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As if a legislative piece of paper can decide the existence or develpment of attraction. It feels rather absurd.

I think part of the resistance to it, is that in the West we have fused these "alternative relationships" with certain political viewpoints or political parties, that promote political ideas that are contrary to the Chinese government's directives. To me the existence of gay people is not for politicians or religious leaders to decide, but in the West we have turned it into a political playcard. So from China's perspective, it could be seen as a channel or gateway for further Western political influence.
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vsr: Why you're so mad about China?
You had plans to migrate there or something?
No, we had plans to buy legitimately Devotion. Thankfully, RedCandleGames offers a DRM-Free version in their website.
Orkhepaj: yes they are equally bad, maybe individual is worse, at least you can change the gov
Time4Tea: Yes, of course. Try telling people living in China that they can change their government ...

Give me a break, troll.
they can , what do you think how soviet union got rid off?
and calling others troll ... that's so childish
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Lifthrasil: China has been fighting against over-population for decades.
And their fighting has backfired HARD. They made an excess of men AND created a large portion in their population, that does not commit to "form a normal family and reproduce" anymore. More singles, more families without kids and so on.

So NOW they are driven to restart the birthing of children again, equally both boys and girls. Because if not their population system will take a big hit and overage, look at japan or germany (we are beginning to see that problem, too).

So everything is on the table to "reform the normal view of a family". "Produce a controlled, steady pace of children". That is their whole point now. So this propaganda piece is not unexpected.
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Considering this thread is filled with political discussion and some users are exhibiting homophobia, we're going to lock it. Please keep in mind that bigotry has no place in the GOG forums.