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Yesterday I finished my second ever playthrough of Castlevania Symphony of the Night, the first on the Android port (and I even got all achievements! :D )

While the touch controls are a bit annoying, the button they added to easy cast any spell you've cast before makes it really easy to abuse them, which is a good thing.

It's very much an exploration game, and while it doesn't do enough to motivate and reward said exploration by modern standards, it's still very fun to play through.

Earlier today, I was rewatching Superbunnyhop's video on the game, and was very surprised to see how much George misunderstood the game. I certainly agree on some of his points, but he clearly got a lot of it wrong. Which is something very unexpected given his penchant to overanalyzing games.

Finally, the Crissaegrim is a major game breaker, but, damn, do I love it! :D
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Gato Roboto: a cute tribute to Metroid II on the Gameboy, and Metroid in general, in which you play as a cat. You can make use of an exoskeleton that will give you defence and unlockable powers. You must know when it's time to leave the armour and walk around like an unharmful but small and agile cat. There are a few puzzles, some situations when you need to understand how to use your powers in a new way to progress or find optional "stuff". Stuff can be additional energy, extend the missile cooldown or chromatic palettes. At some point, before the ending, your game is saved in a spot from where there's no coming back, so if you missed something and want 100% you need to start a new game. Graphics are good and cute, animations and controls are fluid. Sometimes I got angry because the cat kept coming back in the armour when I didn't want to. Sounds are effective and the music is ok for the game. Despite the shortness, there is a little variety, you can swim or drive a little submarine. The platforming is funny, so are the dialogues and characters, that make up for the generic story. Checkpoints are generally well placed. Recommended.
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I don't think it can be denied that many elements of Arcanum's gameplay are objectively bad...the systems are unbalanced, the overland map is tedious to navigate (unless you're playing a mage who gets the teleportation spell as I eventually did), some spells are totally useless, the combat is primitive and boring, and the dungeons are unimaginative and consist of nothing but endless waves of trash mobs to fight (mercifully many of them are optional or can be skipped, but the Black mountain clan mines can't, and they might well be one of the worst dungeons ever in a crpg). Companions are also sadly under-developed and only occasionally chime in with dialogue.
However, despite all this I still had fun with my elf woman who specialized in magic and persuasion, because the setting is really interesting (too bad there'll probably never be another game in it) and many quests offer nice choices. I also found the main plot quite interesting and kept playing because I wanted to see how it's all resolved (quite nicely imo, certainly better than in many other crpgs). There are hints of brilliance in this game like in few others...too bad that for whatever reason the designers couldn't achieve consistent quality in all aspects of the game. As it is, Arcanum is a highly flawed gem, but still a game everybody interested in crpgs should at least try.
My rating: 3/5.
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