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I am looking for LANplay games to play on my network at the house. So I thought I would pick your guys brains to see if you guys could mention some good ones.

I only have two requirements..

1) Must be 2 or more player LANplay games. No actual internet connection needed.

2) Must be able to be purchased from I like the DRM-Free aspect as I have 7 PC in my house on my network and this way I can install them on all of them without spending a fortune in keys.

Alpha Centauri
Master of Orion 2
Heroes of Might & Magic 3
Stronghold / Crusader
Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds
Star Wars Empire at War
Empire Earth
Dungeon Keeper
Flatout 2
Unreal Tournament '99
Star Wars Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight name a few. ;)
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Doesn't Hammerwatch have LAN? That would be my 1st choice.
Divinity: Original Sin. Base game is a 2 player coop, you can download a mod that allows you to play as a 4 player coop (with some limitation due to the structure of the game).
2 player but Mortal Kombat 3.
I don't suppose Terraria supports LAN play? If not, it's a shame.
Hammerwatch does indeed have LAN. Not tried LAN play, but the game is great (grabs cereals)

GRID also has LAN, but if it`s the same game I have on *blush* Steam, the cars control like drunk ice skaters :$

As for I`m not sure, but you can use [url=]Tshock to set your own servers & should be able to LAN via that.
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Unreal Tournament 2004. You just can't go wrong with that one. It's both the perfect free for all and team game. I also highly recommend getting the vehicle invasion mod. The invasion mode puts all players together against huge waves of AI controlled monsters, dead players respawn during the next wave. It's a really intense and fun mode but by default it only works on deathmatch maps. With the tiny mod you can play *any* map in invasion mode and as it turns out the huge and open onslaught maps (as well as some assault maps like Mothership) are perfect for this mode, even better than most of the rather narrow deathmatch maps. I think there's no other game I've played as much in LAN as UT2004 and there's a good reason: the basic formula is ridiculously well-polished and fun, already the base game provides ridiculous amounts of content and it can be extended almost infinitely with mods.

The only problem is that there's a chance that you will need a unique serial per player. I think I remember hearing somewhere, though, that the serial check has been lifted in a patch, at least for LAN play. Can't guarantee it, though. Shouldn't be too hard to find out for sure.

Edit: I'd also recommend Rune but personally I mostly remember it for getting my ass whooped constantly by my buddy. I think in four matches I got a single kill. To this day I sometimes wake up all sweaty and yelling "the hammer! not the hammer!!!".
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Games I had a blast with playing in LAN with friends:

Mobile Force
Empire Earth
Warlord Battlecry 3
Neverwinter Nights