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Dungelot: Shattered Lands

Starts as and interesting take on roguelike dungeon crawling, but becomes pretty tedious.
sebarnolds: Finished The Walking Dead: Season 2. It's my second playthrough as I played it when it was released (with the waiting between the episodes) and it was still as brutal and good as the first time. Maybe better without waiting.
genkicolleen: It's SO hard to wait between episodes! That's why I waited 'til a month before the last chapter released to start Season 2. I only had to wait for a few weeks for the final episode, and it was so hard! ;p

So which ending did you get?


I shot Kenney (I nearly cried during the monologue when he was telling me I did the right thing) and ended up with Jane and the family with the little boy.

Got the same ending as you this time. On my first playthough, I ended up alone. And I saw the other endings on YouTube. I am curious to see how they'll start season 3 given the different possible outcomes in this season.
+Shantae (emulated)
+Plug & Play

+Shantae: Risky's Revenge

Two games I've committed to done, one shortie game done.
Same here (regarding Season 3 of TWD). Have you played any of Michonne? I'm not planning to get it 'til most -- if not all -- of the season is out.
genkicolleen: Same here (regarding Season 3 of TWD). Have you played any of Michonne? I'm not planning to get it 'til most -- if not all -- of the season is out.
I have it and will probably start it soon as episode 2 is out (or almost) and there are only 3 of them.
PaterAlf: Age of Wonders

I wrote a lot about the game and my impressions in this thread, so I will only write about my experience with the last mission here:

I've finally completed Age of Wonders. The last mission was pretty easy, because in the end I was allied with the humans and the elves and only had to wait for them to kill each other. When the elves were already pretty weak, I declared war, killed their leader and the game was over.

The end was quite sad though. I was able to bring peace to the world, but it came at a very high price (personally and for some of the races). I think I will have to play again in the future to find out if there is a better end when I choose different allies.

Have to say that I absolutely loved this game and that it became one of my all-time favourites. I guess I have to get the sequels at some point to find out if they are equally good.

Complete list of finished games in 2016
I'm glad to read that :) As I've already told you AoW1 is my favorite game and I strongly encourage you to play through different possible allies in the future. Reading those diary entries alone is worth it.

As for AoW2 and Shadow Magic IMHO they are not as good as the first one but great games nonetheless.
Ghorpm: I'm glad to read that :) As I've already told you AoW1 is my favorite game and I strongly encourage you to play through different possible allies in the future. Reading those diary entries alone is worth it.

As for AoW2 and Shadow Magic IMHO they are not as good as the first one but great games nonetheless.
I'm pretty sure that I will return to this fantastic game in the future to find out which way the story goes when you choose different allies. But for now some other games are waiting. ;)
<span class="bold">Steamworld Dig</span>

This action platformer is very simple yet full of charm: you take the role of a robot come to a nearly forgotten town to reclaim the ownership of a mine.
Then, you start digging into the various layers of the old west-wasteland inspired world to obtain new powers, and riches to improve your conditions and make the town flourish.
The game is really that simple: you dig until you find a gem, you extract it, put it in your (limited) bag, kill the critters with your pick axe and then go back to the surface to sell your goodies.
What I really liked though is that, while there are a few fixed points in any map, you can freely dig dig your way in four directions and build the tunnels as you see fit, with the eventual help of a steam powered jump, drill (for harder rocks) and flying punch, requiring water to function.
Soon after your excavations start to become deeper, the difficulty will rise as well (as the prizes' value) and you will start to discover that things, both gameplay and story-wise might be a lot more complicated than it seems, keeping the game always fresh with new elements from start to finish.
I also liked the sound and the (may the gaming gods pantheon be blessed!) high definition and detail of everything, giving the charming art style the graphic quality it deserves (nothing against pixelated games, on contrary, but lately imo there are just too many of them).

I liked this little gem a lot, and I recommend it to everyone who wants an easy but satisfying and almost addictive experience.
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Finished Ballads of Reemus: When The Bed Bites. It was a really nice point'n click adventure. Animations and music were a bit lacking but puzzles were great. Difficulty was ok.

Full list here.
After pretty long time, caused by my vacation, and Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory :P I have finally finished this Sunday my 7th game this year: Europa Universalis 2.

Nation fo Xhosa conquered 52 provinces in Africa, and successfully ended up as 5th most powerful country in the world :P Unfortunately, due to some clumsy game mechanics, it is very hard to get with some nations to high enough Land and Naval Technologies levels, to stay competitive with Euro and Muslim countries, so I was unable to conquer whole Africa, and get better results in accumulating Victory Points.

Still playing such an outsider was crazy fun for me, and the outcome of the game is on much higher level, than I would ever thought. TBH I was thinking, that some time after in 17th century, I'll be obliterated by Portugal. But In the end, I was even able to win few wars against them, despite very big Tech handicap.

Anyway the last day of my campaign, was in the vein of defending myself against countries, which guaranteed Ethiopia's independence, which almost ended fatal for me :P But in the end, I was able to Annex Ethiopia, and take out every Persian and Ottoman provinces in between my kingdom and Nubia. Though Nubia have saved me from getting kicked my ass by Ottomans, because they had crazy number of troops, but were unable to get them, due to lack of Military Access to their lands :P

Anyway, if you would like to know little bit more in detail about the game, you can read more in detail about it >><span class="bold">here</span><< in my Let's Play/AAR :)

Also: My list of games finished in 2016.
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+Pajama Sam: Thunder and Lightning Aren't so Frightening
Much better than the first, plus I like the corporation themes. (Thanks to tfishell for giving away the game!)
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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West, Nintendo DS

Always satisfying to be able to check a game off after it's been sitting in the old backlog for years. I'll just copy and paste my remarks from the "currently playing" thread:

A sort of adventure/visual novel for the DS, and sequel to Hotel Dusk. This is my second go at it; I tried to play it back in 2011 (according to my save data), but didn't finish it, for reasons I can no longer remember. I think maybe I tried to go into it immediately after Hotel Dusk, and just found the combined twenty-thirty hour playtime a little much. Looking at my save file data, I can see that I actually got quite far into it (chapter eight out of ten), but I only remembered the tiniest bits and pieces, and nothing of plot significance.

It's actually shaping up to be significantly better than Hotel Dusk, imo [edit: I still feel that way after beating it.]. I liked Hotel Dusk, but you spent a whole lot of time on nonsense--a big subplot with an author that had nothing to do with anything, and a subplot with a kid who has his money stolen that is only marginally connected to the real story. Last Window has been a lot more tightly focused so far [edit: and remained so throughout the entire game], which is a real improvement. On the downside, some of my game overs seemed pretty arbitrary; for example, at one point in the game, someone tries to con you into giving him money to "invest in a sure thing"; I knew I wasn't supposed to (one of my few memories from the first time around), but did anyway, totally by accident.
I also enjoyed the game a lot! More then I expected even. The game is certainly very charming.
Bioshock 2 (360)

It's seven years old and played on an old console, but damn it still looks just fine to me. Pretty decent story that makes sense within the games own world. Good, disturbing atmosphere and decent shooting play with a lot of different ways to tailor your character build to suit your play style. I went with maxed out drill skill combined with freeze ability for that up close and personal feel. Plus the machine gun for ranged work.

I liked the game better than the first one, though they are quite similar. Gone is that stupid "plumbing simulator" hacking game- I much prefer the hacking in this game. But most of all I think the devs addressed the worst aspect of Bioshock- the sometimes stupid and unrealistic respawn rate. Now I accept respawning in open world games as there's an understanding of an abstract passing of time where areas will repopulate. But I don't like it in closed off corridor shooters. The first Bioshock still sometimes suffered from System Shock 2 throwback- where enemies would respawn behind you in closed dead end areas, literally as soon as you go through a door. I hated it. For Bioshock 2 they seemed to have handled it a lot more reasonably and intelligently- thought it's still there at times.

So Bioshock 2, for me kept the good stuff and reduced the one real negative issue I had from the first game. So it has to be classed as a winner for me then.

Rayman Legends (Xbox One)

Back in Feb I entered this as finished, as in I did complete every level and obviously got the credits. But in the meantime I've been doing a level per day to get all the gold cup ratings and rescue every single teensie- even the annoying "Invaded" levels. So now it is 100% completionist finished- all the gold cups, all the platinum cups, every single one of the 700 teensies rescued, every timed invasion level done in under 40 seconds. Nothing left to do.

Awesome platformer, probably the best I've played, but now I'm really done with it and don't want to ever see it again!
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J.U.L.I.A. Untold

A nice puzzle game that starts easy, but gets a lot harder after a while (but never SpaceChem hard). I enjoyed it, but it's not without flaws. One problem is that it's a little unbalanced. It had some very hard levels somewhere in the middle (for two of them I had to look up the solution), while the last ten levels were very easy. Another problem is that it's a little vague when new tiles gets introduced and it isn't always clear what they can or can not do.

But when you like puzzle games, it's a good way to spend some hours and for a bonus game (it comes with J.U.L.I.A. Among the Stars) it's great.

Complete list of finished games in 2016