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Deadly Tower of Monsters. I loved it. Admittedly I'm an easy mark for something like this because I love the movies it's referencing without even being ironic about it, so as long as it's made competently I'm going to like it. Being a little more objective about it, once you get past how great it looks, it's a decent but unexceptional hack-and-slash game. It does everything fine but it doesn't really have the extra flourishes that would make it a breakout favorite for a general audience. It's kind of like a Double Fine game in that way - carried mostly by its charm rather than its gameplay.

I would have liked a controllable camera in some parts, and being able to switch characters on the fly would have been convenient instead of being forced to backtrack to a switch booth, then trudge back to wherever you need to use the new character.

Game is pretty short (took me about 4 hours to beat it) but I did get another couple of hours out of it by cleaning up a few of the extra achievements. Jumping off the top of the tower and flying through the rings is kind of neat.
i finish commander keen 1: marooned on mars a 2D platformer from 1990
Super Mario Sunshine (Gamecube)

This'll probably be the last game I complete this year, it was alright. Similar to Super Mario 64, the game takes place in the tropical island resort of Delfino where an mysterious figure who looks like Mario has been going around stealing Shine sprites and vandalising the isle, blanketing it in darkness. Arrested upon landing you are provided with a water gun like device in order to remove the graffiti etc. This is a 3D platformer, and it has many moments of frustrations, unlike titles like Super Mario Galaxy, you will actually need to be able to perform the special manoeuvres such as the triple jump just to complete the story, let alone get 100%. There are also no checkpoints in levels, and very few 1 up mushrooms. I'd actually say it was harder than Super Mario 64, some of those platforming segments are incredibly difficult, and to get near the end only to fail on a particular jump, having spent 10 minutes getting there is annoying.

Unfortunately for me it was even more frustrating as my controller pulls to the left, that isn't one of those fake excuses, it will literally make my character run off cliff faces if I don't keep the analogue stick pulled slightly to the right. And the cheapskate that I am, I didn't really want to go buy a new one. All in all, it's a good Mario game, though quite challenging, and if you do play it, get a decent controller to play it on.
Thief Deadly Shadows

I gotta finish at least one Thief game a year and this year it was DS for the 4. time I think. Thief 2 is my favourite and Thief Reboot is my least favourite of the franchise. But DS still holds up well and looks nice. If you haven't played a Thief game before I recommend starting with DS since it is the most accessible.
Finally I beat Might and Magic 1 again (the 1st playing was 20 years ago in Japanese PC version...nostalgia).
My party was about level 12 when finished, even the sorcerer didn't learn all spells.
Even from today's view, It was a lot of fun to exploring(drawing 60 maps with pen and paper!) and fighting.
This game is one of my favorite RPG of all time.

By the way, I tested how do the GOG version of Might and Magic 2 recognize a save file of the 1st one.
I moved the 1st's save file to Might and Magic 2 folder and it recognized my party to transfer the new game, although all my party go down to level 7.
I'm going to play MM2.

My 2016 List is here.
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Serious Sam 3: BFE + Jewel of the Nile DLC

With the opening levels it seemed different, but then Egypt hit and, yup, it's Serious Sam all right.
Finished 44 games this year (unless I can sneak in one or two short ones), with 15 of them just just being repeats. As far as the games I completed this month:

The game looks beautiful, like...unbelievably good. It's some of the best looking pixel art I've seen in an indie game so far. It had a charming story (although pretty depressing at times with how people treat the main character), the platforming was good, and the soundtrack is pretty good too. It still feels rough around the edges when it came down to its combat (which is mostly just shooting projectiles), enemy encounters, and boss fights. Despite those few things I thought it was good.

Got the GOG version as soon as I saw it, and for the most part it was as great as I remembered it. The controls are pretty simple (kind of expected since it was first released on iOS), but it plays great. It seems like a tradition here on the GOG forums to pick on games with basic looking pixel art, but honestly it works well for this game. The three color palettes the game uses (you unlock a bunch of them) look nice, and makes it easier to see what's going on when multiple objects are on screen. The combo mechanic (stomping and killing enemies without landing on the ground) is pretty much my favorite part of the game. It makes for interesting runs, although the rewards cap out at 25 kills, and anything else after is for bragging rights. I wish Hard Mode is available at the start and that there were more selectable power-ups and and weapons, but overall it's a great roguelike.

Lara Croft GO (PC):
It's pretty short (finished it in about 6 hours), and the optional stuff (which just amounted to clicking on something in the background to find pieces of a treasure) in the game is pretty lackluster compared to Hitman GO, but in the end it was a fun turn-based puzzle game. The polygon aesthetic looked really good, and the soundtrack is pretty great too.

Stephen's Sausage Roll:
I feel like the developer (Stephen Lavelle) intentionally made the games graphics too simplistic (Minecraft looking textures) just to draw in controversy. The description on the store page that simply says "A simple 3d puzzle game" with a trailer that explains pretty much nothing doesn't help either. The only thing that's simple about the game are the controls (which is the only tutorial in the game), and the concept: roll sausages onto grills to cook both sides using either your body or giant looking fork without burning them. Once you get past that it gets weird where you stab sausages to carry them across certain places, stand on top of them to move them around, and much more. There's a story that's told to you through stone tablets, but it's nothing to write home about. It's a weird game that's pretty long (first playthough took about 30 hours), but hey I liked it. Not enough to recommend it with its current price tag of $30, but maybe when it finally gets a 50% discount.

Also (didn't read through the previous posts), did anybody volunteer for the 2017 thread yet? If not I wouldn't mind doing the 2017 thread.
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RayRay13000: Also (didn't read through the previous posts), did anybody volunteer for the 2017 thread yet? If not I wouldn't mind doing the 2017 thread.
I wouldn't have any problem doing the new one, but I can pass you the baton if you so wish.
RayRay13000: Stephen's Sausage Roll
Oh wow. Congrats.
Gitaroo Man Lives! (PSP)

It seems my reflexes are getting better with the age. I was finally able to beat the last wo levels of this rhythm game. Liked it very much. Gameplay was smooth, cutscenes were cuteand charming and most important the soundtrack was awesome.

Don't think I would be able to complete it on normal difficulty (even easy was quite hard on later levels), but I willcertainly play it again during travels or when I need something relaxing.

Complete list of finished games in 2016
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Grargar: I wouldn't have any problem doing the new one, but I can pass you the baton if you so wish.
I wouldn't mind doing it. I just didn't see any posts stating who was going to do the next thread.
RayRay13000: I wouldn't mind doing it. I just didn't see any posts stating who was going to do the next thread.
OK then. It's all yours. :)
Okey Dokey. I'll create the thread on the 31st probably around midnight.
I will just post what i think i've beaten the whole 2016 year not a lot though.And some i already posted in here.

Guilty Gear x2#reload though not sure if this one was beaten in 2015
Recettear an item shop tale story mode+end game story still doing the 100% run which i am probably around 64 hours due to true cards and items are 74%.
Saints row 2 only story mode
Cultures Northland
Rollercoaster tycoon deluxe
Mafia 1 fully finished the german version which i know how to make it work uncensored

Rpg maker games only:
Sternenkind saga
Mondschein replayed and done everything i think.
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Finished The Little Acre, probably my last game of the year. A really good point'n click, a bit on the easy side. Main drawback is its length (~2h).

Full list here.