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Crosmando: So is the chance of us getting a new Star Control game made by the original designers possible, or will we just get Stardock's take on the series?
Part of the settlement is that each party gets to make their respective games.

See this thread from this post onwards:

MadalinStroe: = Paul and Fred get access to "technology"(whatever that means) thanks to Stardock.
I would guess cheap/free licencing of the Origins engine?
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foxworks: Probably something to do with trying to "win back" the fans after a long, drawn out dispute.
Sebastian_Woods_Me: Guess what? I found a site that's giving Minecraft gift codes away for free!
Where did you come from? Bot spams are usually on Fridays :).Cheers
.Ra: I hope to see Duke Nukem 3D back..
and RCT3, on the note of removed games in general.