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I played Torin's Passage.

When I was in primary school, I skipped a grade (and threw a tantrum about it, because it meant I had to part with my awesome schoolteacher, on whom I had a huge crush). She gave me a kids' adventure book as a parting gift. It was absolutely amazing, because until then I hadn't read any fiction with magic in it except for fairytales. But that one was an actual adventure book with real dialogue in it and likeable characters with actual emotions and a kinda surreal, dreamlike, metaphorical air about it all. Torin's Passage is like that.

I'm not in, because BoUT 2 is a regionally priced game, and it'd be super unfair of me to hog a US-priced gft of it.
I'm in!

The last adventure game I played was "A Golden Wake". A typical Wadyet Eye game, and quite short. However, it captures the period well, and the graphics are gorgeous. The story is also refreshingly small-scale: no saving the world from a great threat, just character development. And a real estate agent simulator.
Thank you very much for this amazing giveaway, Zavlin! +1
Please, count me in.

I love adventure games. The last one I played was Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers (1993 version), which, in my opinion, is the best Sierra adventure game. I think it excels at storytelling and immersion.
in for PaterAlf
That's very nice of you zavlin!! Thanks for sharing! :)
I'm still in the middle of the first game so I'd rather enter for PaterAlf.

In for:
PaterAlf: .
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I'm in thanks, +1
No description, however, as I'm still sick.
I´m in, thank you. I´m playing Torchlight and the most fun it´s a chalenge. Besides i have to find the way out. I wish more games follow this example.
I would love to be in, BUT, as the first two games are sitting in yet-to-be-played pile, I will just say, "Thank you so much for the lovely giveaway~!" and I'd like to be in for LinustheBold, please ^__^
Ooh, yes please, I'm in. +1

The last adventure game I played seriously was Telltale's The Walking Dead.

With endearing characters and fantastic acting in a world in which the atmosphere of desolation and desperation is palpable I was drawn in immediately. The way it forces you deal with the repercussions of the heavy decisions you have to make under pressure had me so intimately invested in these characters. I loved every minute of it and I can't describe just how much I want to see the series here on GOG.
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I'm in, Thanks
I'm in, thanks. The last adventure I played was Clever&Smart - A Movie Adventure, it was simple and fun.
I'm in!

Last adventure game Jack Keane 2
What was good about it?

Umm... The end I guess, you know the part where I delete it from my PC.
I'm in as well and +1 to you for such a generous contest. This is wonderful news since money got tight for a while sadly and if I were lucky enough to win that would more than make my day. If not I hope whoever wins enjoys this wonderful game and homage to fantasy :).

Actually, I've been playing a lot of adventure games lately (I have a rather substantial collection from when I was growing up). Mostly because it is kind of one of the staples for what I stream. I am currently replaying 'The Neverhood' (it's amazing how much I've forgotten about this game) as well as the 'Supreme League of Patriots'. I absolutely adore this game because I am a huge stop motion/claymation fan and that ontop of the amazing world created by Doug TenNaple. Before that it was the Remastered Grim Fandango doing a compare and contrast between it and the original version (which I streamed previously). Actually, oddly enough I streamed a large chunk of the Lucas Arts catalog a week or two prior to it's GOG release (quick somebody get me NOLF, System Shock 1, Jedi Outcast, or Jedi Academy to stream haha. :P). The imagination, creativity and narratives that adventure games always bring to the table is just so mind blowingly brilliant. ^_^

Again, no matter who wins this giveaway, I sincerely hope that you enjoy this entry to an absolutely stunning and amazing series. Thank you to GOG for bringing it here, and thank you to Zavlin (and the GOG community as a whole) for your boundless generosity, good nature and awesomeness. :)
Not in +1 for GGA
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Part of me wanted to be in (the game is on my wishlist) but that would be just greedy - I'm not in a mood for adventure games and as far as I know myself (and I do know myself) this won't change for a longer time so there is no point in grabbing a game and letting it rot in my virtual shelf while somebody may play and enjoy it now. And thus I'm in for PaterAlf:
PaterAlf: I'm in. Thank you for the giveaway!