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No way to treat a lady.

The 25th Ward: The Silver Case is coming soon, DRM-free to
The suspenseful follow-up to the idiosyncratic murder-mystery The Silver Case, now presented in HD and with plenty of additional content that was absent from the original Japanese edition.
Explore three different story arcs from just as many character viewpoints, as you venture inside the 25th Ward to investigate a perplexing murder case that sets off a series of seemingly unconnected events.
Good to see another NIS America game coming to GOG, tell 'em it's okay to bring their older stuff too. :)
What will arrive first? This or Ys? Place your bets!
Great trailer song.

trailer: ,

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Great, added to wishlist.
As a big fan of Suda san, I'm in. Wishlisted.
Coming PC!? Thank you GOG! Yattaze.
Suda 51 and Grasshopper Manufacture, eh? Well, it certainly won't be dull.
So glad to see it here. I already got it straight from NISA as a physical edition, but it's nice to know I can get the PC version here if I want to. :)
I was rather disappointed in The Silver Case. There was hardly any game play to speak of as you trudged towards the game's linear conclusion in a visual cacophony of background distortions.

I sincerely hope this next game to come will be more on par with the level of the excellent Flower, Sun and Rain game.
While that game was also mostly linear in nature, it had some clever puzzles that forced you to think way, way outside the box. It's this delicious creative state of madness that I hope to encounter in future Grasshopper Manufacture games on GOG.
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More of this weirdness, thank you very much.