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Prepare for a sci-fi city builder where every resource you produce has to go through an elaborate transport infrastructure. InfraSpace is coming soon to GOG.COM!
joveian: That sounds interesting :)
I'm not kidding, you can play as dolphins and ducks in that game. There's more traditional ships though they are usually of small size. The more fun is the factions and having some whose faction you are part of (you gotta choose one at the beginning) will come and help you out... or bully you. Or challenge you to a duel.

joveian: Have you tried the ΔV: Rings of Saturn demo? It is closer to asteroids than a shooter but is physics based (currently in development with the demo kept updated as well)
Not specifically. I played/beat RingRunner a few times and it's a lot like Operation: Inner-Space in some aspects, and then a whole lot different. Inner Space you used a spaceship in your computer capturing icons for currency, and earn/get special abilities to unlock the ending boss and to win.
Well, the game is still in development, but I do hope the final product will be more detailed in the buildings and environments, it does look a bit "naked" as it is.