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Thanks for the giveaway, I'm in for the Jazzpunk.

In the summertime I like doing nothing. :-) Can't stand the heat.
When I was a kid it was my favorite time of the year, but now it feels like an epic 3 month hangover; I just lie in the bed telling myself it'll end soon.
Another morning bump!

seikus: Bump.
Thanks a lot for bumping the giveaway!
Btw, to everyone else, you can bump this giveaway if you want to - some extra visibility won't hurt, especially as there's still one game that hasn't been requested yet! :-)
Hey Treasure, thanks for the giveaway. That's a great collection of games!

Not in!
Anither bump. Btw, the giveaway ends soemtime tomorrow...
Reminder: the -lilliputian, as it turned out to be- giveaway will finally end later today...
Thanks for the giveaway! I'm in for Jazzpunk.
Thanks for this giveaway!  :-)

Not in, but +1 for your generosity!  :-)

" Pleasant as the spring, comfortable as the summer, fruitful as autumn, dreadful as winter. "
- Jonathan Swift, Gulliver's Travels.
Now the giveaway is closed, since it wouldn't be wise to let it linger any longer.

The winners (as decided by, in the cases of more than 1 entries):

-The Inner World+Soundtrack: Ritualisto

-Paper Sorcerer: thejimz

-The Whispered World: mintee

-Jazzpunk: Mr.Caine

Will send the PMs now, stay tuned! Update: Just sent them!

Anyways, hope the winners enjoy their games and see you around the forums! :-)
Post edited July 27, 2015 by Treasure
Congratulations to the other winners! Thanks for this giveaway and thanks for The Inner World+Soundtrack.
I`m sure I will have fun with the game.
oh wow, thank you so much! a great summer game to play

Thanks so much, and congrats to the other winners!

Also, you have to feel sorry for The 39 Steps. All its friends were picked up from the orphanage, and it's been left alone. I wish it luck!
Congrats to all the winners.