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ariaspi: Maybe they were testing on a weak CPU.

Edit: or HairWorks was enabled.
DreamedArtist: all enabled on a 10900k which is nuts. and that is no slouch on 4k, actually does better then a 3950 by a few frame like 3 or 4 at 4k.

Wait, how is there fps way higher on those charts? 2080 ti I have from asus strix with my 3950x cant even hit those. I bet there Nvidia drivers are not even set to max quality and are at default. I cant seem to find that video, damn well ill wait for more benchmarks to hopefully show it.
W1zzard from techpowerup does pretty accurate reviews, he's actually the guy that makes GPU-Z. Him with Gamers Nexus and Hardware Unboxed are the only reviewers that I fully trust, but I haven't watched the GN and HUB reviews yet.

Check the test systems details, the memory at 3733 MHz probably gives a few extra frames. Also keep in mind that these guys do all the testing on clean, fresh install systems, (probably offline) with no other junk running in the background.
teceem: I can say the same of my GTX970.
Indeed! It's still going strong. When I upgraded to Windows 10 I was able to run both Hitman 1 & 2 missions in Hitman 2 engine fairly well and surprisingly consistent all through the game(s) thanks to DX12. Unfortunately many report wild performance variations with DX12. I hope they optimize it in Hitman 3.
DreamedArtist: I'm gonna wait for 3090 numbers and see what AMD has to offer. I'm concerned over frames on Cyberpunk 2077, I wonder if all the marketing material they showed was with DLSS on... and the game wont run as good without it for 4k users. I hope it can nail past 70 to at least 80 without DLSS on 3080.

I just seen someone show off Witcher 3 maxed out on 4k and it seems the 3080 ONLY gets like 10 to 15 extra fames compared to a 2080ti card on that game, very odd.

Maybe some game engines are not optimized for these types of high end cards? even Crysis 3 cant go past 60 to 65 fps even on a 3080.
Crysis games were always intense. And Witcher 3's not the most recent of games either. Neither of those have the newest versions of engines either.

A lot of the newer games seem to be doing better, if you check out say GamersNexus, JayzTwoCents, and some of the others YouTubers that are running games on the 3080.

It seems like newer engine games, games with DLSS support (especially version 2.0), and whatnot are fending much better.
MysterD: It seems like newer engine games, games with DLSS support (especially version 2.0), and whatnot are fending much better.
I worry for this, I find DLSS to be a cheap way out of un-optimizing a game. a dev can be like eh whatever, shit frame they can use DLSS to make it better... :/
Witcher 3 is Getting Ray tracing in the new enhanced edition coming soon. and Cyberpunk 2077 seems to be optimized extremely well, 1060 for 1080p, happy that some companies wont lean on using it as heavily.

but AMD and the 3090 still have yet to be shown off so I'm waiting for numbers.
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