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Rules are simple.

1.Choose a game pre 2005 (including the year 2005) with less than 350 votes on the community wishlist and mention the current number of votes.
2. Talk about the game in at least a few sentences. The idea is to draw attention to underrated games which could have more votes if more people knew about it.
3. Give a link to the wishlist. In order not to manipulate the wishlist, vote for it only if you would be interested in buying the game if it appeared here.
4. One game per post.
5. You can post about a game that is already mentioned.
6. A game can enter the Hall of Fame only directly from the Top 20 games list.

Top 20 games, posted in this thread with the right format, ordered by number of votes earned after submission (games that reach 350 votes or are released will leave the list):

1. Mad TV (67 votes)
2. The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble of Azimuth (67 votes)
3. Genewars (66 votes)
4. Chip's Challenge (63 votes)
5. The Sting! (60 votes)
6. ShadowCaster (56 votes)
7. Take No Prisoners (52 votes)
8. Hexplore (50 votes)
9. Get Medieval (42 votes)
10. Gender Wars (38 votes)
11. Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy (31 votes)
12. The Reap (31 votes)
13. Bermuda Syndrome (30 votes)
14. Goosebumps: Escape from Horrorland (29 votes)
15. The Horde (29 votes)
16. Amber: Journeys Beyond (27 votes)
17. Brain Dead 13 (27 votes)
18. Jetpack (26 votes)
19. Fury of the Furries (26 votes)
20. Asghan the Dragonslayer (26 votes)

1. Noctropolis Entered the Hall of Fame in May 2015.
2. Submarine Titans Entered the Hall of Fame in July 2015.
3. GUN Entered the Hall of Fame in August 2015.
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I'll mention Jetpack once again.

84 votes on the wishlist:

A fantastic DOS puzzle platform game inspired by classics like Jumpman, Lode Runner and Pitfall, among others. Jetpack uses several gameplay elements from those games, as well as some original ones, like being able to fly with a jetpack. (assuming you have enough fuel) Back in its day it was very popular, especially for its simple, versatile level editor, which made it easy to create your own custom levels and share them online. Hundreds (maybe thousands) of user-made levels were shared on BBS's. Jetpack was the top selling game for Software Creations (the publisher that carried it), and after its freeware release in 1998, it was downloaded more than 1 million times from the developer's website. There are still many levels/graphics mods/etc that can be downloaded online today. (though some fan sites are dead)

This would be a great addition to GOG's collection of free games. The developer himself has expressed interest in releasing the sequel, Jetpack 2, on GOG. Maybe it would be possible to release the original as a bonus feature to go with the sequel.

Vote for both games:
<span class="bold">Submarine Titans</span> (281 votes)

Developers of the game were heavily influenced by Starcraft, there is no doubt about it, but it is a pretty decent RTS anyway. It has a few worth mentioning features: there were 5 depth levels so your submarines were able to move in all x,y,z directions. More importantly, whenever they were attacked they tried to dodge the enemy torpedo/plazma blast/sonic wave by changing the depth level. It really influenced the gameplay - a big cluster of submarines was pretty easy to hit: even if one submarine managed to avoid the torpedo it may hit another unit. And of course the submarine cannot dodge if there are other submarines above and below it. Two or three light submarines could easily destroy a turret without getting hit even once! I haven't seen stuff like that in other RTS games from this era. There are three different races: two human - White Sharks (cheap units but without much armor), Black Octopi (Technologically advanced with expensive but better submarines) and one Alien race - Silicons. Their units uses rechargeable power to shield themselves but you can run out of this resource (you get it from metal deposits) so be careful how you manage it. I wholeheartedly recommend this game, it's not difficult to make it run on modern OSes.

Mobygames entry
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ok let's give this game another go:

Asghan the Dragonslayer

At the moment it has an awesome 82 votes :D

The game itself is a fantasy action RPG. While it might lack a bit in regards of character developement it has a nice story, great landscapes and tons of different enemies to fight. It came out in 1998 and sadly there is a problem with installing this game on newer computers, so the only hope for it is to get it here with a fixed installer. But probably the main problem would be finding the right owners.

(And yeah I admit I suck at describing games, it would probably better for everyone even slightly interested to check out some other resources)
BillyMaysFan59: I'll mention Jetpack once again.
I LOVED Jetpack Santa, but still have never played the originals. I'd pick these up if they were here for sure. Voted!

I search out my favorite hidden gem games and they all had just over 300 votes each.

Janes' USAF - 321
Birthright: Gorgon's Alliance - 462
Hardwar - 369

I've spent a lot of time on all of those games. USAF is fantastic and needs no alteration, Hardwar is, too. Birthright should just be remade, though I'd still play the old one. If it had a proper remake with new dungeons and good AI and maybe even Total War style combat (I liked the turn-based grid too, though), then I'd buy it at full price today, right now.

But alas, they have over 300 votes. So I suck. :)
Get Medieval

A Gauntlet clone, made by Monolith (makers of Blood, Captain Claw, F.E.A.R., etc.). It might be flawed, but it still has a very nice up-to-4-players multiplayer (either on the same PC or via LAN) and some really hilarious voice acting, with the best one easily being the Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator. Watch the hilarious intro, take a look at its , and if you like what you see, [url=]<span class="bold">vote</span> for it (184 votes when I made that post. Has now gained 4 votes)!
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The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble of Azimuth

Is as epic as its title. We have the Gobliiins series on here. Woodruff is the epic culmination of all that's Gobliiins.

Currently only has 254 lousy votes :/
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<span class="bold">Mad TV</span> (currently 138 votes)

This game was a huge success in Germany. I completed the games several times in the past and it's still great fun to play it. You have to manage a TV station and it's your goal to get a better market shares than your opponents as well as win the heart of a beautiful host of a cultural TV show.

Game is funny, game is cartoony and it's very addictive. Would love to see it on GOG.

People often claim that the game was made freeware in 2001, but I think it's not true. Mad TV 2 was offered as a free download at that time (only from the homepage of the publisher) and when that happened people automatically assumed the first game was freeware as well (Rainbow Arts didn't exist any longer at that time). But that sequel wasn't connected in any way to the original game (different publisher, different developer). I even mailed several people years ago to get clarification about the status of the game, but I was never able to solve the riddle (companies were either no longer the right holders or didn't care about the game).

Edit: Mad TV on mobygames
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An obscure Castlevania clone for the PC-98, released only in Japan.
Millenia: Altered Destinies (49 votes at the moment)

A unique game where you use time travel to shape several civilisations to the point where they can manufacture the parts needed to repair your vessel. Changing the past changes the future, and you need to make constant adjustments to the timeline in order to keep all your civilisations stable and productive. There really is no other game that tries to do what this one does.

(There is actually a second wishlist entry for this title as well.)
<span class="bold">The Daedalus Encounter</span> (currently 16 and 128 votes)

A 1995 interactive movie puzzle adventure game, published by Virgin Interactive.

You are Casey, a space marine who has fought as part of an interstellar war and has been brought back to life by his two partners after a space accident. But there is a problem: You are now living inside a life-support system, that Zack describes as a "brain in a box". You must solve many puzzles throughout the game in order to save your team.

The game features full motion videos, starring Tia Carrere (as Ari) and Christian Bocher (as Zack).

Gameplay video:

EDIT: There are two entries: One with 16 votes and another with 128 votes. Both are linked to the same game.
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Certainly a great game for Goosebumps fans as well as any Horror (but not scary) adventure fans. It came out in 1996 and was published by DreamWorks Interactive. Probably a licensed title, but it could appear here if GOG contacted the license holders. It plays as a FMV and the graphics are very impressive for its time. Here is a video review and a Behind the Scenes video.

Vote for it!
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I really loved Strike Fleet as a kid. (26 votes, 18 when I first mentioned it on the forums probably about a year ago)

It was the follow-up to PHM Pegasus, developed by LucasFilm and published by EA (1987). Modern (for the 80s) naval warfare. Scenarios included Persian Gulf, Falklands, and NATO/Warsaw Pact action.

Controls were easy, the game was pretty straightforward, maybe even "casual" compared to really detailed things like I imagine Harpoon and Jane's stuff (that I haven't played), but it felt anything but casual with 30 air-to-surface missiles inbound on your Ticonderoga class cruiser.

I imagine this won't be brought back, but one (me, specifically) can always dream. :)
damien: this is turning out to be a great thread, already many very interesting games I haven't heard of.

_Slaugh_: <span class="bold">The Deadalus Encounter</span> (currently 127 votes)
damien: the link says 15 votes?
Well there is one for the Daedalus Encounter which has 127 votes, but the Deadalus Encounter is much more underrated apparently.
The Fools Errand

Classic puzzle game with a story inspired by Tarot, released in 1987. Only 34 votes. If I'm not mistaken, the guy who developed it let's you download the original DOS game and a couple of extras for free. I think it would be easy for GOG to come to an agreement with him and bundle the whole thing with DOSBox. I think it would be an excellent addition to the catalogue, as this one is the very definition of a good old game.
moonshineshadow: Asghan the Dragonslayer
I still have the disk somewhere. I got it to run in XP (with crashes galore), but it just won't run on anything later.