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Galactic Civilizations III

Changelog for update 1.5 / GOG-2 (Windows) (added 09th December 2015):

Please note, only English is supported with this patch - other languages will be added as soon as possible

Feature Overview:
- Improved Diplomacy. Added new diplomatic interactions including "Leave my territory" and "Demand Tribute."
- Planetary Spending Wheel. The Planetary Spending Wheel is now available again either through the "Bureau of Labor" planetary improvement or through the new civilization ability "Coercive." This new ability replaces the Krynn's "Patriotic" ability (which ignored the large empire penalty) which is longer needed.
- Coercion system. Setting the civilization or planetary spending to overly specialize in one area reduces raw production. Penalty is modest for most spending schemes.
- Removed the large empire penalty. You'll to start a new game to experience this change
- In-Game Metaverse: Clicking on the "Metaverse" button on the main menu will display your gameplay statistics, leaderboard standings, and universal stats via the new "Yor Galactic Report".
- Multiplayer Improvements. Players can now invite their friends to play through Steam. We have also resolved several crash and lobby problems.

- Improved Diplomacy. Added new diplomatic interactions including "Leave my territory" and "Demand tribute." Go to the Diplomacy screen and ask to talk about something else to access the new changes.
- The new "Coercion" faction trait allows the faction to use the planetary spending wheel throughout the empire without building the "Bureau of Labor" Improvement. This new trait replaces the Kyrnn's Patriot trait which is now obsolete.
- New "Bureau of Labor" Improvement unlocks the Planetary Spending Wheel for a specific planet. This improvement is unlocked through the "Interstellar Governance" technology.
- Removed Large Empire Penalty. This makes the Krynn's Patriotic ability (which overrode the penalty) obsolete and the former trait has been replaced by the new Coercion trait. Note: you'll need to start a new game to enjoy this benefit.
- Added Coercion effect to spending wheel. Spending programs that are overly specializes will be not as efficient in overall production.
- Lowered the Capital Production points bonus
- Raised the default Population growth rate from 0.1 to 0.25 per turn
- Reduced the number of tech required for each Age to better reflect the current tech research norms.
- Re-balanced ship upgrade costs
- To make the galaxy feel more alive, the AI will talk more often. We've also increased frequency of minor races.
- AI
- Added bridge building feature to the AI. if the AI can't reach a target world for invasion, the AI will build military starbases to extend its range.
- AI now does a better job of picking weapon and defense techs
- AI chooses better weapons and defense systems for its ship.

- Added Invite Friends button. Players can now invite their Steam friends to join a multiplayer lobby.
- Fixed a problem with player count was getting messed up after choosing a custom map and then choosing a different map with a different number of players. This would cause problems in lobby and sometimes crash.
- Addressed a problem where the lobby information wasn't always being updated correctly or in a timely manner.
- Fixed a crash caused by entering Snathi Campaign after leaving the MP lobby
- If peer who doesn't have the same DLC as the host leaves the lobby and starts a new lobby, the game no longer crashes.
- The first entry Multiplayer Setup listbox no longer overlaps the header.
- Custom factions now appear correctly after restoring games
- The Auto-upgrade on the Planetary Governor screen will now properly remember its state in multiplayer.
- When a player with a custom factions leaves a game, the custom factions no longer leave the game as well.
- Fixed a race condition that would occasionally cause a custom faction to be eliminated when the game started. If the custom faction was a player, the game would crash.

Graphics / Audio:
- Added in-game Metaverse experience. From the main menu, click on Metaverse to see your gameplay statistics, leaderboard standings, and universal stats via the new "Yor Galactic Report".
- Removed legacy DX9 Dependencies in the atlas generation system to improve stability on startup.
- Addressed several crashes related to the Atlas generation system
- Fixed issue with some buttons having a non power of two texture and looking weird on mouse down.
- Updated the Snathi Peace and War music tracks
- Addressed a problem with the battle viewer where the camera didn't always rotate around the correct axis.

- Changed flavor text definitions so that they can have groups appended to with mods.
- Changed the preclusion rule so that the player can build a single improvement from a set that you've defined.

Ship Designer:
- Addressed problems with that made it difficult to attach parts that were scaled or animated in a particular fashion.
- Attached parts are now scaled correctly when attached to scaled groups within Ship Templates
- Fixed issues that made it hard to place parts onto grouped parts in ship designer

- Added tooltips to tile bonuses Planet Window to better explain what they do and help you better plan your world.
- The Design Button (and a few others) no longer displays incorrectly when pressed.
- Rolling over the turn count now displays the current galactic date.
- Changed the Campaign and Scenarios Difficulty from a dropdown to a spinner so that it no longer spills past bottom of screen
- Updated the Treaty Details background image used for highlighting/selecting so it doesn't attempt to upscale an image not meant for that size.
- Added scrollbars to the dropdowns in the custom faction screen so they don't break out of the bounds of the screen.
- The Wealth Summary screen does a better job of prioritize important information by hiding items with a value of zero. .
- Added text to Starbase Module tooltips so that if they are disabled due to another player claiming the resources/relics that module needs, it will show a message notifying the player that the resources/relics are already claimed.
- Galaxy difficulty setting no longer moves to the bottom when changed
- Increased the width of the Large Distances Break tooltip to allow for 3-digit numbers to appear correctly.
- Added a scrollbar to the Load Ship popup window to make it more obvious that you can scroll the planet's list. This also prevents the planet names from being clipped in medium UI.
- Shipyard Next/previous arrows are no longer clipped.
- On the starbase window, if a resource is already claimed it will now grey out the module name instead of allowing you to build it.

- Fixed bad xml value that could lead to Antimatter showing up on maps that had Resources set to none.
- If a fleet of freighters arrive at a planet, one freighter establishes the route. The remaining freighters are not longer stationed at the planet.
- Fixing a crash related to pirates building ships
- Fixed a crash that happened right after invading a minor race planet
- When decommissioning a Shipyard, stationed ships are now ejected instead of being destroyed.
- The default custom race images are available again.
- DLC Available Button should appear for any missing DLC, not just the map pack
- Updated the Class Zero Planet feedback to clarify that it can't be colonized.
- Fixed intermittent failure to load campaign saved games that had bad tech tree data.
- Fixed trade exploit for infinite credits
- Fixed a divide by zero crash error that if you restored a very old save game and won the game on the same turn.

Changelog for language update (added 25th November 2015):

- Added Russian installer and manual
- Fixed redistributable issues with Galaxy version
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Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition

Changelog for patch 2.20 / GOG-3 (Windows) (added 22 December 2015):


- The Capital now increases Morale to 35 (up from 25) and Economy to 25 (up from 10)
- Advanced Hulls is now unlocked from Basic Logistics
- Life Support is now unlocked from Advanced Hulls
- Several techs moved to improve AI use
- Mind Control Center moved to Concept of Malice
- Shrine of the Mithrillar now gives a 10% population growth bonus civ-wide
- Shrine of Tandis now gives a 10% morale bonus civ-wide
- Information Warfare tech now requires Advanced Diplomacy (instead of Planetary Invasion)
- Temporal Mechanics cost increased from 10 to 30
- Hyperion Packages cost increased from 10 to 30
- Entertainment Center now requires Innovative History
- Slave Pits, Slave Labs, Collectives and Maintenance Grid have had their costs adjusted
- Research Matrix bonus decreased from 12 to 10
- School maintenance increased from 1 to 2
- University maintenance increased from 2 to 3
- Space Weapons no longer grants a Military bonus
- Economic Direction Unit bonus reduced from 50 to 25
- Ultra Spices now requires Extreme Entertainment instead of Xeno Cultural Trends
- Merchant Trade Complexes cost increased from 800 to 1100
- Buffed Tier 1/2 starbase attack modules and battlestations 4; removed Singularity Armor
- Neutrality Learning Center cost increased from 500 to 1000
- Cultural Enlightenment no longer has a pre-req; moved to Pure Research
- Healing Pools now requires Planetary Improvements; cost decreased from 300 to 100
- Nano Materials now requires Basic Space Construction
- Advanced Philosophy now requires University
- Enhanced Adaptation cost increased to 150/450/600
- Robust Hull Construction now provides 15 HP (up from 10)
- Precursor Library cost decreased from 400 to 100
- Miniaturization techs bonuses updated to be better
- Empathic Tactical Center now grants a defense bonus of 25% instead of an attack bonus of 20%
- Various weapons rebalancing
- Plus much much more adjustments. See the Progressive Changelog for more.

Terran Alliance:
- Changed default alignment from 50 to 75
- Now start as Mercantile political party
- Starts with +10 Economics, -10 Social Production, +25 Trade and 12 Logistics (up from 6)
- Starting techs changed to: HyperDrive, Industrial Revolution, Fusion Reactors, Traditional Research, Innovative History, Capitalism and Basic Space Construction
- Terrains gain a 10% bonus to propulsion and diplomacy research

Drengin Empire:
- Now starts game as War Party political party
- Starts with: +10 Military Production, -30 Diplomacy (increased from -25), 20 Loyalty (up from 0) and 14 Logistics (up from 7)
- Starting techs changed to: Fusion Reactors, Ruthless History, HyperDrive, Stellar Cartography, Specialized Research, Capitalism and Traditional Slavery.
- Propaganda Machine is now a special project
- New invasion tactic added (version of Information Warfare)
- Drengin suffer a 50% penalty to trade techs; and a 100% penalty to diplomatic techs

Altarian Resistance:
- Now starts game as Pacifists political party
- Starts with: +10 Luck (up from 0), 10 Logistics (up from 5)
- Starting techs changed to: HyperDrive, Industrial Revolution, Fusion Reactors, Traditional Research, A History of Benevolence, Stellar Cartography, Capitalism and Basic Space Construction.
- Social Matrix is now a special project
- Altarians gain a 20% bonus in Labs research

Arcean Empire:
- Now starts game as War Party political party
- Starts with: +10 Economics, +10 Morale, +20 Military Production, +30 Ship HP (up from +20), +20 Soldiering (up from +10), +25 Courage, +20 Loyalty and 20 Logistics (up from 8).
- Starting techs changed to: Glorious History, Fusion Reactors, HyperDrive, Industrial Revolution, Stellar Cartography, Traditional Research, Capitalism and Basic Space Construction.
- Stellar Forge and Cathedral of Valor are now special projects
- Arceans now gain a 20% bonus to Hull and Logistics research
- Arceans now gain:
- 15 HP from Superior Hulls (up from 10)
- 20 HP from Master Hull Building (up from 15)
- 15 HP from Reinforced Hull Design (up from 10)
- 15 HP from Hardened Hull Design (up from 10)

Torian Confederation:
- Now starts as the Populists political party
- Starts with: +30 Loyalty, 16 Logistics (up from 8)
- Starting techs changed to: Torian History, Fusion Reactors, HyperDrive, Stellar Cartography, Inherited Technology, Capitalism and Basic Space Construction.
- Can now research Advanced Aquatic World Colonization cheaper
- Aquatic Transport Station is now a special project
- Torians now suffer a 20% penalty to Hull research
- Changed Advanced Computing requirement to University (from Scientific Method Implementation)
- Changed Planetary Improvements and Enhanced Adaptation to require Basic Space Construction
- Added Basic Space Construction with cost 75
- Xeno Communications now requires Cultural Enlightenment

Yor Collective:
- Now starts game as the Industrialist political party
- Starts with: -30 to Diplomacy and 12 Logistics (up from 6)
- Maintenance Grid and Distributed Energy Matrix are now special projects
- New invasion tactic: Terror Drones (Cost 250, 20% bonus to attack, 25% improvement damage)
- Yor now can a 20% advantage in Labs research

Dominion of Korx:
- Now starts as the Mercantile political party
- Starts with: +15 Economics, +10 Diplomacy and 12 Logistics (up from 6)
- Starting techs changed to: A History of Mercantilism, HyperDrive, Stellar Cartography, Industrial Revolution, Fusion Reactors, Traditional Research, Capitalism and Basic Space Construction.
- Festival of Capitalism, Mercenary Academy and Freighter Command are now special projects
- Korx gain a 20% bonus to economic research

Drath Legion:
- Changed default alignment from 75 to 50
- Now starts as the Populists political party
- Starts with: +25 Espionage (up from 0) and 16 Logistics (up from 8)
- Starting techs changed to: Way of the Drath, Industrial Revolution, Basic Space Construction, HyperDrive, Fusion Reactors, Traditional Research, Stellar Cartography and Capitalism.
- Drath gain a 20% bonus to diplomatic research

Thalan Empire:
- Now starts as the Technologists political party
- Starts with: -50 Population Growth (increased from -30), +40 Loyalty and 12 Logistics (up from 6)
- Starting techs changed to: Fusion Reactors, HyperDrive, Stellar Cartography, New Propulsion, Artificial Gravity, Xeno Biology, Xeno Medicine, Xeno Engineering, Hyperion Packages, Temporal Mechanics and Interstellar Construction.
- Gaia Vortex and Church of Valor are now special projects
- New invasion tactic: Mechanized Warriors (Cost 250, 50%/90% min/max bonus to attack, 100% improvement damage)
- Thalan suffer a 50% penalty to trade and diplomatic research

Iconian Refuge:
- Now starts as the Federalists political party
- Starts with: +10 Morale (decreased from 20), +20 Research, 0 Espionage (decreased from 100), -5 Soldiering (decreased from 0) and 16 Logistics (up from 10)
- Precursor Library is now a special project
- Expert Engineering is now unlocked after Advanced Hulls
- Soil Enhancement, Xeno Biology and Space Mining moved to the Enhanced Adaptation tree
- Iconians gain a 20% bonus to terraforming research

Korath Clan:
- Now starts game as War Party political party
- Starts with: -30 Diplomacy (decreased from 0), +10 HP (decreased from 20), +30 Soldiering (increased from 10) and 14 Logistics (increased from 7)
- Starting techs changed to: Fusion Reactors, Ruthless History, HyperDrive, Stellar Cartography, Specialized Research, Traditional Slavery and Black Market.
- Graft of Ages is now a special project
- New invasion tactic added (version of Information Warfare)
- Korath suffer a 50% penalty to trade techs and a 200% penalty to diplomacy research

Krynn Consulate:
- Now starts as the Universalists political party
- Starts with: -15 Research (decreased from 0) and 12 Logistics (increased from 6)
- Starting techs changed to: HyperDrive, Industrial Revolution, Basic Space Construction, Fusion Reactors, Traditional Research, The Path, Stellar Cartography, and Capitalism.
- Super Spy Training Center, Temple of Espionage, and Oracle of Krynn are now special projects.
- Krynn suffer a 20% penalty to labs research but gain a 20% bonus to government research

Minor Races:
- Changes to various minor races that play more into their background lore. Watch out for the Snathi!


- Updated race colors for Iconian Refuge and Krynn Consulate
- Improved Rally Point indicator
- Various UI tweaks


- Each race's AI has been tuned to better match their background lore and relative strengths
- All AI opponents will now use the maximum amount of CPU possible
I just want to add that the "Progressive Changelog" is located in the root folder of the game, if you`re looking for it. In the same folder you`ll also find the "GC2 Community Edition Guide.pdf" which serves as a guide and manual for the changes made by the 2.20 patch.
You really should read the guide, since the patch changed the game a lot!!!
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Galactic Civilizations III

Changelog for Patch 1.80 (added 22nd June 2016)"

Asteroid Mining
- Asteroids within your ZOC can be mined. Each Mining base costs 500 credits and takes 3 turns to build.
- Mined Asteroids will provide a raw production bonus to the nearest planet. The bonus is reduced by distance. You can reassign the receiving planet.
- If the ZOC changes, the Mining Base will be automatically flipped.
- Mining Base can be attacked and blown up by enemy fleets.
- Mined Asteroid map icons are tinted to their faction's color.
- Colonies can be decommissioned for scorched earth tactics
- You can rename Mining Bases by clicking on their name in the context panel
- Asteriod Mining Bases do not require a starbase.
- Note: The Asteroid Mining feature will require starting a new game.

Star Information Window
- You can now click on a star to see colonizable worlds within that solar system.
- Clicking on one of the planets will select it on the strategic map.
- Click on a star's name to rename it.

Uncolonized Planet List
- The Colonies list now has two sections: Colonized and Uncolonized Planets. Uncolonized Planets lists out the planets you've discovered but haven't colonized yet. Both sections are collapsible and are independently sorted.

Ship Levelling
- Ships gain experience through winning battles and surveying anomalies. This experience translates into a ship level.
- Ships gain additional HP as they level up.
- Mercenary ships gain additional bonuses.

Improved Multiplayer experience
- Refactored movement and events systems to reduce the number of stuck turns and desyncs during multiplayer. These changes should have no gameplay effects.
- Increased the movement speed of ships only in multiplayer.

- Diplomacy Statistic bonus increased from 2 to 3
- Conquest Victory Goal is not active until after turn and the player has a reasonable military
- Easy target modifier now takes trade routes into effect and reduces the impact accordingly if the player is trading with them
- Ships In ZOC diplomatic modifier takes into account how many ships are in the ZOC . If it's just 1, it tends to let that slide.
- Added recommended player counts to each galaxy size. When you choose a galaxy size, you can choose to automatically add the recommended number of players to the game.
- Specialized techs now have star icon next to them to make them stand out relative to normal techs
- Updated Durantium Refinery and Thulium Data Archive to do Flat points.
- Added new Promethion Reserve improvement that provides credits per turn.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a potential issue when setting a destination for a fleet that can move and immediately hitting 'end turn'
- Iconian Defenders will no longer respawn after being attacked by a faction with the "Scavenge" ability.
- Prevented a crash if a mod tries to reference a missing sound file
- Right-aligned the values for the lobby details section to account for differences in length of the titles for various languages.
- Planets can be renamed again
- The Lobby Window was being hidden unnecessarily when clicking the Invite Friends button. It now stays visible in the background.
- Fixed various places where long names (planet, shipyard, or starbase) would break out of their frames.
- Fixed issue that prevented allies from using the "declare war on" offer during trade.
- Fixed crashes caused by canceling a starbase modules.
- Fixing an issue where canceling mining starbase modules on a starbase with claimed resources caused the starbase to remove the queued modules incorrectly.
- Fixing a tooltip where it would say you can't build you because the module is claimed by another starbase, when in fact it was claimed by the current starbase and the warning is in error.
- Fixed typos in the description for the "Precious Metals" planet feature
- Logistics now shown with decimal values. Previously, value was being rounded in the UI and which in some cases, made it appear that a fleet had room for another ship.
- Re-implemented the round robin colonization event mechanism to be simpler and also functional. This should fix problems with colony events not firing after the list is exhausted.

Galactic Civilizations III

Changelog for Patch 1.80 hotfix (added 22nd June 2016)"

- Fixed a problem with interceptors that prevented battles from completing and causing a stuck turn.
- Address an issue where a specific set of galaxy options that would produce an early game stuck turn
- The map editor's mini-map is no longer missing.
- Fixed a case that allowed machines to select unsupported graphic options resulting in either black screen or a crash.
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Galactic Civilizations III

Changelog for Patch 1.80 Hotfix 2/ GOG-11 (Windows) (added 1 July 2016):

- Fixed a problem where certain combinations of game events and settings would cause slowdowns and stuck turns (looking at you, space pirates!)
- This same fix also improves general performance on large maps with lots of factions, stars, etc.
- Fixed a space monster stuck turn issue in the Rise of the Terran campaign.
- Addressed a data problem that sometimes prevented the first mission of the Rise of the Terran campaign from starting correctly.
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Galactic Civilizations III

Changelog for Patch 1.81 / GOG-12 (Windows) (added 28th July 2016):

Warning: this update is for the English & French versions only. If this patch is used on either the German or Russian version of the game then the game will be in English or French if the French patch is used. The German & Russian versions of Galactic Civilizations III will be updated ASAP.

- This update is required in order to access the Lost Treasures DLC.
- Improved level loading time
- Updated notification system. Notifications now appear on the left-hand side of the screen rather than the tab on the right. - Notifications can be filtered based on priority or turned off in the game options menu.
- Ai is more likely to engage you multiple times in a single turn.
- Fixed occasionally blank battle prediction text on the Battle Preview window.
- Fixed an issue preventing Malevolent "Eager" traits bonus from show up in tooltips.
- Make the "Can not afford" and "Can afford" colors on tier 1 mercenaries more distinct.
- Replaced "Tariff Stations" tech specialization with "Trade Tariffs" in all tech trees.
- Fixed issue preventing Assault Carriers from using High Capacity Carrier Modula.
- Fixing a case where sometimes a player is blocked from attacking an asteroid it had previously attacked and blown up.
- Added collapse and expand buttons to each header in the campaigns/scenarios list, to allow collapse scenarios for that campaign. This will allow us to add more campaigns in the future.
- Built units now start with full movement points.
- Mining colonies being attacked or culture flipped now give an alert instead of displaying the battle confirmation dialog.
- The rebellion status of a planet is now properly cleared upon successful invasion
- Fixed a save crash in multiplayer.
- Fixed several bugs that would make the audio stop playing in mid-game.
- Fixed a rare infinite loop while looking for patrol tile when the ship has no battle rating power.
- Fixed an a infinite tooltip loop.
- Custom maps now properly randomize anomalies if the option is checked.
- Added "Planets Annexed" to match reports
- "Random" opponents can be assigned to teams.
- Ship descriptions now remove multiple spaces
- The email address entry field now gets keyboard focus when the Registration dialog is opened.
- Updated the Mercenary ship "The Wraith" to make it clear it gives a fleet-wide buff to repair.
- Updated Mercenary ship "The Willow" to have a Jamming of 75% from 50% to match its description. Also changed the tooltip from Evasion to Jamming.
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Galactic Civilizations III

Changelog for Patch 1.82/ GOG-13 (Windows) (added 24 August 2016):

This update is required in order to access the Altarian Prophecy DLC.


- UI Stability improvements: We've increased the number of UI widgets by 4x. Extreme games (e.g large maps, hundreds of fleets, etc.) will be now be more stable. We have also fixed numerous issues with the new notification system.
- Gameplay: We've fixed a ship trading exploit and several gameplay bugs. In addition, we have made some treaties free for alliance members.
- Rise of the Terrans DLC: Updated campaign to use a new United Earth "classic" ship style that better represents ships of that galactic era. As part of that change, you now can select United Terrans ship style for your custom races and choose from over twenty new "classic" ship parts for your ship designs.

Change Log:

- Increased the number of UI widgets by 4x. Extreme games (e.g large maps, hundreds of fleets, etc.) will be now be more stable.
- Removed a previous change to the autosave system from 1.81 that was causing crashes and corrupting save games in multiplayer.
- Stray particle effects from battles were traveling across the galaxy before timing out. This appeared to be a stuck turn. This should no longer happen.
- Adjusted AI evaluation of the "Open Borders" and "Non-Aggression Pact" treaties such that these treaties are free for alliance members.
- The "ignore defense" ability (from tech such as "Shield Punch") were not properly applying their damage. This has been fixed.
- Gave Pirate faction traits user-friendly names since they are showing up in some campaign diplomacy reports.
- Ships with "One-Per-Player" components are no longer tradable. This prevents an exploit that allowed players to get around the "One-Per-Player" restriction. These ships are disabled on the trade screen and include a tooltip explaining that they cannot be traded.
- The shipyard button "continue making this design until further notice" wasn't checking prereqs when deciding if it should be enabled for a build queue entry.
- Notifications no longer interfere with game inputs on the left side of the screen.
- Notifications are now refreshed only at the start of the game and start of a new turn. This prevents creates gaps in the list in the mid-turn.
- When adding a ship to the build queue, the list will automatically scroll to the bottom.
- Clicking on shipyards in the Shipyard List now centers the camera on it and select it.
- Fixed staked ship bar scaling issues for normal and medium UI
- Renamed generic tech tree to "Generic Tech Tree". It was mislabeled as "Terran Tech Tree".
- Unowned asteroid fields now say "nearest owned planet" rather than "assigned planet" in their tooltip and selection context.
- Fixed a crash caused by alerts that have no tooltip.
- Added tooltip to Ship Level entry when viewing single ships on the Fleet Details Window.
- Fixed a bug where the Invite Friends dialog would do nothing if the Steam Overlay was disabled. The button is now disabled with a tooltip explaining why.
- Fixed bug where a player who dies in a mp game but stays around to watch the other players play would send an invalid match report.


- Added warning if building a starbase upgrade will consume a constructor with mercenary components on it.
- Building a starbase using the Mercenary ship "The Crux" now provides the correct influence bonus.


- Rise of the Terrans: Updated United Terrans to use a "classic" ship style that better represents ships of that galactic era.
- Rise of the Terrans: Added United Terrans ship style.
- Rise of the Terrans: Added over twenty "classic" ship parts.
- Rise of the Terrans: Fixed assorted typos.
- Rise of the Terrans: fixed bad Xendar homeworld name in diplomatic report screen.
- Lost Treasures: Fixed a misleading bonus description with the Atomic Polarizer event.
- Lost Treasures: Fix incorrect description on the Elemental Extractor Lost Treasure event.
could be a big problem here?

"- The shipyard button "continue making this design until further notice" wasn't checking prereqs when deciding if it should be enabled for a build queue entry."

Does that mean every time a traded capacity resource expires, i have to now reset all my shipyard production manually? (if the ships i was building were on the limit of capacity)

It was very nice to not have to do that, especially with a very large map.

Anyway, i guess i can solve that problem by never buying capacity trade goods.
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Galactic Civilizations III:

Changelog for Patch 1.83 / GOG-14 (added 28 October 2016):

New hotkeys:

Arrow left / right --------Next / previous Shipyards
Shift left/ right ----------Next / previous IDLE Shipyard
R --------------------------Rush buy
DELETE -----------------Cancel building selected Ship

Arrow left / right--------Next/ previous Starbase
Shift left/right------------Next/ previous Starbase that has an available module

Ship designer
Spacebar-----------------Hotkey to toggle the visual display of anchor points on and off.

Planet Screen
Arrow left / right --------Next / previous colony
Shift left/right -----------Next / previous IDLE colony
R --------------------------Rush improvement
U ---------------------------Upgrade selected Improvement
DELETE ------------------Destroy selected Improvement
DELETE ------------------Cancel building selected Improvement.

Strategic Map
C-----------------------------Center map on the selected object
Ctl+S------------------------Save game
R ----------------------------Rush buy on the selected Ship or Improvement
U-----------------------------Upgrade the selected Ship
DELETE--------------------Decommission the selected Ship or Fleet


- Planets with the manufacturing slider set to 100% Military will no longer be considered idle.
- Stationed ships now are properly having their maintenance cost reduced by 50%
- Manufacturing points now being properly updated after reordering shipyard queue
- If AI is significantly stronger than you, it will no longer accept bad peace treaty offers from you.


- Jumping through a wormhole will no longer cause a desync
- The AI can no longer decommission ships during battles. This would cause lots of weird issues, including desyncs and crashes in MP.
- Battle preview window no longer causes a desync.


- Updated appearance of keyboard input window.
- Added new keyboard shortcuts suggested by our fans.
- Command Window: Added cost and turn information for upgrading ships.
- Metaverse button is now disabled if there's no internet connection


- Ship sounds will no longer disappear in the middle of the turn.
- Added new ship sounds
- Shipyard are no longer missing ambient sounds
- Fixed a problem where the "turn" button sound didn't play after a battle.


- Starting the Altarian Prophecy Campaign no longer triggers the "For Arcea" Achievement.
- Fixed typos
- Altarian Prophecy: One of the mission rewards was not properly giving the ideology bonus
- Added a sanity check that makes sure we add in a valid waypoint in for our travel to prevent a stuck turn.
- Fixed a problem where a destination tile was invalid when loading a save game.
- If more than one freighters are completed on the same turn, the popup dialog for the second one was sometimes getting lost, causing a stuck turn.
- This same fix will unstick save games with this issue.
- Fixed a stuck turn where a ship is trying to leave a station the same turn that its faction surrenders.
- The "Speak to" button will no longer be disabled in MP for the rest of the turn after trading with the AI
- Fixed a case where the hotkey tooltip wasn't getting cleared.
- Fixed a crash in the event processing

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I read in a review that you can win the game with simple laser ships as long as you have a ton of those, and complains of imbalanced combat...
I guess all that has been rebalanced/fixed with some of the later patches?
superstande: I read in a review that you can win the game with simple laser ships as long as you have a ton of those, and complains of imbalanced combat...
I guess all that has been rebalanced/fixed with some of the later patches?
Have yet to play this, but I tell you what, if one knows what he does and wants just that, just about any really good strategy game is win-able with stuff 30% in the tech tree/progression.

You can win Civilisation on chariots. There rarely any real use for deathstars in MO2. GC is no exception, long time ago I played quite a bit of GC2 and from what I recall, by time I got end-game stuff it was mostly rather irrelevant already or just icing on the cake at best, unless I specifically feed the AI and dragged it out just to crush it later.

It all really just boil down to how you like to play, if you optimise and rush you will win early, if you just indeed bad at it or do like to take your time and either turtle up and restrict yourself or dominate but play a mogul or "police" until you bored you will see and perhaps even need the top of the progress line.

That said, I really don't know may as well be there really some specific balance issues in this, but much rather it what I said. And you really can't balance it, to make it anywhere challenging for top 2% maniacs you have to turn it unplayable for 90% of commoners.
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Galactic Civilizations III

Changelog for Patch 1.90 (added 14 December 2016) - Part I:

update from v.1.83 to v.1.90

*** English, German, French only. Russian Coming Soon ***


Внимание: русскоязычная версия обновления 1.90 содержит критическую ошибку, которая предотвращает создание новой игры. В настоящее время мы работаем с издателем, чтобы решить эту проблему. Мы рекомендуем откат до версии 1.83 или переход на другой язык. Мы приносим извинения за любые доставленные неудобства и благодарим вас за терпение.

Please note: The Russian Language version of the 1.90 update contains a critical bug that prevents a new game being created. We are currently working with the Publisher to resolve the issue. We advise rolling back to version 1.83 or changing to another language. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this issue.

Capstone Techs (added 12/1)

- In the Age of Ascension, players can now research that provide large, temporary empire-wide bonuses. These techs can be researched repeatedly with stacking bonuses.


- Memory: introduced new texture compression for planetary and ship textures to greatly reduce memory usage and dramatically improve startup times.
- Removed legacy stopwatch code from the sound system
- Moved old profiling junk
- Reduced CPU usage of the particles and main graphics threads
- Removed redundant debug output
- Multithreaded the texture loading at the start of game to improve performance.


- AI builds scout ships later in the game to keep exploring very large galaxies
- Dramatically reduced AI >normal economic bonuses (no longer needs them)
- Re-designed the way the AI expands into the galaxy with colony ships so that its expansion no longer stalls on large maps
- Dramatically reduced the amount of time an AI will interact with a player if they are not within ship range
- AI doesn't try to bribe other players to go to war unless they and the other players have a decent military already
- AI will no longer give tech gifts to players with a different ideology (i.e. no more Drengin giving you tech if you're a nice person)
- AI now scales the number of similar ship projects based on number of colonies rather than a flat number
- AI pumps up colony ship production priority if there are a lot of nice planets laying around
- AI pumps out fewer Constructors in general
- Re-designed the way the AI determines which planets should get a shipyard to be more (way more) intelligent
- Updated AI's handling of adjacency bonuses to be more intelligent
- AI values planet quality more when picking planets to colonize
- AI somewhat more heuristic on tech research
- AI somewhat quicker to war
- Auto Surveying Survey Ships will now survey extra anomalies if the ship has extra movement points.


- [updated 12/12] Made low level factories cheaper, provide smaller bonuses.
- [updated 12/12] Reduced the size of maps while keeping the same number of objects, effectively increasing the galactic density.
- [updated 12/12] Increased the zoom distance.
- [updated 12/12] Lowered diplomacy bonus of the Diplomacy Techs.
- [updated 12/5] Diplomacy tech effect to Diplomacy ability increased from 0.5 to 1
- [updated 12/5]Influence MinToClaim increased from 0.33 to 8
- [updated 12/5] Influence Radius root reduced from 3.25 (^0.325) to square root (^0.5)
- [updated 12/5] Eliminated the Influence Bell Curve target divisor.
- [updated 12/5] Influence fall off is increased from -0.3 to –10
- [updated 12/5] Capital Influence per turn increased from 1.5 to 3
- [updated 12/5] Colony Influence per turn reduced from 2 to 1
- [updated 12/5] Removed the faction ability bonus from the Diplomatic Office
- [updated 12/5] Removed all faction ability bonuses from starbase modules
- [updated 12/5] AI is much MUCH smarter about detecting cultural flipping strategies
- [updated 12/5] AI is much better about detecting fast alliance strategies
- [updated 12/5] Colonies now instantly update when you rush build to show the effect of the new building.
- [updated 12/1] Adjusted tech cost to increase per tech age
- [updated 12/1] New capstone technologies that can be researched repeatedly for galaxy wide bonuses
- [updated 12/1] Minor races will now establish trade routes.
- [updated 12/1] Tweaked influence such that growth is now slower in general, but influence improvements and modules are now much more powerful.
- [updated 12/1] Increased starbase spacing by to 3, from 2, until we get the new Administration cost stat implemented.
- [updated 12/1] Adjusted intensity on several strategic map icons and the grid.
- Starbase minimum distance reduced from 5 to 3 tiles.
- AI tends to focus more on tech (generally) than previously.
- AI will build survey ships late ingame.
- AI provided with a much wider variety of ship designs to choose from with the various strategies.
- AI weights units much more closely than previously in order to not make one virtually impossible to build.
- Opposing culture diplomatic penalty reduced from 1.25 to 1.1 if AI is benevolent.
- Opposing culture diplomatic penalty increased from 1.25 to 2 if AI is merciless.
- Opposing culture diplomatic penalty increased from 1.25 to 2 if AI is cruel.
- Close to victory diplomatic penalties increased from 1 to 5.
- Ripe for conquest diplomacy penalty reduced from 0.75 to 0.1 if AI is benevolent.
- Ripe for conquest diplomacy penalty increased from 0.75 to 1.25 if AI is aggressive.
- Minimum planet class to be a manufacturing world reduced from 7 to 4.
- Max number of colony ships the AI will construct at once increased from 2 to 3.
- Max slider focus reduced from 95% to 75% (to deal with coercion penalty).
- Coercion forgiveness eliminated (there is always some coercion if you move off from center).
- Maximum coercion reduced from 50% to 35%.
- Colony Capital production points reduced from 5 to 1.
- CivilizationCapital production points reduced from 5 to 1.
- Influence Radius root increased from 1.75 to 4 (i.e. influence ZOC will start out much much smaller now).
- Tech inflation penalty significantly reduced.
- Penalty for switching a constructor to a colony ship increased from 50% to 75% (yea, you know who you are).
- Pirates moved further away from starting location.
- Increased the variance for the various settings (minors, pirates, etc.).
- Modified the governor script to provide a bit more flexibility based on planet bonuses when building improvements.
- Colony capital maintenance eliminated.
- Colony capital hub provides a 2 (was 1) level bonus to adjacent buildings if they are population or manufacturing or research.
- Civ capital hub provides a 3 level bonus (was 1).
- Reduced maint. slightly on research buildings.
- Rare habitable planets decreased from 30% to 25%.
- Nebula and black holes and anomalies made much less common on all settings.
- Occasional planet frequency amount doubled from 1X to 2X.
- Common stars modifier increased from 0.9 to 1.
- Common planet frequency amount increased from 0.75X to 3X (this also fixes a bug where common was less than occasional).
- Abundant stars increased from 1X to 1.5X.
- Planet Frequency increased from 0.25X to 3.5X (also fixes bug).
- Tiny map base objects increased from 32 to 120 (i.e. tiny maps will be a lot more filled).
- Small map base object count increased from 64 to 150.
- Medium map Base object count increased from 110 to 200.
- Large map base object count increased from 155 to 300 (i.e. over twice as many stars/planets/etc. in a particular size).
- Huge map base object count increased from 250 to 350.
- INSANE map object count INCREASED from 1200 to 1400!
- Sensor cost components reduced slightly.
- Cargo module cost reduced from 27 to 10 (cheaper colony ships – but remember, planets now rely more on population for their production).
- Tiny hull cost reduced from 11 to 10.
- Small hull cost reduced from 25 to 20.
- Medium hull HP increased from 100 to 120.
- Large hull cost increased from 128 to 300.
- Large hull HP increased from 250 to 600.
- Large hull storage increased from 100 to 120.
- Large hull logistics cost increased from 7 to 10.
- Huge hull cost increased from 432 to 500.
- Huge hull HP increased from 500 to 800.
- Huge hull storage increased from 250 to 300.
- Huge hull logistics increased from 10 to 16.
- Cargo hull cost reduced from 42 to 24.
- Cargo hull HP reduced from 10 to 1.
- Cargo hull logistics increased from 5 to 6.
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Galactic Civilizations III

Changelog for Patch 1.90 (added 14 December 2016) - Part II:

Improvements/Bugs Fixes

- [updated 12/12] Stuck Turn fix involving battle system in multiplayer
- [updated 12/12]Increase the opacity of the alpha on the un-owned grid
- [updated 12/12]Escape key now prompts the user if they are designing a ship, instead of instantly leaving the view.
- [updated 12/12]Added an option skip the upgrade notification on the starbases window.
- [updated 12/12]Fix some bad prerequisites some hidden minor race tech tree.
- [updated 12/12]Fix bad tech description for Technological Outreach tech, in the Torian Tech Tree.
- [updated 12/12]Added check in Galactic Events that prevent random crashes with event that pops up twice.
- [updated 12/12]Fix bad prerequisite for Xeno Geology in the Arcean techtree.
- [updated 12/12]Fix bad prerequisite for Drengin Manufacturing Stimulus.
- [updated 12/12]Fixed a major late-game memory leak
- [updated 12/12]Removed normal map corrections and Lean Maps from game as they didn't look good and were taking up too much space.
- [updated 12/12]Fixed false positive on culture flipping penalty in diplomacy window
- [updated 12/12]Fixed bad normal map for merc textures.
- [updated 12/12]Fixed issue in Krynn tech tree causing the Coordination Temple to be hidden.
- [updated 12/12]Fixed some issues that were causing some of the techs at end of the tree to have the wrong cost calculated.
- [updated 12/12]Fix text wrapping on starbase window
- [updated 12/12] Fix for capstone alerts showing up for non-local player and for tech victory alerts showing up for non-tech victory items
- [updated 12/12] When vram is maxed out, the game will no longer generate a massive log file.
- [updated 12/1] Increased the halo size on non-colonized planets
- Added author fields for maps, factions and ships.
- Starbases will now notify the you that they need to be upgraded after being initially built.
- Fixed double counting of trade routes for AI diplomacy purposes.
- Fixed late game crashes related to textures on large maps.
- Fixed an infrequent crash on loading large maps.
- Fixed bug that could cause the AI to see tiles in the opposite map position of where they were exploring.
- Fixed a bug that could cause the AI to reduce the priority weighting on colony ship production based on the # of targetable planets.
- If a player faction is set to random in the prefs.inifile, the quick-start tooltip will no longer display an invalid faction.
- Fixed an issue where if you changed the planetary spending wheel, the displayed. manufacturing time for improvements wasn't being updated at the same time.
- Clicking available projects tabs no longer resets the improvement cursor.
- Add ESC to close Ship Designer and Diplomacy screens.
- Starbases no longer incorrectly show the upgrade option when none avail.
- Fixed a crash related to the AI defying the UP.
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Galactic Civilizations III

Changelog for Patch 2.13 (added 12 May 2017):

AI updates

- Deciding "ships to build" moved into the planning phase so that it can better keep track of its ship inventory
- If Minor races get ahold of a ship (like constructors via ideology) they now will do something with them [hat tip: GalCiv Discord
- AI less inclined to build war support vessels
- Only expansive civilizations will try the colony rush strategy now. [hattip: GalCiv forums]
- AI players that are at war with everyone won't bother to build freighters [hat tip: GalCiv Discord team:
- Fixed a bug that was introduced in GalCiv 1.9 to improve multiplayer where credit transfers are sent as a message. This caused the AI to not be properly charged for rushing ships.
- AI prioritizes getting resources for its starbases over economic ones early game.
- Better Spy handling
- Broad, overall improvements to AI for dealing with player threats, creating bigger fleets, etc.
- AI will not try to recruit various citizen types until much later in the game
- AI does more evaluation on its economic status when determining whether to train a citizen as an Entrepreneur
- Trade: The AI does not add any more offers if the offering party doesn't have the credits/resources to back it up.
- Increased odds of AI building transports, training generals.
- AI builds resource improvements better

Hull Changes

- Tiny Hulls:
- Cost reduced from 11 to 10
- Logistics reduced from 2 to 1
- Small:
- Logistics reduced from 3 to 2
- Medium:
- Cost increased from 56 to 60
- Large:
- Cost increased from 128 to 150
- Logistics increased from 7 to 10
- Huge:
- Cost increased from 432 to 500
- Logistics increased from 10 to 12
- Starbase: HP reduced from 100 to 50


- Took away the Leader's +1 to raw production on every planet [hattip: GalCiv Forums]
- Hull Reinforcement ship module HP boost reduced from 20 to 5 [Stop Brad's cheese tactics]
- Scavenger Mission moved from Colonial Engineering tech to Interstellar Survey [hattip: GalCiv forums]
- Military Academy cost reduced from 200 to 75
- Xenophobic race ability now provides 100% boost to social and research on a planet but a 75% penalty to ship production.
- Synthetics granted trade techs
- Wealthy ability provides +1 to raw production on every world in addition to the money it provides
- Starbase cultural forum influence increased from 0.5 to 2
- Starbase Information Hub increased from 1 to 4 influence per turn
- Starbase Interstellar change influence increased from 1.5 to 6 influence per turn
- Starbase interstellar embassy increased from 2 to 8 influence per turn
- Central Bank improvement now doubles colony wealth and increases +1 gold per turn for each level
- Market Center provides 5% more of a wealth bonus per level (up from 1%)
- Other wealth based improvements now match market center bonus levels.
- Reduced improvement maintenance.
- Galactic wonders now generally provided an improvement bonus.
- Sneaky no longer gives you a spy turn 1, gives you espionage tech
- Drengin forced to be Merciless (they have an image to uphold)
- Commander now increases the logistics cap of a specific fleet
- Mo money from missions
- Recruit citizen project and similar ones are given a secondary type to allow the AI to better identify them
- Conqueror Ability provides +1 to shipyard construction and a 100% to legion quality. No longer gives invasion tech.
- First level Xeno farm is allowed for aquatic factions again.
- The Research Institute improvement now gives 7.5% bonus, not 75%


- AI calculates its stats during its own threaded turn rather than in a single update all players thread
- Lots of late game performance improvements (hat tip: ZINGO!
- Influence calculations moved to a background thread to keep the game from getting "jerky" on large maps late game.
- Diplomacy updates now handled as a threaded job.


- Cosmetic texture updates
- Invasion screen prettier
- Improved alignment for tooltips
- Removed duplicate ability names in the Civ. Builder
- Reduced administration alert priority to Medium (from High) to reduce spam.
- Polish pass on colony ship animations
- Remove redundant screen title on the Multiplayer setup screen.
- Fix missing tooltip description on the Worker Recall Production.
- Trades no longer (incorrectly) display have negative credits
- Improved FOW Border for both appearance and perf.
- Updated several screens from the old style to Crusade Style.
- Fixed mislabeled Resource names
- Fixed bad alignment for ideology Tooltip stats.
- Updated credits tooltip in resource bar to be more informative
- Torians and Arceans factions don't show twice If you own Crusades, but not Mercenaries.
- Changed tooltip for starbase upgrading to be more clear.
- Fix the Constructor tool tip to be accurate.
- Fixed the Quick Research Window to avoid text overlapping
- Sylne UP portrait is no longer squashed
- Implementation for minor player text tooltips.
- Added a strategic icon for the Mission ships
- Updated text for various techs.
- Several improvements now have improved icons
- Fixed small break in between the tech tree entries on Normal and Medium UI sizes


- Lots of new insults


- Changed tooltip for starbase upgrading to be more clear.
- Crash fixes
- Upgrading a Transport no longer consume legions
- Deleting a ship design template from the main menu ship designer no longer kills the game
- Fixed the discrepancy between the net income tooltip and the govern stats.
- Particles are now get properly cleaned up after battles. This was leading to late game lag after several battles.
- The first upload for ship style sets will no longer give an error.
- Upgrading ships to the same type will no longer kill admins/legions.
- Legions are not longer lost when upgrading to a new transport
- Logistics cap is now on a per-fleet basis instead of on-the-player so we can increase it for the commanders.
- Now when you place a legion, you see the particles for the legion show up immediately.
- When you add or remove legions, you see the particles change to indicate a smaller or larger swarm
- Fixed a problem with Information Warfare that would heavily favor the invader.
- Fix for AI simulated invasions (for choosing tactics) not taking into account force surrenders and planet killers
- Several stuck turns fixes
- Fixed error where the AI was still ignoring resource costs in improvements
- Added sanity checks where the AI tries to pick a improvement even if it didn't have an improvement to queue
- More crash fixes
- Resource Bar Arrows no longer Scroll in the wrong direction
- AI can no longer sneak invisible techs from the trade window which were throwing off the overall evaluation.
- Added tooltips to the Invasion Viewer window
- Updated "Word on the Street" graphics
- Fix for the workshop race condition crash between validation and updating workshop UI.
- Updated planet graphics
- Fixed problems with growing the Yor population.
- Fix for deleting factions with ship style sets for subbed workshop items (it wasn't removing all the files so it was complaining for a set you can't use because it should have been deleted)
- Fixed issue where super long ship names were clipping to two lines in the fleet details window callouts.
- Clicking the "Lost Unit" notification will now take the player to the Unit Manager -> Transfer screen and select the last lost unit in the list.
- You can no longer steal spies from dead civilizations.
- Spies placed on buildings no longer disappear when loading a save game.
- Added tooltips to the Advantage Values in the Invasion Viewer window
- Some lopsided Invasions were incorrectly being previewed as being "evenly matched.
- First pass at re-balancing campaigns.
- Mecenaries: Ysengard's tooltip now properly reflects its ability.
- Lost Treasures: Food improvements are now working correctly


- AI is now properly charged for rushing ships.
- Continued work to reduce the amount of data going back between players so we can have custom designed races in. (almost there)
- Faster game start up
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Galactic Civilizations III

Changelog for Patch Galactic Civilization III: Crusade 2.20 (added 25 May 2017):

For the full changelog, please visit: