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Geddes17: After doing my research about the "Spawn" bundle: Although all 20 "Spawn Origins" volumes are included my wording "the complete series" was misleading because those 20 volumes "only" include #1-122 of the still ongoing series. The remaining items include #251-275 and the complete medieval spin-off "The Dark Ages" (#1-28). I would have preferred to not have a gap of more than 100 issues inbetween but I still think it's a very good bundle.

Does anyone know if #251 was something like a deliberate jumping on point for new readers?
Spawn: Resurrection and #251 does mark a jumping on point; there was a status change from issues 185-250 so while 251 is a potential 'jumping on point' returning to form the bundle is still not especially "complete."

You can see a minor spoiler about the status change on Comixology's Spawn 250-251 synopsis if curious, I cannot figure out how to spoiler it here.
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There are 11 repeats here that I found that are already in my collection. That leaves 31 left that I don't already have. Though I am not interested in all of them right now. Ones that are interesting to me are.

Complete Essex County, Bone Vol. 1, Elf Quest Vol. 1: The Original Quest, Locke & key Vol. 1 Welcome to Lovecraft, Vinland Saga Vol. 1.

There are a few of them in the bundle that are DRM free anyway. So that kind of defeats the purpose a bit. I would only buy this if you think the pros out weigh the cons. For me, I am going to wait more than likely. To see if my feelings on it change. Right now it is not looking like the greatest deal I have seen. I would rather have a bundle with more focus on a specific theme, or publisher. Than have a scattered shotgun effect.
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Yeah, I don't think this bundle with many, many, many repeats is of much interest for most readers/participators of this thread. But I guess it's directed at comic newbies anyway who may be tempted to try out a few possibilities and maybe stick with one or two ...
Dark Horse 50% off coupon today only (2/14/19) at Comixology is DH50 - stacks with current sales on Umbrella Academy and video game tie-ins. 
undeadcow: Dark Horse 50% off coupon today only (2/14/19) at Comixology is DH50 - stacks with current sales on Umbrella Academy and video game tie-ins.
Thankyou, I did not know it stacked with Umbrella Academy. Not a fan of buying it though. I already have enough on my pull-list.
Image Best of 2018 Sale

You can get caught up on East of West real easily right now.
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You can also just wait, and see what the next few HumbleBundles will be before making a decision.
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