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First Person Smiling!

AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected is now available for pre-order, DRM-free. Get it 17.6% off until its release on February 8th.

Who needs firearms when you got friends! Talk to eccentric characters, become besties with cute beasties, and set out to solve mysteries in a bizarre, stylized world populated with all sorts of curiosities!
And if you need to whack some things on the head in the process, well, c'est la vie.
Post edited January 14, 2019 by maladr0Id
LittleCritter: Seems neat, though I'm not a fan of FPP on the best of days.... tends to put a real damper on my enjoyment, especially for action games. (Look, I refuse to play anything but point&click games with a mouse. These hands were made for a gamepad, damn you.) I get it with shooty games, but how anyone chooses FPP voluntarily in a melee combat heavy game is beyond me.
Maybe its because FPP seems to be everyones favorite , in the past thousands of FPP games were sold and developed even in the 90's when you bought a magazine with lets say 30 reviews, 75% was FPP, 10% was other 3d related and 3 games were good games like 2d adventure /platform.

Anyway FPP will always be the number one and most develope type of game, theye even have some where you can see a person running instead of two arms or a gun, they ruined classic Fallout and Jagged Alliance, Commandos and more good old games cause it all had to become 3d and or FPP (︶︹︺) , the only benefit might be the fact i'm saving lot's of money ●‿● to spend on point n click games and casual games, simple small flat 2d character games usually evry cheap: 3.99 to 9.99 average and the recomm. systems are low so i can finally play games at recommended.