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EDIT: GOG is acting up :P
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Barefoot_Monkey: Well, when you press the submit button or Ctrl+Enter the script sends an asynchronous request to GOG's server which adds your post to the topic, and when the request is completed successfully it loads the last page of the topic so that you can see what you just wrote.

However, it was possible to submit multiple times before that asynchronous request has finished, resulting in double-posts. All I needed to do was not allow any more posts to be submitted until the previous request has finished. [...]
I too thought the same as adaliabooks, but if I understand you correctly, this addresses the 'first post on new page not showing" bug. Which is also very welcome.

Barefoot_Monkey: I'd love to figure out how to prevent consecutive posts from merging :)
While not a solution to the auto-merging behaviour, perhaps there is a way to prevent one from posting again within the 10min window, and display a message to that effect? Or perhaps just display a warning message when clicking the "submit quick post" button? Such a feature would be optional, of course, and probably turned off most of the time, but could prove pretty useful when partaking in a mafia game.

Barefoot_Monkey: [...] You can already disable it from the "Misc" page in the options.
Duh, and to think that I even looked for the option before posting... ageing comes with all sorts of perks.