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Gamers rejoice! Today we welcome a pair of classic gems on GOG.COM:

Legends of Murder Collection
Zombie Dinos from Planet Zeltoid

Both games mentioned above enjoy a 33% discount that will last until 8th October 2021, 1 PM UTC.

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The second game somehow reminded me of DinoPark Tycoon.
These both look very interesting, but I think "a pair of classic gems" is exaggerating a little bit.
Maybe it's just me, but I have never seen or heard anything about these games before, so if they are gems, they sure are hidden gems.

I guess these being so obscure (at least for me), these are the most interesting GOG releases in a while.
I want Zoids.
Post edited October 02, 2021 by PromZA
played a bit of zombie dinos and I think it's a lot of fun. kinda like a roguelike with dinos and cheesy fmv, major plus in my book, short runs with a timer based on actions, not actual time (24 hours, moving a cell on the map is half an hour, running into quicksand takes away more, etc.).

gotta learn about the dinos from the encyclopedia (voiced but no subtitles or any written info in the entire game), then travel to one of 3 periods, gather clues, find the dino in danger and save them, do it 3 times for a win. did 3 runs, failed 3 times, gonna play more but without committing to learn a bit, it's just trial & error and a mistake costs many hours of your precious time.

not sure if maps/dinos/clues are randomized or not, the overworld map is the same in all 3 time periods but you can only find certain dinos in certain periods. oh, and the theme song is awesome, exactly what you'd expect from a game like this. would recommend for dino/cheese lovers, especially while the launch discount is on, it's definitely a hidden gem.

also, by mounting the .iso you can find the scanned manual on the 'cd', much more useful than the pdf that comes with it as a 'quickstart guide' compiled by ziggurat, saying the game doesn't use the mouse when in fact it's all it does. the actual manual has all the dino infos and everything, very useful.
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Never heard of these games but glad they've been re-released.