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The current 'Humble Comics Bundle: Tank Girl 30th Anniversary by Titan' almost completely supersedes the 2017 bundle. The only comics which seem not to be included in this newer offer are:

- Tank Girl: The Gifting #1-4
- Tank Girl: Visions of Booga #1-4
- Tank Girl: The Royal Escape #1-4

Everything else is present, often expanded upon, with a lot of new content added as well.

The 'Humble Book Bundle: Tales of Horror' is interesting in that it includes Alan Moore's From Hell, which isn't available from comiXology for many european customers. It was offered at least once before in 2014's 'Humble eBook Bundle IV', though, so you may already have it.
So, everyone who always wanted to buy one of those "Hellboy Megabundles" from Dark Horse but ultimately didn't because of the high price (usually $100, I believe) should be very pleased now. Because at the German amazon store the four (English) omnibi (or is it "omnibuses"?) that were just released a few months ago and cover the whole main series can be bought for about €14 (Vol. 1 and 2: €2,89, Vol. 3 and 4: €4,12)! Additionally Vol. 1 of "The Complete Short Stories" is also reduced to €3,61 - only Vol. 2 of the Short Stories (which was only released in August) is still at the normal price of €14,99.

I haven't checked other amazon stores but I guess or should be at similar prices - and if not, it shouldn't be that big a problem to buy the comics from (and, as I said, they are in English).

Of course the Megabundles often feature additional Spin-Offs and crossovers like "B.P.R.D." but still: This amazon offer is pretty great!

Edit: Oh, I should mention: Digital comics that are bought from amazon are automatically transferred to your Comixology account as well (if they are connected)!
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Yes, Hellboy Omniboo $3.99 at Amazon US too. I own the whole series in physical format, and at Dark Horse Digital, but bought those at Amazon (Comixology-compliant) just to have it in an easy and chronological format. Almost 2000 pages of one of the best series in comic book history for less than $16? Yes please!