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Today we welcome two new games from the Indonesian-based publisher in the GOG ranks:

Rising Hell (-20%)
• Rage]">Rage[/url] in Peace (-60%)

Both games are a part of a sale that consists of more titles from Toge Productions that will last until 17th November 2021, 2 PM UTC. Also, be sure to take a look at two upcoming titles from the same publisher:

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly
Vanaris Tactics

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This sale doesn't seem to have any discounts...

And after a quick glance, wonder if the bug that makes When the Past Was Around require Galaxy was ever fixed...
Discounts are working now.

I nearly forgot Coffee Talk Episode 2 was a thing, the first one was pretty nice and zen. Now, I only hope to see Necronator, but that appears to be a different publisher elsewhere.
Definitely going to pick up Rising Hell, probably will never get tired of these over-the-top balls-to-the-wall Heavy Metal-infused action platformers, like Slain or Valfaris.
Welcome and thanks for the new releases, Toge Productions, Neon Doctrine!

Since we are talking about a platformer and a rogue-lite, due to the lack of a stimulating story, I personally have difficulty staying motivated to finishing such games. So, is there any hope we might get achievements?
Post edited November 10, 2021 by MadalinStroe
I don't usually complain about graphics, and regularly play GBA games without complaint, but something about Vanaris Tactics really makes it look ugly and simplistic. Like zero effort was put into making it look presentable. Maybe it's the colors. Maybe it's because it's not finished yet. I guess I'll re-evaluate it when it actually gets released.
Cavalary: And after a quick glance, wonder if the bug that makes When the Past Was Around require Galaxy was ever fixed...
I'll try to ask the devs in social medias. Hopefully they'll respond. It could be some poorly implemented API calls, like with the previous version of Necrobarista, but while nothing is confirmed, to the DRM on GOG thread it goes.
Wow, I only know Toge from making Infectonator series. Never guessed they're the one who made Coffee Talk game. Also it's nice to see more developers outside Japan and Europe.
high rated
• $5.19 • -60% • Rage in Peace
• $5.99 • -25% • When The Past Was Around
• $7.99 • -20% • Rising Hell
• $8.70 • -33% • Coffee Talk
When can we see Necronator: Dead Wrong on GOG? :)
I'm waiting for A Space for the Unbound since I liked the demo of that one. Happy to keep waiting until it is ready though, much better than getting a broken game on release.
I think Rage in Peace is an ideal game for me to release the pressure after a hard working day . =)