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Great offers are coming your way! This year’s Black Friday Sale starts now on GOG.COM with discounts up to 90% off.

The sale starts with a surprise batch of Flash Deals that are very time-limited, so be quick to catch them! Once the timer for a deal ends, the game will remain on sale but with a lower discount.

The Black Friday Sale lasts until 3rd December 2019, 2 PM UTC. Now let’s see some of the titles we have for you:

Disco Elysium (-20%) is an RPG title in which you become a detective with some personal issues. Choose what kind of a cop you want to be, honest or corrupt one, and crack a difficult murder case that shocked the city of Revachol.

A Plague Tale: Innocence (-50%) is an adventure game with stealth elements, which take as to the XIV-century France, a land infested with a deadly plague. As Amicia de Rune you must save your little brother Hugo from the clutches of the Inquisition and swarms of bloodthirsty rats.

Stronghold Crusader 2: Special Edition (-90%) is a real-time strategy title set in the time of castles and crusades. Build a powerful fortress that will withstand all the enemy’s attacks, recruit grand armies, and use all the desert features to your advantage.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (-60%) is a first-person shooter that will make you discover some of the most famous Wild West legends. Join a bounty hunter named Silas Greaves on a journey through the frontier, full of outlaws, magnificent landscapes and deadly gunslingers.

Witcher 3: Game of the Year Edition (-70%) is an all-time classic RPG title. As the eponymous witcher, Geralt of Rivia, you travel the world and hunt monsters for money. Sounds simple, right? Yet our hero has a natural talent for getting into all kinds of trouble, like political intrigues, wars, and love affairs.

A selection of retro-styled first-person shooters for all those who love some good old fashioned destruction. Grab discounts on titles like Project Warlock (-50%), Dusk (-25%) and, last but not least, Amid Evil (-25%), which just received a special Ancient Alpha Builds as a bonus goodie.

With so many great offers, we gathered the games with 90% off discounts - check these amazing titles that you can get cheaper than the price of a cup of coffee!

The Black Friday Sale lasts until 3rd December 2019, 2 PM UTC.
emter_pl: This time we decided to release all Flash Deals at once - they're gone once the last timers run out.

So the sale runs until dec 3rd, but all the flash deals will be gone in 14 hours.
emter_pl: ...
Thanks, great. So no hesitation in running with the shopping cart from now! :P
Can't resist... Have to... buy... more... games... :)
Knights & Bikes already 64% off, three months after release? Not sure if that's exciting or sad ...
Leroux: ...Not sure if that's exciting or sad ...
sad... :(
Post edited November 28, 2019 by MadalinStroe
Leroux: Knights & Bikes already 64% off, three months after release? Not sure if that's exciting or sad ...
theres an animated series being made. does that improve things for you?

Edit: posted the link to the news in the release thread weeks ago, so check there
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There are some great deals from my wishlist!

I've already added some games to my cart, but I bought A Plague Tale: Innocence just two days ago and I'd also like to buy Transport Fever 2.

That's too much money! I should think a bit more what to buy or not during this sale.
This is probably a long shot, but does Battletech run decently without a monster PC? I have all the recommended specs bar the RAM, but I've heard some things about the game's optimization. Really sucks about GOG's refund policy, if I thought I could get one for issues like the alleged stuttering, FPS drps and minutes-long load screens I'd gladly test the game out. As it is, I may go for the equally smexy-looking Phantom Doctrine instead.
Pajama Sam is back on sale at -60% ;)
Some very nice deals to be had.... for games i already own. Damn you, GOG! *shakes fist at the heavens* =P

That said, I'm more than likely to pick up some of the pricier ones that I've had on my wishlist.
Flash deals again ?
Awesome deals!
Thank you :)
The Jazz Jackrabbit games and the good HoMM games at a buck... You all know what to do.

By the way, some deals are really weird.
For example Door Kickers: Action Squad is at -49% while the Two Pack of the same game has no discount at all, which doesn't make much sense...
Damn, I so regret buying Disco Elysium on release. :P

Haven't got the time to get into it... after Life Is Strange 2 episode 4 I guess...
I must admit, there are some very very nice deals available with this BF sale, good job! :)