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General Rules

1. No Cryptoclaiming. This is claiming in some sort of unbreakable code related to your PM. It breaks the game and ruins the fun. Don’t do it.

2. No betting among players. This could lead to awkward situations like someone claiming Town Arsonist just for kicks and money. It could ruin the fun. Don’t do it.

3. The moderator of this game is me, agentcarr16. The co-moderator of this game is Krypsyn. Should you need to contact either of us privately, use the chat system of this forum.

4. Should you wish to contact us publicly, you may bold your requests within the game thread.

5. All players have a vote, which they may place on any player, including themselves. Once a player has received the necessary number of votes, they will be lynched and the game will go to Night. No amount of unvoting can prevent lynch once majority has been reached. You MUST unvote before placing a new vote, or your new vote will be ignored.

6. A player may also vote to No-Lynch. If No-Lynch gains 50% of the vote, no one is lynched and the game goes to Night.

7. You must bold your votes and unvotes like this: Unvote Krypsyn, Vote agentcarr16

8. Don’t edit your posts. This is VERY important. Editing a post is grounds for post restriction or modkill. In addition, don’t make two consecutive posts within 10 minutes of each other or the forum software will merge them, creating the appearance of an edited post. Don’t do it.

9. You may not post in the game thread during the Night. Don’t do it.

10. Do not quote your PM. This is akin to cryptoclaiming and it could lead to modkill. Don’t do it.

11. Do not discuss the game with anyone outside of this game thread, unless explicitly given permission to do so in your PM. This could ruin the fun. Don’t do it.

12. All players should post at least once every 36 hours. If you expect to be unable to post for longer than this, please notify Krypsyn or myself. If your most recent post shows “posted 2 days ago”, you will be prodded both by PM and in the thread. Modkill or replacement is possible if the situation warrants.

13. If you cannot continue to play, notify Krypsyn or myself and we will attempt to find a replacement.

14. Days will be 144 hours (6 days) long. If the end of a Day would fall on a Saturday or Sunday, it will be extended to the following Monday at the same time. A Day may finish early if a Lynch is achieved. If a Day ends without a majority, it will result in a No-Lynch. Every 24 hours or so, I will post a day summary post, with a votecount and a link to the Deadline Countdown Timer.

15. Nights will be 60 hours long (2.5 days) long, with an additional 12 hours for me to coordinate Night actions and write flavour. If the end of Night would fall on a Saturday or Sunday, it will be extended to the following Monday at the same time. A Night may finish early if players respond quickly with their Night actions.

16. All players on the winning team win, even if they are dead, assuming any secondary win conditions have been met. Any player who has been modkilled loses, regardless of win conditions.

17. Have fun! Remember it’s a game. Keep Calm and Game On. If someone ticks you off, convince everyone else that he is scum and lynch them.

Special Rules

1. This Game is semi-open, with a very special mechanic. That is, it contains some special rules that I will reveal to you now. It also contains some special rules that I will reveal when the time comes.

2. Flips will not be complete. They may not reveal much at all, in fact.

3. Alignment is phrased as Good vs Evil in the PMs. Feel free to refer to Town and Scum as per usual.

4. Win Conditions are not typical.

Good Win Condition:
You win when all Evil players have been eliminated.

Evil Win Condition:
You win when you have eliminated the three (3) Good Power Roles.

5. Good has exactly three (3) Power Roles. The other Good players are Vanilla. Evil has no Power Roles.

The Power Roles are:

Herbalist: Doctor, is allowed to self-target, may not protect the same player on consecutive nights.

Undertaker: Coroner, will receive full reveal for a chosen player each night.

Exorcist: Unique role, each Night after Night 1, must choose a Spectre to remove from the game.

6. There are exactly ten (10) Good and three (3) Evil in the game at commencement.
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Friday the 13th. A day of ill omen.

Wilderberry Hollow is still, people hurrying about their business. An unspoken dread hangs over the town as to what might happen.

This afternoon, a council meeting has been scheduled to talk about the rumors.

As the townsfolk file in, they talk quietly among themselves, greeting neighbours and friends.

Finally, the mayor stands.

”This meeting is now called to order. I think we can all agree that something is going on, something that hasn’t been seen in fifty years. It must be stopped. Some of us, here, have returned to our dark history, dredging up rituals that would have been best forgotten. We can’t allow this to go on, so we must find these cultists, drag them out into the open, and destroy them. It is the only way we can save our town.”

In the silence that follows, the townsfolk glance warily around. Finally, the discussion begins.


1. HijacK - Lynched & Removed
2. JMich
3. flubbucket
4. HypersomniacLive
5. Bookwyrm627 - Nightkilled & Removed
6. adaliabooks (replacing Dessimu) - Lynched & Removed
7. yogsloth (replacing CSPVG) - Nightkilled & Removed
8. drealmer7
9. cristigale - Nightkilled & Removed
10. lotsofchickenwings
11. RWarehall (replacing a4plz)
12. babark - Lynched & Removed
13. trentonlf - Nightkilled

It is now Day 1. You may post in this thread.

The deadline is Monday, May 2 at 20:00 EST.
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Vote: Vitek
Vote: lotsofchickenwings

Unvote: lotsofchickenwings

Vote: a4plz

Unvote: a4plz

Vote babark

Unvote: babark

Welcome, new people.


Also, Vote: HijacK.
So that's why all the kool-aid in the town went missing!

We need to set a trap. If the cultists love kool-aid, they should be attracted by lotsofchickenwings too.
agentcarr16: .............
so we must find these cultists,
Hold on....I thought Krypsyn was assisting in this venture. How did cultists get here??

Methinks the Krypsyn doth protest too much.
Let me just help things progress along their normal path a little quicker this D1 and I will:

vote drealmer7
* hiccup *

...wicked giggling...shadows at every corner...scum hiding behind good people's masks...whispers under our benches each night...

Each night...each night...each and every night... Those bloodsucking bastards... Those filthy tree stump worshipers... Those dirty minded liars... Those... Those...

Gaze upon babark


POINT FINGER at Leonard03

* hic*hiccup *

So, anyway... Last night... When I was sleeping under that bench (points at that bench), a mysterious handsome lady visited me in the dream. She showed me picture of round wood, something that looked like barrels, with strange symbols on them: "U", "R", "M". But it was so vague, I really can't tell what those mean. Then she waved her hand and magic lights appeared, shining all over the cellar and I heard angel voices... They said:

"Evil has once again befallen the grounds of this once pure city... Worshipers of Devil's stump walk among you... They hide wrapped in innocence, speaking lies like lullabies... Save the people, you must save the people... You must help them cleanse from their future sins... Take this sacred Rum... Let it be your guide... Pure the rum over people, shower them with this divine and holy liquid!.. Root out the evil... Burn them! Burn them before they hurt you!"


And so, I wake the same cellar I was dreaming! In front of me standing a big barrel with those strange "U", "R", "M" letters and an empty bottle in my hand. The lady said, I must take sacred Rum, so I suppose whoever made the barrel, was bad at literature (because my eye works perfectly fine, no?). I fill my bottle, this bottle (shows this bottle) and do exactly what dream commanded me to. I drink it! How else can it guide me? Just to be sure, that I am guided well, I drank another bottle. Then...

Shout at lotsofchickenwings and trentonlf


HE IS THE STUMP WORSHIPER! Vote: HypersomniacLive (spills half bottle of rum on HypersomniacLive)

Hmm... Does not burn... Must be the good guy. Well, then... Unvote HypersomniacLive

Then... HE IS THE HORRIBLE HUMAN PERSON! Vote JMich! I can see the cult in his eyes... (drinks the rest of rum; tries to shower JMich with rum) Empty... I have to go get more sacred liquid. You... You all stay on these benches and keep your eye for those scum bastards!
Dessimu: "U", "R", "M"

drealmer7: *decyphers*

You are?

Unvote JMich
Vote drealmer7

You are!
Ah, what a lovely first day for the new people to come and enjoy. Now to see who are the good and who are the evil guys.
Rum is good, right? What about cider? Beer? Wine? Can we find the evil ones by their drink of choice?
Only Rum is sacred. Everything else is evil.
Dessimu: Only Rum is sacred. Everything else is evil.
ummm, WATER?! (potentially) The purist of all things in existence?!

Clearly rum has cluddled your mind.