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When Your Rock Band Doesn't Make It Big. Jeremy Alder

The Most Mental Tweet Ever From A Corporate Journalist

"Covidians" Begin Backpedaling On COVID Propaganda THEY PUSHED

Greta Thunberg WON'T ANSWER Basic Questions About Climate Change

Endless Space 2 Review | Jingoist Joy™ Edition
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The 80/20 Rule Makes Everything So Much Easier. Stephanie McHugh

4 Out Of 10 Americans Delaying Medical Care Over Costs
For a European this is funny until one remembers that our own health care is going - slowly - in that same direction...

Ice Cube Turned Down $9 Million Payday Over Getting The Jab!
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The Worst Name For A Restaurant Ever. E.L. Smith

Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets Covid Right!

We're Overcounting COVID Deaths! Admits CNN Doctor
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The Difference Between An Accident And A Surprise. Andrew Rose

"The Anti-Vaxxers Won!" - Admits "Dilbert" Creator Scott Adams

The Great Reset: TERRIFYING Future Of Social Control!
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This Is Why You Never Go Hiking Alone. Jordan Conley

The MOST MENTAL Thing Ever Said About Social Security!

French Unions SHUT DOWN COUNTRY Over Raise In Retirement Age

U.S. Middle Class Needs A Pay Cut! Says Canadian Deputy Prime Minister
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These Gas Prices Are Too Dang High. Horace Sanders
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The Music In The Old Folks Home Is Going To Be Wild. Stephanie McHugh
California Is Probably The Weirdest State In The U.S. - E.L. Smith

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Howard Brown - What Happened?
When Your Child Makes You Want To Quit Parenting. Jaylyn Bishop
thank you for your effort to support the topic, very cool
AsevaPliuha: thank you for your effort to support the topic, very cool
You're welcome. :)
In this totally fucked up world is humour the only way to not become (completely) crazy - at least for me.

Pfizer Exec TURNS VIOLENT After Being Exposed In Undercover Video
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You Need To Learn How To Avoid Spouse Traps. Brian McKim

93-Year-old Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Gets Married!

Das doppelte Panzerchen - Kueppersbusch TV

Scholz zu Leopard-Kampfpanzer-Lieferung: "Vertrauen Sie mir."
Dazu passend: SLEDGE HAMMER Trust me I know what I'm doing

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You Can't Be Tough If Your Mom Was A Marine. Jordan Conley

What Happened To Jon Stewart?

U.S. General Predicts WAR With China By 2025!
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Wearing Carhartt Wasn't Considered Cool In The 90's. Derrick Stroup

Vaccines Are Definitely - DEFINITELY - Not Causing Heart Attacks! Says Pharma-Bought Media

Zelensky Berates Biden For Money & Weapons!
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