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It's been a while since the last time I hosted a giveaway, so here's my next one! :-) I'll be giving this time some games I've played and quite liked most of them.

Games to be won (all Steam):
-Paper Sorcerer
-The 39 Steps
-The Inner World + Soundtrack (a pack of 2 keys-the soundtrack is a separate key...)
-The Whispered World Special Edition

Requirements to enter:
-Have a positive rep
-Be a member here on GOG since Apr2015 and before
-State you’re in for one game; also, you’re allowed to enter for others.

And in order for the thread to have some interest, you can participate in the following subject (it's not mandatory):
-What do you like doing in summertime?
(I personally like going to the beach, reading books and, of course, playing videogames!)

I will run this giveaway until sometime at Monday July 27th.The winners will be decided by
Good luck! :-)
Not in. +1. Some people might interest in the games.

for summertime... Well, it is summer all year in my country. So basically just the same everyday thing. But eating some nice shaved ice + condensed milk mixed with various fruits or other things is a great refreshment in a hot weather.
I'm most interested in Jazzpunk. In for the giveaway, +1

My usual activity over the summer hasn't been one in a while because of school, but it used to be videogames.
Thanks for this giveaway! +1

My summertime activities are playing video games (of course), going to a lake with some friends, to barbecue and doing some garden parties with friends.

I`m in for The Inner World + Soundtrack or The Whispered World Special Edition.

Good luck all!
Paper sorcerrer reminds me of old dungeon crawler games. I wish Almost human would make legend of grimrock with that look too. What really made me like the paper sorcerrer was a fun game in small size.

not in
Not in but thanks for the giveaway!

This summer I am looking forward to some travel and drinking nice wine.
Really good games in this giveaway! +1 for your generosity. If possible, I'd like to enter for Paper Sorcerer, which looks incredible (and has Amrit's recommendation!).

My summers aren't that special, but last summer I was biking 5-7 miles almost every day, and I enjoyed that. Once I get this flat tire fixed, I plan to get back to it this summer.
In for Jazzpunk! Always wanted to try it, it appeals to my sense of humor. Thanks for the chance! +1

What I like to do in the summertime is to chill out and play some games, watch tv, or watch a fun movie.
Not in but +1!

Summer...well, that's really my busiest work season. So mostly I just want to go take a nap.
Thank you Treasure, guess what, you ARE a real *Treasure*, after all. +1. Not in, though!
Im in for:

-The Whispered World

When its summer i like to swim, watch comedies and of course playing some games.
Thanks for the chance!
thanks for the fun giveaway, count me in please for Whispered World.

Summer for me is messing around in the garden, long hikes in the hills and woods with the dogs and spouse, playing in streams, and the odd weekend trip here and there. Overall we have a relaxed chill attitude about summer, what we most enjoy is the snows going and getting outside in the wilds, not stressing about proper vacations or running around like chickens with 'To Do' lists. I love it!

cheers mate
Not in. Thank you very much for thia giveaway, +1.
I am in for Jazzpunk, thank you.

I like just sitting back and enjoying the sun in summer.
Morning bump!