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I just finished Star Wars Republic Commando [2005] and Empire at War Forces of Corruption [2006]
Layers of Fear, GOG

I hate to leave bad "reviews" in this thread, but I thought this game was completely insipid--a relentlessly dull affair that played like a fairground house of horrors, except that those sometimes scare me, and this never did. It did have some very impressive visual effects; credit where it's due, and is sometimes quite clever with the way the level changes around the player. However, its poor attempt at jumpscares, its piling of cliche upon cliche, and its nonexistent pacing just left me tired. Like, yes, dolls can be sort of creepy I guess, but they're not inherently scary. You can't just jam a doll in my face all of a sudden and expect me to react to it; scares need to be built up to, and this game is so worried that five seconds might pass without something spooky happening that it never takes the time to build to anything.

Sacred 2 Gold (3rd time)
Syberia 1&2
Xanadu Next
Dragon Age Origins
Spellforce Platinum Edition
The Witcher 3 (again)
Learn Japanese To Survive - Hiragana Battle
Drakensang The River of Time


Attack on Titan


Root Letter
Steins Gate 0
Trails of Cold Steel (10th - 16th time)
Trails of Cold Steel 2 (6 times, still continuing)
Psycho Pass Mandatory Happieness
Superdimension Neptunia vs Sega Hard Girls
God Eater 1&2
Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the sacred, blood of the damned
One third of the story is a red herring collection and the rest is an idiot plot. (master storyteller my ass.)
The puzzles range from stupid to annoying.
I HATE working with Sidney!
By far the worst game in the series.
Dishonored 2.

I have a sneaky suspicion that MOST of the complaints about stability are from those trying to play with incompatible hardware (especially since many complaints surround a certain unsupported CPU). Have played the full game once (and am over half way through a second play through, I can honestly say I haven't had a single technical glitch or issue). I've also played on all 3 patches. Not a single issue from base game, 1.1, 1.2, or 1.3. Not to belittle those that may have legitimate issues, but this is a good example of what happens when fellow gamers cry wolf.

That aside, this game is fun. It plays similar to the original. This time you can choose to play as Corvo or Emily. Both play similarly, but the skills do vary between each. (and skills can be upgraded). The charm system allows for charm crafting. You can also rank a skill to take more advantage of crafted charms.

The story is a bit thinner in terms of reeling me in and wowing by the dialogue/events. However, the ambiance is rich and wonderful. Every square inch of screen real estate is dripping with pixely wonder. The NPC's look, feel, voicing, and interaction is amazing. The level building is jaw dropping. In many mission, you play a city wide level worth of content just to get to the front door of your objective. Then a 3 story building filled with guards, traps, and multi-access pathing awaits inside.

IMHO, this is the example to follow in terms of trying to keep 2 distinctive sets of opposing factions happy. The people that wanted Dishonored 2 to be exactly like Dishonored 1 and the people that wanted a completely different and innovative sequel should both be happy. They found very interesting ways to change a lot of things without touching core game or world play.

The default difficulty level in high chaos is stupid easy. But.... its also fun. Especially if you sneak and crawl your way through the game in low chaos first. Rolling with a second character, different skill set, and prepared to blow everyone up yields some satisfaction even though little to no skill is required. This also isn't a concern as higher difficulties exist and a new NG+ is promised to allow more difficulties and more difficulty tweaking.

I can't praise this Thiefy game enough. It could use some tweaks here and there. But I enjoyed a solid gaming experience. At over 60 hours invested, I can easily spend another 15 or 20 unless new DLC pushes me further.
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Been too lazy to update this for a while, so here's a batch at once:


A cute, and very short, Flash based platformer. Not much else to say about it.


Another very short platformer, of the "punishment" subgenre - beat it in 45 minutes per Steam stats. The controls took some getting used to - jumps felt too quick, as if the gravity was turned up high, and combined with the slightly slippery movement this made some of the platforming pretty hard.

Four Sided Fantasy

Yet another short platformer, this time a puzzle style. The puzzle mechanics were based on freezing the screen from scrolling, and while frozen running off-screen had different effects (usually warping to the other side but sometimes more on top of that). Reminded me of how Braid had different time mechanics for its puzzles. I really liked this one a lot, even if it made my brain hurt a few times.


You guessed, another very short platformer. This one a very basic and shameless Mega Man clone, with only the starting weapon and a single level divided into short stages - dying sends you back to the beginning of the current stage. I beat the game on Normal, which gives you infinite lives of which I used up quite a few. The Win screen said that I should be able to beat the game on Hard now (which gives you only 3 lives and the enemies more HP) and I thought "Oh yeah? Time to prove you wrong!" Except they were right, and I beat the boss on my remaining life.

Dungeon Journey

A roguelite with persisted progress that's very similar in mechanics to Dungelot. Gets kinda grindy because the upgrades and gem crafting need a lot of gold. I mostly had fun with it. Disappointingly, the optional "endless dungeons" actually do not increase in difficulty the lower you go - what's up with that?

Deep Dungeons of Doom

Another roguelite which I dusted off to finally manage to beat the final dungeon. Again, fun, but god damn the grinding required to purchase the higher skills...


Twinstick shooter without twinstick support for some reason. It's interesting that the levels are on a 10x10 grid and you can see where the bosses are, so its up to you which levels to beat to make it to each boss. Beat all the bosses on Normal mode, but the Disastr mode is way too hard for me - only used it on one double-boss level to get a high combo achievement.

Grim Legends 3: The Dark City

Another beautiful HOG from Artifex Mundi. This one comes ever closer to an Adventure Game with the addition of combining inventory items together.
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The Last Express
- 2/5

First of all, I 100% appreciate that this game exists. I was fairly positive about the game initially, but the more I progressed, the less I liked it.

To its credit, I think this might be the most uncomfortable I've felt in a game (more than any horror game) - there's a real palpable claustrophobic atmosphere, which is compounded by NPCs constantly moving around you.
Snark Busters - Welcome to the Club

Pretty much the definition of a mediocre Hidden Object Game. There's nothing outstanding about it, but also nothing that is extremely bad.

Complete list of finished games in 2016
Pixel Puzzles Ultimate

Ok, so I only cleared a handful of puzzles, and there are 100 or so you can buy to add to the base game, and maybe 10-12 in the base game.

On the bright side, it's moderately customizable in terms of difficulty, and it does have a zoom for the higher piece-count puzzles which get pretty dang small.

On the down side, moving around in zoom to fetch pieces or examine what's already out on the board is only moderately convenient. Maybe this is a game I would've loved more at 25 than at 40+ when my eyes are starting to go.

That said, some of the puzzles don't help vs. the background - I was about 100 pieces into a 350 piece puzzle before realizing the default background was just making it impossible. So I changed to one color that provided contrast for the section I was working on, then needed to change again for another section.

All in all, I enjoyed this more than, say, "Pixel Puzzles Japan" which perhaps I just never unlocked the right UI features for. This is a game I'll probably keep installed and mess with a puzzle now and then. But truth be told I think roughly 250 pieces is where the format starts to break down. Pieces just too small to work with without some zooming in and out bogging things down, and as best I can tell no save feature.
Beyond Good and Evil. I beat when it first came out, but as it turns out I didn't have much meaningful recollection of it aside from thinking it was pretty good. I still think it's pretty good, and it's shorter than I thought it was (I wasn't killing myself over getting all the pearls and animal photos). I would say it's a good example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts - it isn't quite the best at any one thing it does, but it's good enough and everything is mixed together well enough that it's always enjoyable. And like all of Michel Ancel's games, it's gorgeous to look at.

I read recently that part of why the sequel has yet to happen is that Ancel wants to make a sprawling open-ended galactic adventure that requires some really beefy technology to render, and although I think he should just go ahead and make something, I sort of get his perspective. Playing this game with that in mind, you do get the sense that you're just playing the first act of a much bigger story, or like you've just read the first issue of an ongoing comic series or something. I'm not dying for the sequel but I am curious to see whatever might eventually come out.
Just finished Ultima 7 the Black Gate.
Many people said this game was one of the best RPG of all times, so I anticipated it.
But after finished the game I feel this game is so-so level RPG.
Inventory managing(including using the magic book), food managing and combat system were a bit mess (not bad, but not good too).
I feel playing adventure game than RPG.
The exploration and talking town's peoples was fun. that is one of advantage of Ultima series for sure.

So I've finished Ultima series from 4 to 7 recently. In the series, I like 5th the most for well made game system.
I won't play the 7-2 serpents isle immediately. I want to play other RPGs for while( I already started playing Knights of the Old Republic), Ultima series are fun to play, but requires a lot of patience and dedication and mental energy. lol.

Here My 2016 List
Finished two games:
- Finding Teddy: A nice point'n click game. Beaten in only 2h with longer would have been too much I think. Recommanded mostly if you like musical puzzles (I had to use the walkthrough for those).
- Batman: The Telltale Series: episodes 4 & 5. A good Batman game but not the best Telltale. The Walking Dead (season 1) and The Wolf Among Us are the best ones. I still recommend it though.

Full list here.
Pony Island

This was one of the most interesting gaming experiences I've had in years. Game is pretty short, but first and last hour are brilliant.

Don't want to tell anything about the story, because more or less everything would be a spoiler. But I can absolutely recommend it, if you are looking for something unusual.

And now I'm going to remove it from my HD (if you played it, you will understand why).

Complete list of finished games in 2016
include me

Forgot all about this thread until today

Wolfenstein New World Order
Fallout 4
Skyrim Enderal mod
Bounty Train
X-Com 2
Dead Island
Arkham Knight
Civilization V
Remember Me
The Wolf Among Us
American Truck Simulator
The Crew
Sunless Sea
Warhammer vermintide
Lego Batman 3
Lego Avengers
Tiny Troopers
Shadow Watch
I guess I'm not technically 100% done, but it kinds feels like it. [By which I mean the game has seemingly stopped increasing in difficulty, but I have about a dozen races left to polish off on top of the seemingly hundred I already cleared]

DiRT 3

Beautiful tracks
A lot of customizability for difficulty
A lot of fun for an few hours.

-Not a fan of the stunt challenges on KB+M. They're doable, it just feels really awkward, particularly the 'drift' levels.
-Cut scenes/dialogue are too long. In some cases that's just window dressing while the game is loading, but in other cases there's unskippable dialogue that's just the same thing over and over again.
-The branding was pretty over the top. For actual racing fans perhaps it makes the whole thing more authentic (and perhaps it's why they can afford to give the game away for free) but it was a bit too in my face.

All in all it's well done, despite a few annoyances.
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