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A Dungeon of Love for Valentine’s Day from GOG.com and EA!

Today of all days, a good part of the world celebrates love in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. For us at GOG.com, there is no greater love than the love of classic PC games. We love them, you love them, and you know what? We love you as well! So we decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day by partnering up with our friends at Electronic Arts to offer you an exclusive Dungeon Keeper promotion:

For the next 48 hours Dungeon Keeper Gold (complete with the Deeper Dungeons expansion) can be added to your GOG.com account for free! If you already own it on GOG.com, you can still get one extra gift-code for the game and present it to your significant other gamer, or a friend.


Spend time quality time protecting your Dungeon Heart from invaders and experience this classic series first hand. Further, the excellent sequel, Dungeon Keeper 2, is available for only $1.49 as a part of our special Valentine's Day promo. The offer lasts until Sunday, February 16, at 10:59AM GMT.

Would you rather storm and loot dungeons rather than protect them? Our special Destination: Dungeons & Dragons promo has you covered with a great collection of RPG classics up to 80% off!
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SLP2000: I can access it.
YellowAries: You can access the Dungeon Keeper game info page...? I highly doubt that... because it isn't there... it gives a 404 Error.
I can still access it, too, but only via https. If I go to my game shelf and enter "Dungeon Keeper" in the search box and select it from the list, I get to the game page.
deshadow52: Really awesome Deal GOG always nice to get a free game, especially one that is as praised as Dungeon Keeper! One question though, I noticed that the game page for DK is not working is that just temporary?
Arghmage: Yeah. So no one will buy the game and get it via the frontpage for free.
Ah ok, a little thought in the back of my mind thought the game was being removed. Good thing that's false!
i just got it ty gog
Man I was just thinking about retro games to pass the time until ESO and you crop up with some free(and discounted) demony love. <3 I actually have the cds of both games but the first would never work on my computer, hoping to give it a go soon. ;)
I Already got Dungeon Keeper but I went on the promo page just by curiosity...
And I received a few minutes later a mail with a gift code for a friend !

Love you GOG <3
Thanks again !
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lugum: 6HS2-NG7E-YMPP-N7UW
Redeemed, thanks a lot lugum +1 for your generosity and to GOG :)
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mighty kind of you, gog peeps. thank you!
Thank you very much gog
How do I redeem this anyway?
Hi :)
I just redeem dungeon keeper and i'm still waiting to get the game.
How much time should I wait? :)
Madlombax: How do I redeem this anyway?
This gets put on your shelf automatically, after you've chosen to get it on the front page. Just wait a bit.
Great deal :)
Thank you GoG

I just wish EA loved its franchises as much as fans of the series instead of destroying them. But that said this was never an EA game, just EA owned later on.
Destro: DK1 is added to user accounts using a queue system which is completely separate from the regular website checkout that you go though via gamecard / add to cart option... hence the product page temporarily redirects to the main page where you can claim the game for free. Nothing is being removed, it's just a quick workaround.
JamesBond007: Does it means should I just click the button, keep the GOG main page open and the game will be added after certain amount of time?
After you click the button and get the confirmation you can leave the confirmation page and do something else on GOG (like checking our [url=http://www.gog.com/promo/valentines_day_promo_140214]deals :) or leave the site - your "order" is already in the queue.
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