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Do you sometimes have this feeling of “I could have done it better” while watching the streets of your hometown? Well, now you actually can. Smart City Plan from Ambiera is coming soon on GOG.COM. It’s a modern city builder game, that enables you to plan zones, roads, public transport, as well as policies and taxes. All for your citizens’ benefit.
Graphically the game doesn't look that good. But more essential, what's about Linux support?
Looks very simmilar to a sim city game which isnt a bad thing.
The only thing im wondering about
is if this games gives you a bit more control over where special buildings migth appear
always felt this was kind of randomized in sim city games.
Post edited January 30, 2020 by Lodium
Found a new short video clip.

Also: The developer home page states release date as 6th of March.
Post edited February 22, 2020 by FlockeSchnee
looks cool

iunno, somethang seems off. grafix are perdy but also! lackin' in detail an' kinda block-colors? not sho'