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A turn-based strategy fantasy title that is easy to get the hang of but still quite complex? Many developers in the past have tried to accomplish this and only a few have succeeded. The Leryx Longsoft studio from Poland is one of them and their unique strategy game from 1998 continues to stand the test of time.

Now, after over 20 years, GOG.COM brings back Clash, a unique fantasy strategy game, from obscurity. Check out why we want to remind you about this DRM-free classic.

Generals and dragons
The mix of strategy games with a fantasy setting has a long history behind it. Not surprisingly – many of the first game developers were hardcore J.R.R. Tolkien and Dungeon and Dragons fans. Games like King’s Bounty, Warlords, and Heroes of Might and Magic were hugely popular in the 90s. Gamers loved them for the opportunity to command armies containing fantastic beasts like dragons or vampires. At the same time, all those titles contained RPG style features, like treasure hunting.

Turn-based strategy games at that time had one huge advantage over then-popular RTS games like Warcraft. Thanks to the Hot Seat option anyone could invite their friends over for a multiplayer duel. Playing those games together became a tradition for many gamers, and was something players could have fun in groups even before the days of LAN parties. And then, out of the blue, one developing studio from Wrocław, Poland, decided to take this game genre one step further.

A clash of ideas
Before turning into the direction of turn-based strategies, Leryx Longsoft studio (founded in 1993) had one considerable project behind it – the platform game Lew Leon. The title enjoyed considerable success in Poland, so the ambitions of the young development team grew even higher. In 1996, they announced that they were working on a new game. The head developer and score composer, Adam Skorupa (alias Scorpik) described the title as one that combines elements from Warlords, Heroes of Might and Magic and… Civilization 2.

In Clash, the gamer would be able to not only expand cities and recruit knights and fantastic monsters but tackle advanced diplomacy options and even create their own future dynasties, as well. Moreover, the military and battle options in Clash were far more advanced than what could be found in the then-considered almost perfect title – Heroes of Might and Magic II. Developing such a mixture of ideas wasn’t easy. Even today one of its creators, Jerzy Poprawa (alias Mac Abra) remembers the process of working on Clash as being “a bit fatiguing.”. But then he concludes: After 25 years, I still remember it with lots of sentiment, because it was, at least in terms of the script and game mechanics, my child.

Game ahead of its time
Released in 1998, Clash was welcomed warmly by game critics. They praised the beautiful, almost fairytale-like graphics and interesting game mechanics. Adding diplomacy and royal dynasty creation added a new flavor to the strategy-based fantasy games and the fans of more complex battle strategies found something interesting with the game, as well.

Why is it forgotten now? Probably because in those times games from Poland didn’t stand much of a chance against big studios from Western Europe or the USA, mainly due to advertising budgets. Luckily for us, times have changed and now we can enjoy Clash game on GOG.COM. So maybe it’s time for good old-fashioned Hot Seat game with friends?

Formerly mentioned Jerzy Poprawa says it best - Clash still holds the test of time: That’s why I still recommend playing Clash, the first big-budget strategy game with fantasy elements made in Poland. Today it may look a little vintage […]. On the other hand, I can say with a small dose of pride that it still is very playable after 25 years from its release. Especially great soundtrack composed by Adam (Scorpik) Skorupa still outclasses many modern video games that have budgets in the millions. Have fun playing it!

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Looks interesting. And I personally prefer TBS to RTS.
Good to see it here. Not really my thing so not an immediate buy for me. I won't rule out potentially buying it in the future though.
I never heard of this one. I like what I see so far, and I will look into it some more.
Not sure if it's still playable (I doubt, to be honest), but in Poland the title is kind of legendary.
I've never opportunity to try, so it's great to see the game here. Thanks, GOG! :)
high rated
ciemnogrodzianin: Not sure if it's still playable (I doubt, to be honest), but in Poland the title is kind of legendary.
I've never opportunity to try, so it's great to see the game here. Thanks, GOG! :)
I mean, in the technical sense it's definitely playable. :P
Never heard of it. Very interesting! Will have to get it.
ciemnogrodzianin: Not sure if it's still playable (I doubt, to be honest), but in Poland the title is kind of legendary.
I've never opportunity to try, so it's great to see the game here. Thanks, GOG! :)
Why wouldn't it be playable? Do you mean technically, or from an aesthetic sense?
Pax11: Why wouldn't it be playable? Do you mean technically, or from an aesthetic sense?
Aesthetics only. Also mechanics may be quite outdated – it's quite often in old RTSs.
I suppose GOG made his job well and technically it should be fine.
Big extra points for flat pricing. Guess we at least still get that for the odd 20+ y/o game...

Any video including combat somewhere? Can't really figure out how it works from the shots.
ciemnogrodzianin: it's quite often in old RTSs.
Wanted to confirm.
Gog describes it as turn-based?
Not RTS.
This is why rocks so damn much. Never heard of this one and it looks amazing.
I picture devs such as these creative ones giving out their best and I'm thrilled... I mean, Poland (and others) was so damn closed for such a long time and these folks delivering some unique experiencies back then; all is mind blowing to me.
Now this is a great old school release! Clash has been high on my want list for late DOS games. I have had difficulty tracking down a copy. I don't think it ever made it to the USA. Very pleased to see it here.

GOG, for your next Polish classic promo, please give us Pył.
high rated
Instabought without a second thought even though I already have two copies of the game!

I'm definitely one of the fanboys but a game ahead of its time?! Please, are we talking about the same Clash? :D

Seriously, as much as I love the game (spent hundreds of hours on it back in late 90s) it is more like "so bad it's actually good" type of material. Even in 90s I thought it's HoMM2 ripoff with many weird and half baked ideas. A few examples off the top of my head:
- second and next players starts the game with more money than the first one because apparently they got some income during the first player turn. So never play as a first player.
- the whole "dynasty" thing boils down to this: at some point you get a random popup window informs you that you can get married. If you accept your wife will demand a gift every few turns and the amount of gold you have to spend is random, sometimes ridiculously high. If you agree her mood increases one level while disagreeing decreases her mood. She always starts with somewhat displeased mood so you can piss her off very easily. Then she will run away from you with a large portion of your treasury. If you manage to please her enough she will agree to have sex with you and boom, next turn you have a fully grown child and he/she becomes a general. And at the same time the mood of your wife is reset to somewhat displeased and you go through the same routine again. I guess that also means you are a very poor lover ;)

So yeah, go ahead and call it a game ahead of its time. Anyway, you made my day with this release and the description so THANKS A LOT!

Ps I do agree that the soundtrack is great ;)
Post edited November 08, 2019 by Ghorpm
Ah, a classic strategy game ahead of its time