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X4: Split Vendetta is coming soon, DRM-free.

X4: Split Vendetta is the next chapter in the X4: Foundations story. This is the first big expansion for X4, greatly increasing the size of the universe and introducing two new Split family clans along with their economy, new ships, weapons and station modules.
EDIT: This has been delayed to 2020.

The Split are back with a vengeance :-) Split say: Today you die!
According to Egosoft, they will hopefully release during the fourth quarter of this year, so October to December.

Good news, now I need to hurry up and finally get that new computer so I can play this.
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Nice to see it's coming here but yeah, i too gonna need a new pc. -.-
Looks cool.
Looking really good.
nice - guess i wait for it and then buy basegame + addon and then i just need to find a few hundred hours of time -.-
Dear god, I hope this game succeeds. If it does we might see further patches and Boron and a possible Terran DLC.

I heard its also popular in Russia, though I believe that space games in general are pretty much dead compared to lets say the year 2005 at least. Still I really hope that Egosoft is at least quite successful with this game.
Split ships are my favourite. Was waiting for this pack to dive in. Hope there is a good main story campaign now at least.
Cool, split. Probably the next will be the Boron. I wish I'd have time for X games, but alas I don't have hundreds of gaming hours available :(
Awesome ship design so far - Lino really did a good job on this :) Hopefully the existing ships get a facelift, too!

They also plan to release a massive patch with additional upgrades & fixes. Really looking forward to the release of both DLC and patch.

I'm really glad this gem gets more content. :)
So... are they going to finish the War function? Ive started 3 new games since 2.5 hoping that some action would come from it... but everytime... there's no story happening. It's redundancy set to extreme... unless I invade, or partake in a war quest, the factions don't fight or invade. My economy is nickels and dimes because no one is buying ships, or ship parts, because no one is fighting.

I WANT to see this succeed, but right now.... it's really dull and broken.
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Egosoft said that they are concentrating on the economics aspects of the game for v 3.0. Hopefully that includes improvements to the wars being or not as that can be seen as having very much to do with economics.
Evga Mobo and Gpu
1080 ti, 9900k, couple of gig m.2, 32gig of memory. I suspect I'm quite ready.

Having shipyards and suchlike tied into standings makes playing a modded game (in my case, the devstarts, among others) pretty much the only way to go if you want to scan down expensive station BP's, although, small fleets of S sized trader ships can drag up your standings quickly enough.
Interesting to see the split ships though, they look more like Eve's minmatar.
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The article needs updating.

Split Vendetta and the 3.0 Patch have been delayed till the First Quarter of next year, due to "Time constraints and New Features they are trying to add in".
yeah, well... I tore their heads off because their race relations are crap (anybody can shoot you as much as they want but if you so much as look sideways at one of their defense drones THEIR ENTIRE RACE IS NOW AT WAR WITH YOU...kind of ridiculous) and their STATION TURRETS are crap. what's the point of building a defense station that's never going to fire?