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I am stumped on DAY 9 in GK1.

I put the snake rod in and head up or north I think you say. and in the third roomI just cannot get past the zombie. I tried luring him out but whenever Gabe is parallel the mummy just seems to alwaybe able to grab him. I actually stare for 2 seconds as gabe stands still waiting for this thing to get him.

Am I doing something wrong ?? Is there some special tactic for this section ??
This question / problem has been solved by dacolem1image
I actually was stuck at this same location myself and had to look up a solution online. Though the zombie appears to be directly blocking your access to the next doorway, you can get by him by going slightly to the right of him. After you pass him, you can change direction towards the doorway.

Its a bit non-intuitive because as you pass by on the right, you come close enough to him that you expect him to get you but that doesn't happen.
Thanks Buddy,

I gave your suggestion a go while furiously clicking to get knight moving fast and voilà , it worked.

Finally completed the game. Thanks alot