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A big sale from Marvel on X-Factor, today only. Issues 200 thru the last issue, 262 (also includes 224.1). Is this all of Peter David's run? As much as I like Peter David's writing, i keep putting this one off. Time to jump on board I guess.

A weekend Archie Valentine's Day sale. Looks like much of it is duplicated in the recent Humble Bundle.

Watson and Holmes #6 is free on Comixology with code BLACKCOMICSMONTH
V-Day sale on Dark Horse

Issues of Baltimore, The Strain and Vampirella for $0.99
madth3: V-Day sale on Dark Horse

Issues of Baltimore, The Strain and Vampirella for $0.99
they also have a huge $99 Vampirella bundle, 4000+ pages.
A sale from Oni Press on Letter 44, ends 2/16/15.
Wonderland sale ends 2/20/15, 4 collections and 30 singles.

My Little Pony sale ends 2/23/15' 2 collections and 12 singles.

Viz bundle sale, 7 bundles up to 71% off, ends 2/28/15.
This glitch probably won't last long. Watchmen free on Amazon.
New freebie from Dark Horse; Matt Kindt Builds Characters

A couple top non-US titles on sale at Comixology: volume 1 of The White Lama and El Niño are $1.98 each.

Kind of random, but the 349 page web comic compilation The Devil's Panties Volume 1 is only $.99 right now.

From DC, the first volume of the new 52 Suicide Squad is on sale for $4.99, unknown duration.

This independent title has a cool premise imho, and will qualify for our March Action/Adventure Challenge; $.99 for The Markings issue 1.
Humble Subterranean Press Book Bundle

PWYW for:

- The Jack Vance Treasury - Jack Vance
- Inside Job - Connie Willis
- Muse of Fire - Dan Simmons
- Jacaranda: A Novella of the Clockwork Century - Cherie Priest
- The Ape's Wife and Other Stories - Caitlin R. Kiernan
- The Top of the Volcano: The Award-Winning Stories of Harlan Ellison® - Harlan Ellison
- Brayan's Gold - Peter V. Brett

BTA for:

- The Mallet of Loving Correction - John Scalzi
- Nobody's Home: An Anubis Gates Story - Tim Powers
- The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox - Barry Hughart
- The End of the Sentence - Maria Dahvana Headley and Kat Howard
- The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate - Ted Chiang
- Tortured Souls: The Legend of Primordium - Clive Barker
- Amityville Horrible - Kelley Armstrong
- more books to be announced

$15 for

- Academic Exercises - K. J. Parker
- The Hunter from the Woods - Robert McCammon
- Black Hat Jack - Joe R. Lansdale

PDF, ePub, and Mobi available.
letsmaybeLP92: Humble Subterranean Press Book Bundle .
Where are the comics?
Shaft #1 (Dynamite Comics) is free on Comixology

A free sampler from Dark Horse: Matt Kindt Builds Characters
Dark Horse's weekend sale should be up soon. And don't forget that their freebies now have to be clicked on/'read' to actuallybe added to your permanent collection.

New freebie from Zenescope at Comixology, Vikings: Blood Legacy, based on the TV show.

Today only sale from Marvel on some of their cosmic books.
Nova (2013+) 1-22
Captain Marvel (2012-2013) 1-6
Cyclops (2014+) 1-5

Another sale on Dresden Files:
3 collections
Welcome to the Jungle 1-4
Storm Front 1-4
Storm Front vol 2 1-4
Fool Moon 1-8
Ghoul Goblin 1-6
War Cry 1-5
Dark Horse Presents sale this weekend

Single issues on $0.99
There's small bundles and a XL bundle which end up being no different than buying the single issues, apart from the convenience of less clicks.
high rated
Appreciate this thread, TrevorWilliams.

I just made my first purchase from Comixology a few days ago. It's probably not going to be a site I use all that much, but some sales may interest me as they did the other day.

Question: I made my purchase with a credit card and was charged sales tax, which is pretty high in my state (Washington). Does anyone know if sales tax is circumvented by using Paypal?

They may be based in NY, so it's probably not a case like Amazon where I have always been charged sales tax because of my state of residency.

EDIT: Never mind. They were bought by freaking Amazon...
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Marvel has a general Buy One Get One sale on Comixology

Use the code MARVEL on checkout. Lasts until the 23rd.
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