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Is Oxygen Not Included DRM-free?
Just so y'all know, Costume Quest 2 on Steam is DRM FREE so I have no doubt the Epic version is too.
seppelfred: But what about Costume Quest 2? Can anybody tell me if it's DRM-free?
AB2012: It appears to work, and PCGamingWiki agrees, so I've added it to the list.

nizcse: Do anybody knows if raji an ancient epic on epic games store is drm free or not?
AB2012: No-one here has tested it yet to confirm, but PCGamingWiki has just listed it as DRM-Free, so I'd say "probably yes".
Thank you AB2012.
Since The Outer Worlds is now out on GOG, did Gorgon get an update on Epic version yet? Or even at all?

Does Gorgon work without Epic Launcher now? Does Gorgon work when offline?

Or are Epic Store version owners still stuck w/ running Epic Launcher in the background to run Gorgon DLC?
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AB2012: It appears to work, and PCGamingWiki agrees, so I've added it to the list.
seppelfred: Thank you very much! That would be the first DRM-free version of the game, afaik. I'd prefer a DRM-free version here, but this is better than nothing.
No, it is not. Just like Crimson-X said, Costume Quest 2 was since release DRM-free on Steam as well.
I've checked the Steam and Epic versions of Costume Quest 2 and both are DRM-free (no launcher startup).
The Steam version has the two additional files "CostumeQuest2_DX9.exe" (for backward compatibility) and "steam_api.dll" (game doesn't work without) within the game folder.

For multilanguage support, the Steam version regognises my language (german) correctly, for the Epic version, i had to change Key/Value in the config file \Data\Config\Default.cfg to language = 'deDE'
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Ghost Runner (2020) EGS DRM test.

Test date: 10/27 - Version: 30658 (Release)
Tested: 'Epic Launcher' Closed/Signed out/Renamed. (All Passed)
Result: The game is DRM-free after installation.

But it seems to have epic integration built-in.

When you start the game, you may be prompted to link an epic account, (Browser pop-up)
This will link your Game Profile (save folder) to your epic account, But can be dismissed without affecting the game.
Yes, the game will run, even if the epic launcher signed-out/closed, even if you link your save file.

However Linking your save will enable Epic features like achievements, and the built-in epic overlay.
(Yes, Epic 'features' work even without the Epic launcher running)

If you change your mind, you can unlink your epic account
(Warning: this may delete your achievements!)
You can do this online, from This Page.
Find 'GhostRunner' and click "Revoke access".
This will switch your profile to 'unlinked'. (Your save file will be fine)

Not-linking/unlnking disables the overlay and all epic features.
This means, you will no longer show up as "in-game", and you won't earn achievements.
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I can confirm Dead Cells works as well but you need the -EpicPortal command line argument.
Blair Witch is DRM-free.
pedrovay2003: Blair Witch is DRM-free.
Dungeons 3 seems to work.

Update: It will launch Epic Games Launcher if found. This can be prevented with the -EpicPortal parameter. Also it opens your browser and takes you to the Epic Games logon page or (if you are already logged in) asks you to link Dungeons 3 to your Epic account.
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The Textorcist is DRM-free.
The Pathless is also DRM Free.
I completely forgot that this had come out, but Oberver: System Redux is DRM-free.

Wowfunhappy: The Pathless is also DRM Free.
Holy crap, this makes me happy.
Since Shenmue 3 is now out on Steam and especially on GOG...

...Did the Epic version get updated yet and go DRM-FREE?