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Liberated is coming soon, DRM-free.

Liberated is an interactive dystopian graphic novel that unfolds on the pages of a comic book. The game is made up of 4 chapters - comic book issues showing the story from a perspective of different characters. It is set in a dark world in the near future where technology turned against people.
Wishlisted. Looks really cool.
Someone tell the devs that this is now.
Can't wait!
Looks really interesting.
I'm disappointed in you GOG. You had the perfect opportunity to write a title like: Liberated is soon to be liberated from DRM.
story looks good
graphics look good, nice animations

nice rain effect, if it is not a video animation but an effect adding option to disable it might decres the 3.2 ghz to 3 ghz or maybe even 2.8, weather effects tend to add extra CPU usage.

few reasons why i would not buy:

1) some scenes seem to rotate 3d ( check the 13 minute video)
2) rain effect added so possible also lots of lightning effects ( to liven things up) and maybe stroboscope effects might be present aswell
3) 3.2 ghz = too much ( Unity ?)

Anyway, the GPU is also rather high wont' run on i5-750 2.66 quadcore and GTX ti 750 2 GB

system might not be the biggest problem since i need a new setup anyway...

and last but not least : as usall no mention of screen: i assume minumum 1080p ? 1920x1080
It's not a bad game, it looks very good but even games i do like can be a no buy because of other important things that do matter and decide whether to buy it or not, system req. is not the main problem, but other factors are.
Post edited July 16, 2019 by gamesfreak64