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Breja: I actually really like Rufus. He is a jerk, but it lends very well to comedy, and he is a very likeable jerk. First of all, his attitude can be understood when you think about how he grew up- deserted by his foster father, and ridicouled by everyone at home for his plans to follow his "dad" and go to Elysium. But I mostly like him because unlike most characters around him, he is very proactive. Everyone else seems content to just sit around on all the Deponia's trash and Rufus, for good or ill, is the only guy with ambitions, dreams and the will put it into motion. And even though he keeps failing he keeps trying again.
I agree that he was a likeable jerk in the first game. But in the second one he sometimes acted outright cruel and doesn't seem to care if he hurts people who are close to him. Compared to the first game it seemed to be out-of-character for me. But I have to say that it got better the longer the game lasted. Either he got more likable again during the story or I got used to his enormous jerk-level again. ;)
Wow, that's a generous giveaway! I'm in, many thanks.

Oddly enough, my most recent adventure gaming experience is pretty much the same as 01kipper's - Rex Nebular with lots of dying. ;)
That is very generous of you. I would like to be in.
Just recently I finally got around to playing Richard&Alice, a very nice, atmospheric adventure in a post-apocalyptic winter world with multiple endings. Quite depressing, but the story is very well told.
Thank you very much for having this giveaway :D +1 for you!

My last adventure game was a replay of King's Quest II (the remake) - which was kinda fun, actually, though still endearingly hokey.

I'm in for DeMignon, :)
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I'm in. My mother loved the first one :). I'll play them too someday.
Hey, this looks like a very generous GA, thanks for it!

My last adventure game...
...huh, I really can´t tell you course I simply don´t know which one was the most recent one...
...I recently finished one of the BrokenAge-Storylines and crawled though the first chapter of Grim Fandango---but the last one I actually finished? No idea...
...I enjoyed A New Beginning and Night of the Rabbit (which I played parallel with different folks, as I do enjoy adventures most when played in groups.) Both were good fun and got excellent storylines, but NOTR featured some VERY "unfriendly" gameplay decisions... (like the completely useless "Help"-Spell)
...also enjoyed Stick it to the Man (more Jump n´Run), Gods will be Watching and TexMurphyTesla a lot!

Oh, forgot to tell you that I´m in!
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BoUT was very nice indeed. Would love to play the newest part of the series, so please count me in.

The last classic Point-and-Click adventure I've played was Sam & Max Hit the Road.
I was surprised that despite its age there is voice acting throughout the whole game and some of it pretty funny. It's a very well done old-school P'n'C. A bit too much locations accessible at the end of the game, which makes it hard to track down things you're still missing, but that's only a minor flaw. While the story is rather shallow it benefits from fancy locations, funny comic characters and the interaction between Sam and Max. It feels fresher than the old Lucas Arts titles, but has still got the character of these classics. I liked it.

Thanks for the giveaway! +1
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Thanks for this giveaway, and +1! :-)

I'm entering for <span class="bold">DeMignon</span>...
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DeMignon: BoUT was very nice indeed. Would love to play the newest part of the series, so please count me in.

In for DeMignon.

I have not even played Unrwitten 1, so I wouldn't dare ask for it over many people who deserve it more.

The last adventure game I acually finished was Machinarium - great game! I loved the graphic style, the music, the puzzles, an overall highly recommended game. Also played through Chapter 1 of Life Is Strange, another very well done game about time traveling possibility and changing outcomes of situations in life. A very interesting adventure indeed, and eagerly awaiting the chapters to come. (Man, I wish that game was released on GOG!)
Sure, put me down as I would like to play it. I have only heard good things about it. :)
I'm in !

The last adventure game I played is Simon the Sorcerer. It had really nice backgrounds (with animations) and funny dialogs. However the puzzles involved too much pixel hunting and were mostly overly complicated.
Not in, I've yet to play the first one, but +1 for your generosity.

Last adventure game I finished was The Blackwell Deception. Don't feel like analysing the fun further than "good story". I need to continue The Blackwell Epiphany (last game I bought on GOG).
I'm in!

I finished Flight of the Amazon Queen not so long ago, never played it before and wasn't expecting anything from it. It turned out that it's a nice a game, a very well done mid-90's adventure, I really enjoyed it.

I'm in! Thanks for the opportunity and +1.

The last adventure game I played was King's Quest I. It's fun from a historical perspective, but the game itself is a bit frustrating! It was fun to play and stream with a few friends though. :)
+1 for the give away
Not in

Last adventure game I played was Reperfection. I picked it up on IGS a while back because it looked interesting and it is. The game was short, I finished it in about 3 hours of play, but it had a nice idea behind the story and I really did want to see what happened in the end.
I was stumped by one of the final puzzles (always watch the television).
I was also a little disappointed with the way it ends on a slight cliff hanger (I should have guessed as it is stated as "volume 1"). Although the story does have an "ending" it is left quite visibly open, which I do not think will ever see its end.