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Comet emulates a Galaxy client to allow games to use the Galaxy multiplayer service on Linux. It currently only has a console interface and is very limited in functionality. The supported games at the moment are limited to the Stardew Valley beta, but if you find other games that have unused Galaxy functionality on Linux or are in contact with a developer who is willing to release an unofficial build, I'm going to try my best to make it work. Supported binary distros are Debian Buster, Sid and Ubuntu 18.04, others are only supported when built from source.

The rest of this post is basically copied from the README, so look there if the post happens to get outdated.


1. Create the directories "~/.local/share/comet" and "~/.local/share/comet/peer"
2. Create auth token using "cometd create-token"
3. Copy "" or "" from a supported game to
"~/.local/share/comet/peer". The architecture has to match the one of the
game executable, so it's best to copy both if available.
3. Run daemon with "cometd"


* libcurl (APT: libcurl4)
* libprotobuf (APT: libprotobuf10)





Edit: Thanks to BKGaming and muntdefems for helping me with testing!
Post edited June 12, 2018 by Yepoleb
You're welcome! :)

Unfortunately, I neither own Stardew Valley nor I'm into online multiplayer myself, but I'm sure Comet will be very useful to those fellow Linux users who do.

Plus, if its sole existence convinces some reluctant dev to finally release a missing Linux version of their game here on GOG, all the better!
Exciting development (and nice name). Well done, that's awesome :)
Nice, very nice indeed!
I have no Stardew Valley in my library yet, but I'm glad to see Comet is coming! : )
Congrats on this milestone! I wonder what other games besides Stardew Walley can work with it.
3rd party tools save GOG again!

GOG Galaxy stopped to support Windows XP years ago.
DrakoPensulo patched and extended its life on XP for 1.5 years.

GOG waste a lot of manpower in stupid things, and community members do better works than GOG staff.
kbnrylaec: GOG waste a lot of manpower in stupid things, and community members do better works than GOG staff.
Well, that's nothing new. Luckily we do have several members that do an awesome job at fixing those things that GOG won't fix.
No problem, Yepoleb. Cool to see what those in the community can come up with. Congrats and thanks for the work you put in around here, not only with this but with the GOG DB too.
Not a Linux user or multiplayer person, but very nice job as usual.

Keep up the good work!
Good job!
Thanks everyone!
That's amazing, I might actually buy Stardew Valley now, to try it out.
Thank you. :)
Awesome job! Not too interested in Galaxy myself, but if this ever gets big, it might just change my mind :)
I'll keep an ear on this project. But just the multiplayer isn't quite my interest.
Wow, that's awesome!

I'm tempted to buy Stardew Valley, just to play around with this. Too bad it isn't included in the sale atm.