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Do robots dream of a higher purpose?

<span class="bold">The Signal From T&ouml;lva</span>, an open-world first-person shooter about robots fighting for claim over a desolate world, is coming soon, DRM-free on!

There is a distant wasteland of a planet, a place where robotic explorers roam among the fascinating remnants of an ancient civilization, searching for a signal's source. Unable to resist the urge, you send a drone to the hazardous surface of Tölva. Conflict, danger, and breathtaking vistas await you there. But when the truth finally reveals itself, will you be prepared for it?
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Looking forward to this one, as I enjoy Sir, You Are Being Hunted.

Sorry... I know these threads are meant for complaining about things.
it could be due to large skirmishes in an open-world with many particle effects

but if like it says there are events and goings-on going on everywhere even if you're not there, it has to actually process that stuff to some degree, and then think about 30 units on the screen during an area take-over too, it's not just you vs. 3-10 monsters ebb and flow in a partitioned map

I mean, yeah, 16gb is high, but, it doesn't seem like a standard game either
I enjoyed "Sir, You Are Being Hunted" a lot. This looks a bit different (TBH, I wish it had procedurally generated areas as well), but still very interesting.
After watching the gameplay trailer I can say that I will be buying this for sure, it's only a matter of when and this depends on the price.
If priced similar to their first game, I might actually get it day one. I want to support these guys.
If too expensive, then I will wait longer.
Good stuff!
For me Big Robot is one of those uniquely cool devs, like ACE Team. This looks fantastic and intriguing - bring it on, 2017!
Seem interesting, perhaps another instabuy :)

Well for the moment wishlisted, I only hope this one is not released this month…

Between P.A.M.E.L.A. (PC, 9 march), Atelier Firis (PSV, 10 march), Andromeda (PC, unlock 21 march), Toukiden 2 (PSV 24 March) my scheduled playtime is already almost Full and my wallet will be almost empty :)
This game looks like a spiritual successor to "Metal Arms: Glitch In The System" from Sierra Entertainment, back in the days of the Gamecube/PS2/Xbox. It was a massively underrated game and I'm glad to see that something similar is being made again.