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MarkoH01: When I used the custom style it defaulted back to default and made the general forum a bit darker. Where did you chose the "light" color scheme?
mrkgnao: Didn't do that for me.
You can choose the scheme either on "My Settings" or at the top of any thread page (e.g. this page).
Yes, you are correct. It does not work if you chose the "light" aluminium theme. (Just tried it myself).
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mrkgnao: Congratulations on v. 3.0.

Does the custom forum theme do anything if one uses the "light" forum colour scheme? I was unable to notice any difference.
Thanks, mrkgnao.

It should still work on light, but all the text colours are a bit unreadable over the grey-blue background, so until I can explicitly set all the text colours it's supposed to show a little alert box suggesting you change to the dark theme for now. It looks like I must have made a change after testing that which stops it from working correctly. I'll send up a new version to fix it early next decade ;)