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Great offers are coming your way! This year’s Black Friday Sale starts now on GOG.COM with discounts up to 90% off.

The sale starts with a surprise batch of Flash Deals that are very time-limited, so be quick to catch them! Once the timer for a deal ends, the game will remain on sale but with a lower discount.

The Black Friday Sale lasts until 3rd December 2019, 2 PM UTC. Now let’s see some of the titles we have for you:

Disco Elysium (-20%) is an RPG title in which you become a detective with some personal issues. Choose what kind of a cop you want to be, honest or corrupt one, and crack a difficult murder case that shocked the city of Revachol.

A Plague Tale: Innocence (-50%) is an adventure game with stealth elements, which take as to the XIV-century France, a land infested with a deadly plague. As Amicia de Rune you must save your little brother Hugo from the clutches of the Inquisition and swarms of bloodthirsty rats.

Stronghold Crusader 2: Special Edition (-90%) is a real-time strategy title set in the time of castles and crusades. Build a powerful fortress that will withstand all the enemy’s attacks, recruit grand armies, and use all the desert features to your advantage.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (-60%) is a first-person shooter that will make you discover some of the most famous Wild West legends. Join a bounty hunter named Silas Greaves on a journey through the frontier, full of outlaws, magnificent landscapes and deadly gunslingers.

Witcher 3: Game of the Year Edition (-70%) is an all-time classic RPG title. As the eponymous witcher, Geralt of Rivia, you travel the world and hunt monsters for money. Sounds simple, right? Yet our hero has a natural talent for getting into all kinds of trouble, like political intrigues, wars, and love affairs.

A selection of retro-styled first-person shooters for all those who love some good old fashioned destruction. Grab discounts on titles like Project Warlock (-50%), Dusk (-25%) and, last but not least, Amid Evil (-25%), which just received a special Ancient Alpha Builds as a bonus goodie.

With so many great offers, we gathered the games with 90% off discounts - check these amazing titles that you can get cheaper than the price of a cup of coffee!

The Black Friday Sale lasts until 3rd December 2019, 2 PM UTC.
Ixamyakxim: Nice sale - like the return of the "old" style front page and flash deals!

I still wish there were an easier way to look through ALL the items but oh well, time to go check out that massive list LOL
On you can even sync your GOG wishlist, and if you select GOG under DRM you have a better way of browsing GOG catalougue, expecially under sales.
RWarehall Google sheet linked in post 61 is the best though, I'm on ot right now though I think I have done my essential purchases. Pilgrims at full price 1 day before, I won't complain for 50 cents, I'm really happy I got it and play it in that moment. Butcher I had on Steam but I really wanted on GOG as well, and Darksiders, that apparently was cheaper at launch, but hey still great value for the price. I put the quirky Rusty Lake Hotel in to zap all my store credit - weird, short point and click do for me but I need a break from the genre and I want more action packed titles. I am still considering some other classic like Bioshock 1 & 2. Also, titles from my backlog are calling me from the sales reminding me I still have to play them or complete them. Overall I can say I am enjoying this sale even though I am not splurging.
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RWarehall: I haven't caught up. Only made it to D's and haven't gotten back to it today. Sale in Progress means my updates are "In Progress" until I transfer them to the other tabs.

Owning the old Disney Classics gave one a special discount on the package. So, the cheapest it was available is the price for those original games + the price paid with that discount, if that makes sense.

I try to keep track of oddities like that which don't get tracked by automated pricing sites. Some games get a new version and are given for free, so I just transfer the data and change the name. Some with deep discounts for previous owners of the the removed version. Where I take the original price paid, add in the price with the discount to arrive at the new total.

For example, one might have bought both games for $4.49 with a discount that ended 26-Dec-2018 or both for $4.99 by 3-Jan-2018. And if you owned both, the new version for offered for $10 more.

If you owned one, it was offered for $20 more.

But the "Best Price" data is clearly incorrect, I'll have to fix that.
Thank you for explaining - and keep up the good work. :)
MarkoH01: Thank you for explaining - and keep up the good work. :)
I join the thanks to RWarehall for all the work done, and I add that I also appreciated the 90% discount section, I think it will help to catch many customers looking for bargains. We are at a point where the best option to browse GOG games is through external websites/means.
DeMignon: Does anybody by chance know, whether further games have been added to the sale today?
BreOl72: Dude, it's already 2000+ deals...that's over half the games/DLCs on GOG.
What more do you expect? [..]
Yes, that's exactly why I'm asking. I browsed through all offers yesterday and I definitely don't have the time to search again for minor changes/additions ;-P

RWarehall: [..] No sneaky additions according to the query I use
Thx! :-) Totally forgot about Makes it easy to check.
For anyone that enjoys driving, there's a Hard Truck 2: King of the Road on sale, 75% off.
I was waiting for the undertale to go on sale :(
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ciemnogrodzianin: Please, consider that there is a lot of people here who like this kind of time-limited deals. It just makes the sale event and also allows GOG to offer exceptional discounts. A lot of GOG's old customers miss even Insomnia Sales. It's impossible to make everyone happy.
Lots of people defend (like) other scummy business practices, like Loot Boxes, Cosmetic microtransactions, and F2P games.

Just like flash deals, these are scummy business practices, designed to exploit those consumers susceptible to such scummy business practices, that it works, is no excuse for defending it, just a reason to condemn the practise.

Loot Boxers a gambling. Pure and simple, exploitation.
Cosmetic microtransactions, are worthless items, sold for 10,000+ times there real value. Pure and simple, exploitation.
F2P games rely on a small minority (Whales), paying for all the freeloaders. Pure and simple, exploitation.
Flash sales rely on FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), to make you buy without thinking. Pure and simple, exploitation.

GOG chose to only "offer exceptional discounts" for a extremely limited time to exploit you. They were not forced into doing it.
GOG chose NOT to "offer exceptional discounts" for the entire sail, to exploit you. They were not forced into doing it.

It's not the exceptional discounts I object to, it's the imposition of any artificial time limit, that's shorter than the duration of the sale, that's the problem. It will always be a problem until GOG stops doing it.

The time limit was imposed by GOG, and they did not do it for your benefit, they did it too push people like you into making rash purpose. A tactic even Steam had to stop using, when they chose to offer time dependant refunds.

I will condemn exploitation, no matter how many of the exploited victims, jump to the defence of their abusers.
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UhuruNUru: ...
Sure, I respect your opinion, but completely disagree. I don't feel a victim, I purchase here as a quite aware of what I'm doing. I'm an adult man and I spend my own money earned. Nobody's responsible for my decisions except me.

Your theory not only question Flash Deals, it question every time-limited offer and idea of any sale period. What's the difference between 24h offer and Black Friday Sale weekend offer? Both are some ways to push you to buy something before the price is back to "normal". I can't see any significant difference between 12h and 96h. Where the line is?
I bought 3 games. I am done. I stimulated the economy enough for now.
Thanks for this sale!
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Kengy: Unreal Tournament 2004 Editor's Choice Edition and Unreal Tournament GOTY games are missing. Could you fix it? Thanks
Missing from what? I can load their store pages fine, and see them as discounted.

EDIT: Aaaand he edited the post just before I posted my reply.
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ciemnogrodzianin: ... Nobody's responsible for my decisions except me.
A major goal (in some people's view, the whole point) of marketing is to undermine that. Have you never made a decision in a hurry, or based principally on fear or desire? Those factors are what advertising/marketing try to capitalise on - and in the case of extreme time-limited sales the intent is to have people thinking: "I must purchase now or I'll lose the chance!" rather than "If I don't purchase now, I'll just have to wait a couple of months till the next sale."
ciemnogrodzianin: Your theory not only question Flash Deals, it question every time-limited offer and idea of any sale period. What's the difference between 24h offer and Black Friday Sale weekend offer?
It's a matter of degree - seeing a sale that expires in 3-4 days gives you time to consider (and research) that purchase. A sale ending in a couple of minutes doesn't, and flash sales make the latter far more likely.
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Nice to see Kingdom Come under $20 with all DLC. Was waiting for that. Also finally got Dreamfall chapters because heck why not.

Might be some others I look at but man, so much stuff on sale it overwhelms you.
It's not just friday ? thank
I'd like to compliment the graphic artist who made the banner, I'd like to see more art in this style for the sale's ending.