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Sign Language Isn't Always Appropriate. Isabel Hagen

Seymour Hersh ist widerlegt: Die CIA hat dementiert | Eine Satire von Tobias Riegel | NDS-Podcast

Ueber'n grossen Teich kommen die Trends zu uns, die wir Deutschen moegen | Frank Blenz | NDS-Podcast
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The Best Way To Not Get Kidnapped. Mary Upchurch
Hating On Someone You Don't Even Know. Michael Glatzmaier

U.S. Knew Chinese "Spy" Balloon Was A Weather Balloon All Along

Real Reason Behind Chinese Balloon Story Revealed
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Parenthood Will Make You Question Your Sanity. Carl Faulkenberry
Deep Rock Galactic Review | 5"11 Edition™
Marry Someone Who Hates The Same Things As You. Dustin Nickerson
How The CIA Keeps Us Sh*tting Our Pants!
When You're The Youngest Of Five Boys. Michael Glatzmaier

Alles Schweine bei der Post? | Die Schweine Steffi und Torsten

Bill Gates' Wife UNLOADS Over His "Epstein Relationship"!

China Calls For PEACE In Ukraine!

VP Harris Spreading WILD Accusations Against Putin

Biden Visits Kiev Ukraine But Not Palestine Ohio!
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The Real Reason You Should Hang Out With Grandma. Jen Kober
Biden's "Surprise" Visit To Kiev, Ukraine Is All Lies

War-Pig Rachel Maddow SMEARS Peace Rallygoers

Trump ADMITS U.S. Was Behind 2014 Coup In Ukraine

Trump Visits East Palestine BEFORE Pete Buttigieg!

Don Lemon Back On Air Alongside "Out Of Their Prime" Women!
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Dog Parents Are Not Real Parents. Dustin Nickerson

Award-Winning Choreographer Smears Dog Sh*t In Critic's Face

Russia Abandoning Last Remaining Nuclear Arms Treaty?!

U.S. Pushes For Ukraine War Escalation Into Crimea!

Biden Won't Go To East Palestine Because Trump Went First

Bitte nicht schiessen! - Kueppersbusch TV
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Set Your Expectations To Stupid. Joe Bronzi

tagesschauer #58 vom 22.02.2023 #satire #kabarett #comedy
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When Your Mom Couldn't Afford The Fancy Cereal. Quinn Patterson

Buttigieg Press Secretary MELTS-DOWN Over Palestine Questions

Book Burning PRAISED When It's Anti-Russian

Is The U.S. REALLY Pulling Out Of SYRIA?

U.S. Gives ANOTHER $10 Billion To Ukraine!?!?

"I Won't Investigate Nord Stream Attack" - Dem Leader Hakeem Jeffries

MSNBC Buried This HONEST Anti-War Rally Report Exposing Rachel Maddow's Lies
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A Banana A Day Keeps The Flies Away. Jen Kober

Harry Potter & Han Solo Are Like Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Says NATO
The only fitting reaction to that: Naked Gun - Epic Facepalm [1080p]
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I've recently been getting into AI generated music/parodies.....just found this banger of a track today:
Somebody that I used to Joe