span class="bold">Murder on the Mississippi</span>   ( Gameplay )
I mostly wish for remakes because of bad controls, not because of graphics or anything.

So the #1 game I would like to see remade is probably Gothic 1, but I would be totally happy if it was just a port to the Gothic 2 engine with updated controls. In fact that would be the only way to do it right. And then a completely new Gothic 3 in the same engine. XD

Other titles would be Fallout 1+2 and Arcanum, again mainly because of their tedious controls.