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Hey All,

I haven't used GOG in a while (steam slave T_T) and I came to download/install Nexus and Sea Dogs. First I tried Galaxy and I got the installation failed error on a drive with 100gigs free for every game I have on GOG. Next I tried on site to download from my library and the downloads start, but stay at 0% and don't download. Anyone having a similar error or just me? Turned off adblock and white listed gog on my antivirus, but I never had a problem before. Thoughts?

regarding the problem inside Galaxy - installation failed error is almost 100% an interaction with your virus scanner - especially AVAST tends to be ultra protective regarding it - i usually deactivate mine completely for 15 minutes while galaxy installs/downloads (whiteliste imho not enough still had some issues).
The general download problem is really weird though, adblock shouldn't be an issue - using adblock and ghostery here without any whitelisting and no issues at all... - did you try another browser?
The galaxy error is quite strange, you should probably report it in the mantis bugtracker if you are sure it is not because of your antivirus/firewall so that the devs can take a look at it.
In regards of the normal download, did you try a different browser just to see if it always happens or is maybe a browser specific problem?
Also you could try the old gog downloader since it is still working and see if you have better luck with that.