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Time to take off the glasses.

Megaton Rainfall is coming soon, DRM-free on
You are a god-like being with virtually unlimited powers. Meanwhile, aliens are invading Earth and totally wrecking the place. It's a match made in superhero heaven.
Get those pesky skyscraper-huggers off the planet but try and keep your nuclear powers in check, 'cause if you hit them with everything you got, the damage they caused will be the least of humanity's concerns.

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Post edited October 27, 2017 by maladr0Id
I can't tell whether this is fun to play (hopefully it is), and I'm certain my PC wouldn't run it even if they supported my OS, but I can't help but appreciate what's on display in that trailer. At minimum, the devs have created something that's a little bit crazy-awesome.
Zenimax hasn't sued them yet?
This reminds me alot a game back at 2001 Black & White by Peter Molyneux (Lionhead Studios)